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MicroStrategy BI Solutions for Insurance
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MicroStrategy BI Solutions for Insurance


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  • 1. Business Intelligence Solutions for Insurance MOBILE INTELLIGENCE
  • 2. Leader in Business Intelligence for Over 20 Years Business Intelligence (BI) The process of transforming raw data into meaningful information to enable more effective business insight and decision-making MicroStrategy, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR) • Founded in 1989 • Leading independent business intelligence software vendor • Over 1 million business users at over 3,000 organizations • Direct operations in 42 cities in 23 countries around the world • Over 70 patents pending or issued2
  • 3. Leader in Business Intelligence for Insurance 7 of the 10 Top Global Insurance Companies use MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Supports Hundreds of Insurance Companies Worldwide• Amlin Plc• Assicurazioni Generali SpA en Belgique• AXA• Barmer Ersatzkasse• Caixa Seguradora S.A.• Carl Warren & Co.• GEICO• Generali Group• Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Company Canada• Grange Insurance• Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC• Helvetia Versicherungen AG• Indiana Seguros S.A.• Knappschaft• La Capitale Assurances Generales• Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company• NÜRNBERGER Lebensversicherung AG• Ocaso, S.A.• Pacific Life Insurance Company• RACC Automóvil Club• Samsung Life Insurance• Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG• Sara Assicurazioni• Seguros Generales Suramericana S.A.• Zürich Service GmbH• Wawanesa Insurance 3
  • 4. Insurance Customer Success Stories Helping Insurance Companies View Financial Reporting and and Understand Complex Risks Monitoring Policy and Claims The Generali Group is one of the top five players in the global insurance Metrics to Improve Performance & financial markets. Within the Generali group, the Generali Employee Wawanesa is a Canadian mutual company owned by its policyholders. It Benefits (GEB) strategic unit is solely dedicated to providing solutions in is one of the largest property and casualty insurers in Canada. Wawanesa the field of Employee Benefits for multinational corporations. Built in less plans to use MicroStrategy for corporate financial reporting, as well as than two weeks, GEB’s dashboard provides an immediate business benefit monitoring business metrics related to insurance policies and claims. With because it helps identify trends and critical issues, improving profitability. MicroStrategy, Wawanesa employees can gain valuable insights into product With MicroStrategy’s dashboard, GEB’s customers can analyze up to five distribution and claims processed by geographic area to better understand years of historical data in easy-to-consume graphical displays, and access business performance. a comprehensive and consolidated view of account details. Analyzing and Managing Enhancing Insight on Customer Nationwide Policies, Claims, Risk, and Agent Behavioral Patterns to Drive Sales Productivity Across the Enterprise Nationwide, based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest diversified GEICO is the fourth-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United insurance and financial services organizations in the world, with more than States. It provides auto insurance coverage for more than 8 million $158 billion in assets. Nationwide has deployed MicroStrategy across its policyholders and insures more than 13 million vehicles. GEICO uses enterprise, and has 27 MicroStrategy applications in production, primarily MicroStrategy to analyze over 20 terabytes of customer and sales data to focused on four business areas: personal lines policy analysis, claims monitor and improve GEICO’s corporate performance and enhance insight management, risk management appraisal, and agent productivity. into customer behavioral patterns. With MicroStrategy’s dashboards and one-click analysis, GEICO personnel can seamlessly gain greater insight into sales activity to enhance customer relationships and generate sales growth.4
  • 5. Insurance Customer Success Stories Helping Insurance Companies Improving Product Design, View and Understand Customer Management, and Complex Risks Cross-and Up-Sell Opportunities Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC is the world’s leading risk and reinsurance Grange Mutual Casualty Group, based in Columbus, OH, is a $1 billion specialist and member of the Marsh & McLennan Companies. Guy insurance provider. Hundreds of Grange Insurance associates, including Carpenter uses MicroStrategy’s business intelligence software, along with territory managers, portfolio managers, and customer management mapping technology, to provide its insurance company clients with a highly personnel, use MicroStrategy to analyze four terabytes of data to identify visual and intuitive display of natural or man-made event data. The i-aXs areas of improvement in product design, customer management, and to platform