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Role Play Script Hs

  1. 1. Role Play Script Scene 1 Teacher: Please sit down. This working together sounds like a great idea. I hear you know a lot about computers and the Internet and that kind of thing. I know very little about them. So, how should we get started? What kind of project did you have in mind? Student: Well, I didn't have anything specific in mind. I just came to talk about it. Teacher: OK, go ahead. How did you want to talk about it? Student: You know, kind of . . . well, just in general and see how we could sort of work together. Teacher: All right. Go ahead. Student: (long pause, embarrassed silence) Well, like what kinds of things would you want to make your teaching better. Teacher: Exactly what do you mean by that? Scene 2 Teacher: You say you have this really great idea for a project? Let's hear it. Student: Well, on the Web I found these pictures of ways people dressed in England way back around 1600-when Elizabeth was queen and Shakespeare was putting on plays. We're allowed to copy those off the Web and put them together as a slideshow for your class. That would be great for teaching English literature. Teacher: I see. Well, that might be fine if we were studying Elizabethan literature, but we're not. We're in the 19th century. We need something about Wordsworth or Shelley or the Brownings. Student: Yeah, but these pictures are so cool! I know your class would go for them. And they could compare those clothes with the ones they wear today. We can get pictures of today's styles off the Web, too. That's what the project should be—a slideshow. © 2008 Generation YES Corp. Teacher-Student Role Play - HS
  2. 2. Scene 3 Student: This could be the project. My mother saw in the newspaper about this big exhibit at the public library. They have these pictures from the lives of British novelists from the 19th century, and copies of their original books-like Charles Dickens and Sir Walter Scott and Robert Lewis Stevenson. Teacher: Well, that fits into what we're studying all right. How would it work as a project? Student: I could go to the library and make arrangements for your literature class to visit. And maybe the library has pamphlets for the exhibit. I could maybe get enough so students each could have one. And I could go along on the trip to help. Teacher: OK, let's do it. But first, you'd better check it out with your GenYES teacher. Scene 4 Teacher: Well, I'm surprised to see you. Where were you yesterday? You were supposed to be here at 3:15. I waited till after 4:30. Student: I couldn't make it. I had a lot of things to do. Teacher: Couldn't you have let me know ahead of time? Student: Well, I figured you stay around after school anyway, so it'd be no big deal. Teacher: Oh? Actually, it did cause a problem because I could have taken my car to be serviced if I'd known you wouldn't show up. That means I have to do it today, so we can't meet now. Student: But this is the only time I can meet. My GenYES teacher says we have to hand in our completed project plan in final form two days from now. If you don't help me today, I'll really be in trouble. Teacher: You're already in trouble with me. I imagine being in trouble with one more teacher won't make much difference. © 2008 Generation YES Corp. Teacher-Student Role Play - HS
  3. 3. Scene 5 Student: (facing class) I hate to say it, but Stacy's project sounds kind of dumb. Kids aren't going to take it seriously. They're just going to laugh. Teacher: Why do you think they won't take it seriously? Exactly what's wrong with Stacy's plan? Student: It's silly. Teacher: But specifically, what would you suggest to make it acceptable? Student: I'd dump it. Forget it and start over. It's stupid the way it is now. © 2008 Generation YES Corp. Teacher-Student Role Play - HS