offers a suite of easy-to-use Web-enabled tools that help insurers recognize cross-and up-sell opportunities. Grange Insurance users also view and better understand complex risk exposure information. rely on MicroStrategy to assist them in increasing the profitability of each product, region, and agent. Optimizing Business Processes and Improving Customer Aligning IT to Strategic Objectives Relationships Using Business Helps Drive Corporate Performance Intelligence Amlin is a leading underwriter of specialist insurance and reinsurance and operates Mongeral AEGON is the result of association between two major insurers: in both the Lloyd’s of London and Bermuda markets. Amlin’s vision was to the Mongeral - Brazil’s oldest insurer, founded in 1835, and AEGON - one transform its business by developing a system to provide Corporate Performance of the largest insurance groups in the world, operating in more than 20 Management (CPM), optimize business processes, and directly align IT strategy to countries. In 2008, Mongeral AEGON chose MicroStrategy to strengthen its corporate strategy. Amlin can now analyze broker and underwriter performance customer relationship management function. To extend customer loyalty, not only on price, but also on the critical issues of contract wordings and Mongeral had to deepen its knowledge about customer buying habits and claims performance. MicroStrategy BI has facilitated cultural and organizational expectations and offer suitable products. change for Amlin as part of a wider business transformation process. 5
  • 6. Solutions for Insurance Profitability Optimization Optimize Profitability Across Customer Demographics, Product iPad 1:55 PM 100% Lines, and Distribution Channels Insurance companies struggle to understand and act on factors driving operational profitability. Access to accurate and flexible profitability metrics provides benefits well beyond the office of the CFO. For example, marketing personnel can consider accurate revenue and cost mix across various customer demographic sets before finalizing campaigns or budgets; and distribution and product professionals can derive superior insight while considering product, channel, and demographic strategies. MicroStrategy’s Profitability Optimization solutions for Insurance deliver best-in-class accuracy and flexibility, enabling users at all levels to monitor and visualize key iPad 1:55 PM 100% profitability metrics. Performance by channel, product, geography, or customer demographics are examples of interactive possibilities. In addition to summarized data, authorized users can drill into detailed revenue / cost structures to generate new insights. Mobile dashboards allow users to stay in touch with key profitability metrics while on-the-go. Finance and business users can easily collaborate and share a secure view of operational profitability information, simplifying complex what-if analyses.6
  • 7. Solutions for InsuranceDistribution AnalyticsAnalyze Distribution ChannelPerformance iPad 1:55 PM 100%Evolving consumer preferences are pressing insurersto continuously monitor channel mix andperformance. As newer channels such as social mediaprovide increased access to the consumer, analyzingchannel performance is becoming a critical imperative.Distribution and marketing executives needcomprehensive channel performance information totake proactive actions to improve the effectivenessand consistency of all customer touch points.MicroStrategy’s Distribution Analytics solution forInsurance can help executives compare and analyzekey metrics for channel performance such as Policiesin Force, New Policies & Cancellations across Product iPad 1:55 PM 100%Lines, and Performance by Customer Demographics invisually insightful graphical interfaces, including geo-spatial output. High touch mobile dashboards allowdistribution executives and regional line managers tobe alerted on channel performance through intuitiveexception reporting at an enterprise or granular level. 7
  • 8. Solutions for Insurance Claims Management Analyzing and Managing the Claims Process Claims management is a critical process in the Insurance life cycle. Quick and efficient claims processing increases customer satisfaction, optimizes settlements, and minimizes expenses. Analyzing and proactively managing the end-to-end process across regions, loss types, product lines, and business units helps Insurance companies better understand their most critical components in operational effectiveness and customer retention. MicroStrategy’s Claims Management solution for Insurance can help executives visualize and drill into key metrics on claims performance such as Cycle Time, Average Settlement Amount, and Claims Expense at an enterprise or transaction level. Complex information can be presented in graphical interfaces that encourage user interaction and discovery of insights.8
  • 9. Solutions for InsuranceVendor ManagementManaging Vendors On-the-GoEvaluating the effectiveness of vendors and partnersproviding claims service is a critical part of the claimsmanagement process. Mobile access to vendor and partnerperformance information helps claims managers focus onproblem areas that require attention while in the field.MicroStrategy’s Vendor Management solution for Insuranceprovides critical information on vendor performance in aflexible, mobile interface. Mobile users can drill into keymetrics such as Claims Volume, Repair Cycle Times, andAverage Expense across Vehicle and Claim Type, Region, orBusiness Unit. This application is optimized for smartphonesfor use in the field, but provides a powerful, consistentinterface to data resident across disparate source systems(accounting, vendor, and claims) within the enterprise. 9
  • 10. The MicroStrategy Difference The MicroStrategy Platform is Uniquely Suited to Meet the Complex and Varied Needs of the Insurance Industry Executive Dashboards Sales & Underwriting / Shared Services Portfolio Marketing Claims Distribution Product Mgmt. (Finance & HR) Management Solvency II / Conversion Campaign Recoveries & Product Profitability Pricing Optimization Regulatory Performance Effectiveness Subrogation Optimization P&C Compliance Predicted Lifetime Process Optimization Value Portfolio Exposure & Next Best Action Loss Analytics Renewal Propensity Personal Statutory & Channel Cycle Time Analysis Management Performance Demographics Reporting Wealth Management Analytics Life & Agent & Broker Underwriting Annuity Performance Analytics Social Media Enterprise Risk Intelligence Corporate Management Education & Licensing Performance Management Commercial Product Performance Mass Claims Analytics Customer Profitability Reinsurance Distribution / Lifetime Value Management Portfolio Analysis Brokerage Producer Underwriting Speciality Unit / Catastrophic Risk Cross Sell / Up Sell Reinsurance Analysis Performance Performance Vendor Management Exposure10
  • 11. Why Do Tier One Insurance Providers Turn to MicroStrategy? Only MicroStrategy Meets the Unique Regulatory, Multi-Channel, Operational Efficiency, and Data Volume Requirements of the Insurance Industry Turn large amounts of on the fastest, most to complete any type when and where complex data into a single robust BI platform... of analysis... you need it. version of the truth... Oracle Essbase Web Non-stop Operations Alerts & Monitoring Multi-Dimensional Databases Microsoft Analysis Services Dashboards In-memory Performance Mobile iPad 1:55 PM 100% Channel Overview Card Home Welcome Joyce L. Fowler 450,000,000 Traditional Full Summary as of April 1, 2010 Price Stores 400,000,000 Series: Repeat Visits Category: 20092 Data Warehouses Value: 348,604,353 Consolidated Balance: $ 6,798.11 350,000,000 Pay Next Payment Due: $ 1,699.53 Bill 300,000,000 Total Visits Due Date: April 15, 2010 Under-driven 250,000,000 Purchases Offer-driven Series: Web See card details 200,000,000 Purchases Relational Databases Category: Revenue 1 card close to limit Value: 186,810M Top Buyers 150,000,000 Request Visits 100,000,000 Web Large Charges Off-Price 50,000,000 7 charges in this period Stores 0 Spend by expense category Catalog 100,000,000,000 80,000,000,000 Location Income Current Conversion % Other Conversion % Other Trend Rewards Information <15k 3.92% 54.34% 15k-25k 3.92% 54.32% 50+ City 60,000,000,000 25k-50k 3.93% 54.25% Reporting 35-50 50k+ 3.79% 47.79% <15k 3.00% 39.69% 40,000,000,000 25-35 Special offers just for you 15k-25k 3.09% 39.67% Rural 16-25 25k-50k 3.00% 39.67% 50k+ 2.99% 36.45% 20,000,000,000 Trend and per-Channel Ranking Current, Last, Last Year’s Quarter 0 <15k 15k-25k 25k-50k 50k+ DataMarts Highest Scalability Desktop Analysis January 6, 2006 Page 1 of 2 Operational Databases Printers Complete Security Spreadsheets, Text Files Predictive Analytics 6/15/2009 All Data Sources Industrial Strength All Styles of BI All Interfaces Accessing All Enterprise Data High Performance Delivered Even at Evolving Requirements Fully Information Delivered Where the Highest Scale Supported Out-of-the-Box and When Users Need It 11
  • 12. The Platform for Insurance Business Intelligence MicroStrategy Mobile Business Intelligence MicroStrategy’s Extensive FASTER TO DEVELOP – Quickly design apps that offer a superior user experience, knowing that infrastructure code such as Platform Experience Conveys networking, security, data management, and sensor integration is already built-in. Directly to Mobile BI NO CODE REQUIRED – Customize the look, feel, and behavior of your app using an array of finely-designed, iPhone-optimized The MicroStrategy platform is built on one unified, organically- displays and controls. MicroStrategy’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes configuration easy. developed architecture. This platform provides a number of critical capabilities to ensure that it is truly enterprise-class: EASIER TO MAINTAIN – Accelerate deployment of new apps and stream app updates with the MicroStrategy Mobile application platform, so users always have easy access to the latest, most up-to-date information. Rapid Development and Deployment using WYSIWYG point- and-click design in the MicroStrategy integrated development environment. Desktop / Laptop Mobile High Scale and High Performance across user scale, data scale, email and application scale on the fastest, highest performing business intelligence server. x x x iPad 1:55 PM 100% x Economies of Scale as the system grows with the minimum number of IT personnel and the fewest servers. Windows Office Portals Browser iPhone iPad BlackBerry ‘Write once, run anywhere’ Flexibility from a single service- orientated architecture to satisfy multiple devices and clients without additional integration or device-specific translation. Full Spectrum of Full Spectrum of Developer Tools Admin Tools Openness and Extensibility via MicroStrategy’s SDK and MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Web Enterprise extensive library of APIs. Web Mobile Professional Manager Secure Data Access Model designed to provide robust data Desktop MicroStrategy Transaction Services Command protection using a full range of technologies and security models. Designer Manager MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Comprehensive Administrative Control consistent with Object Architect Manager mission-critical system operation. Integrity SDK Unmatched Analytical Power against entire data warehouses Manager using data mining, predictive, statistical, financial, and Databases Cube Transactional Website Databases Applications Content mathematical analyses.12
  • 13. Mobile Intelligence for the iPhone®, iPad®, and BlackBerry® iPad 1:55 PM 100%Native App Experience Enterprise Grade Fast to DevelopPurpose-built, workflow-driven apps that Designed to deliver the higher levels of Fast, code-free app development viaquickly and easily guide users through their data performance and scalability demanded by mobile MicroStrategy’s metadata-driven, point-and-to discovery, analysis, or decision. Apps fully apps. MicroStrategy delivers in-memory, multi-level click paradigm. Build rich, interactive BI apps inleverage mobile device capabilities, including the caching, ROLAP analytics, robust security, easy just days. Speed deployment by building oncemulti-touch interface, sensors (GPS or camera), extensibility, and comprehensive administration and deploying across platform to iPhone, iPad,communications (voice, email, text), and more. features designed for enterprise deployments. BlackBerry, browsers, Microsoft Office, or portals. 13
  • 14. Visualize Patterns and Trends in Your Data An Extensive Library of Graphs Time Series Visualizations Bubble BoxPlot Chart Bar and Line Area and Chart Line Chart 3D Bar Histogram Graph Gantt Chart Line Chart Waterfall Radar Chart Chart14
  • 15. Capabilities Finally Made Possible with Mobile TechnologyCamera Visual InformationUpload picture of damaged asset to expediteclaims processing decisions iPad 1:55 PM 100% Employees update the claim files with text and visual Visual information gives context to claims data at the point of inspection 15
  • 16. Act on Information MicroStrategy Transaction Services™ From Insight to Action Monitoring your organization’s performance in iPad 1:55 PM 100% the palm of your hand is a powerful business capability. Interacting with that information to approve referrals, submit applications, change risk data, and capture information at the moment of insight takes that power to a new level. MicroStrategy Transaction Services lets people act on business information from a mobile device such as the iPad and iPhone, as well as from a dashboard on any web browser. For example, quick and efficient claims processing increases customer satisfaction, optimizes settlements, and minimizes expenses. While it is useful to manage claims using metrics such as cycle time, being able to take action is game changing. With a transactional mobile app in hand, an adjuster in the field can quickly update existing claim files at the time of inspection, as well as input new claims.16
  • 17. Empower Your Staff to Take Action on the Move Move Forward. Request Management in Real Time. iPad 1:55 PM 100% Review all business Approve requests Deny requests at the Reassess ongoing items requiring your based on information tap of a button requests by asking the action presented requestor for more information 17
  • 18. Partners in Insurance Solutions Strong Partnerships with Over 200 World-Class Providers18
  • 19. What MicroStrategy Customers are Saying: The BuzzActionable Information to Make Run Operations Efficiently andProactive Decisions Better Serve Customers Business intelligence is a strategic priority that will provide actionable MicroStrategy gives us a comprehensive view of our business information to help us enhance operations and make more proactive and enables us to better serve our customers and run our business decisions. Following a thorough evaluation of leading BI operations more efficiently. Our diverse business generates volumes providers, we selected MicroStrategy because of its integrated of data and MicroStrategy provides our associates with analytically- BI platform, ease-of-use, and low total cost of ownership. based and actionable insight to make more effective decisions that positively impact our bottom line. - Wawanesa Insurance - Grange InsuranceStrengthening Customer Comprehensive View of RiskRelationships Exposure Mongeral’s cost of customer acquisition is high. When we lose a customer An integrated business intelligence platform is important to in less than a year, these costs are not recovered. The goal is to retain our service offering, as it helps our clients obtain quick, easy customers for at least three years. To extend customer loyalty, and in-depth analyses of their portfolios for a more complete Mongeral had to deepen its knowledge about customer buying picture of their risk exposure. habits and expectations and offer suitable products. The - Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC business intelligence software helps differentiate our offerings, better serve clients, and also measure our internal performance metrics. For example, if we see an increase in service cancellation in a particular region, we can act quickly and work with distribution channels. - Mongeral Aegon 19
  • 20. A Made Up Title DOWNLOAD MICROSTRATEGY MOBILE Join our LinkedIn Group: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Copyright Information for iPhone for iPad All Contents Copyright © 2011 MicroStrategy Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Trademark Information MicroStrategy, MicroStrategy 6, MicroStrategy 7, MicroStrategy 7i, MicroStrategy 7i Evaluation Edition, MicroStrategy 7i Olap Services, MicroStrategy 8, MicroStrategy 9, MicroStrategy Distribution Services, MicroStrategy MultiSource Option, MicroStrategy Command Manager, MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager, MicroStrategy Object Manager, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, MicroStrategy Power User, MicroStrategy Analyst, MicroStrategy Consumer, MicroStrategy Email Delivery, MicroStrategy BI Author, MicroStrategy BI Modeler, MicroStrategy Evaluation Edition, MicroStrategy Administrator, MicroStrategy Agent, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy BI Developer Kit, MicroStrategy Broadcast Server, MicroStrategy Broadcaster, MicroStrategy Broadcaster Server, MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform, MicroStrategy Consulting, MicroStrategy CRM Applications, MicroStrategy Customer Analyzer, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Desktop Analyst, MicroStrategy Desktop Designer, MicroStrategy eCRM 7, MicroStrategy Education, MicroStrategy eTrainer, MicroStrategy Executive, MicroStrategy Infocenter, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Universal Edition, MicroStrategy MDX Adapter, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy Objects, MicroStrategy OLAP Provider, MicroStrategy SDK, MicroStrategy Support, MicroStrategy Telecaster, MicroStrategy Transactor, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Web Business Analyzer, MicroStrategy World, Application Development and Sophisticated Analysis, Best In Business Intelligence, Centralized Application Management, Information Like Water, Intelligence Through Every Phone, Intelligence To Every Decision Maker, Intelligent E-Business, Personalized Intelligence Portal, Query Tone, Rapid Application Development, MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes, The Foundation For Intelligent E-Business, The Integrated Business Intelligence Platform Built For The Enterprise, The Platform For Intelligent E-Business, The Scalable Business Intelligence Platform Built For The Internet, Industrial-Strength Business Intelligence, Office Intelligence, MicroStrategy Office, MicroStrategy Report Services, MicroStrategy Web MMT, MicroStrategy Web Services, Pixel Perfect, Pixel-Perfect, MicroStrategy Mobile, MicroStrategy Integrity Manager and MicroStrategy Data Mining Services are all registered trademarks or trademarks of MicroStrategy Incorporated. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. Specifications subject to change without notice. MicroStrategy is not responsible for errors or omissions. MicroStrategy makes no warranties or commitments concerning the availability of future products or versions that may be planned or under development. Patent Information This product is patented. One or more of the following patents may apply to the product sold herein: U.S. Patent Nos. 6,154,766, 6,173,310, 6,260,050, 6,263,051, 6,269,393, 6,279,033, 6,567,796, 6,587,547, 6,606,596, 6,658,093, 6,658,432, 6,662,195, 6,671,715, 6,691,100, 6,694,316, 6,697,808, 6,704,723, 6,741,980, 6,765,997, 6,768,788, 6,772,137, 6,788,768, 6,798,867, 6,801,910, 6,820,073, 6,829,334, 6,836,537, 6,850,603, 6,859,798, 6,873,693, 6,885,734, 6,940,953, 6,964,012, 6,977,992, 6,996,568, 6,996,569, 7,003,512, 7,010,518, 7,016,480, 7,020,251, 7,039,165, 7,082,422, 7,113,993, 7,127,403, 7,174,349, 7,181,417, 7,194,457, 7,197,461, 7,228,303, 7,260,577, 7,266,181, 7,272,212, 7,302,639, 7,324,942, 7,330,847, 7,340,040, 7,356,758, 7,356,840, 7,415,438, 7,428,302, 7,430,562, 7,440,898, 7,486,780, 7,509,671, 7,516,181, 7,559,048, 7,574,376, 7,617,201, 7,725,811, 7,801,967, 7,836,178, 7,861,161, 7,861,253 and 7,881,443. Other patent applications are pending.20MicroStrategy Incorporated • 1850 Towers Crescent Plaza • Tysons Corner, VA 22182 • 1.888.537.8135 • COLL-1008 0511 Copyright ©2011. All rights reserved. MOBILE INTELLIGENCE