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Presentation at NJEdge, July 17, 2014

Presentation at NJEdge, July 17, 2014

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. “Educa&on  On-­‐Demand  ~    In  Your  Hands”   Latest  Innova&ons  &  Best  Prac&ces  Regarding  the     Use  of  Mobile  Devices  ~  Apps  ~  Emerging  Technologies  for     Enhancing  Teaching  &  Learning  in  Higher  Educa&on          Apps   Tablets   SmartPhones   eReaders  
  • 2. Tennessee  Board  of  Regents   Strategic  Plan  for  Mobiliza&on  
  • 3. To  Start  This  Presenta&on   Pull  Out  Your  Mobile  Device    
  • 4. HAPIfork  Smart  Fork    
  • 5. Outcome  of  this  Presenta:on:     Endless  possibili6es  for  using  mobile  devices   and  apps  for  Teaching  and  Learning.     To  Start   Pull  Out  Your  Mobile  Device      
  • 6. IMPACT   “The  mobile  phone  is  the   single  most  transforma&ve   tool  for  development,”   according  to  Jeffrey  Sachs,   Director  of  the  Earth   Ins:tute,  Columbia   University.    
  • 7. Born  with  Tablet  –     Toddlers  and  Computers   According  to  the  sta:s:cal   data  collected  in  2011,  24   percent  of  American   children  age  3-­‐8  had  their   own  iPads.        The  number  of  young   children  in  the  U.S,  who   have  access  to  an  iPad,   Samsung  Galaxy  Tab,  or   some  other  tablet  computer   is  es:mated  at  70%.  in  new   technologies  day  aOer  day.  
  • 8.  Collec&vely,  mobile  devices  are  the  most   successful  and  ubiquitous  informa&on  and   communica&on  technology  (ICT)  in  history.    
  • 9. The  exploding  growth  of  hand-­‐held  devices  (almost  370   million  tablets  will  be  sold  by  2016)  is  transforming   higher  educa&on  in  terms  of  recrui&ng,  teaching,   learning,  communica&on,  collabora&on,  social   interac&on,  engagement,  produc&vity  and  the  delivery   of  educa&on.      
  • 10. Mobile  Technology  Profile   •  90%  of  American  adults  have  a  cell  phone     •  67%  of  cell  owners  find  themselves  checking  their  phone   for  messages,  alerts,  or  calls  —  even  when  they  don’t   no&ce  their  phone  ringing  or  vibra&ng.     •  44%  of  cell  owners  have  slept  with  their  phone  next  to   their  bed  because  they  wanted  to  make  sure  they  didn’t   miss  any  calls,  text  messages,  or  other  updates  during  the   night.       •  29%  of  cell  owners  describe  their  cell  phone  as  “something   they  can’t  imagine  living  without.”     hVp://­‐sheets/mobile-­‐technology-­‐fact-­‐sheet/    
  • 11. “Today  mobile  technologies  are  oOen  common  even  in  areas  where   schools,  books,  and  computers  are  scarce.  As  price  of  mobile  phone   ownership  con&nues  to  decline,  more  and  more  people,  including   those  in  extremely  impoverished  areas,  are  likely  to  own  and  know   how  to  use  a  mobile  device.”  UNESO,  2014  
  • 12. Mobile  Technology  Profile   •      90%  of  American  adults  have  a  cell  phone     •      58%  of  American  adults  have  a  smartphone     •      32%  of  American  adults  own  an  e-­‐reader     •               42%  of  American  adults  own  a  tablet  computer     hVp://­‐sheets/mobile-­‐technology-­‐fact-­‐sheet/    
  • 13. Mobile  Workers   •  60  percent  of  mobile  workers  checked  in  using  their  smartphone   with  a  service  like  Foursquare,  Gowalla,  Facebook  Places,  and   Shopkick.     •  66  percent  of  mobile  workers  had  checked  out  (made  a  purchase  or   other  transac:on)  using  their  smartphone).     •  87  percent  used  their  smartphone  for  no6fica6ons  such  as  sports   scores,  Facebook  updates,  SMS  text  messages,  or  other  always-­‐on   applica:ons.     •  57  percent  had  used  their  smartphone  as  an  e-­‐6cket  or  mobile   boarding  card.     •  44  percent  used  their  smartphone  to  scan  barcodes  and  compare   prices.  
  • 14. TBR  Educa&onal  &  Workforce     Mobile  App  Resource  Bank        Mobile  App  Resource  Center:   50,000+  APPs  
  • 15. Gartner:  Hype  Cycle  for  Emerging  Technologies   This  Hype  Cycle  examines  the  status  of,  and  prospects  for,   various  mobile  device  technologies.  It  advises  device   vendors,  mobile  operators,  applica:on  providers  and  others   on  the  maturity  of  these  technologies  and  their  use.  
  • 16. Defini&on   Mobile  devices  are  digital,  easily  portable,  usually   owned  and  controlled  by  an  individual  rather  than  an   ins:tu:on,  can  access  the  internet,  have  mul:media   capabili:es,  and  can  facilitate  a  large  number  of   tasks,  par:cularly  those  related  to  communica:on.     UNESCO,  2014  Policies  Guidelines  for  Mobile  Learning.  
  • 17. Mobile  Learning   Mobile  learning  is  a  customized  experience  based   on  the  device,  the  features,  and  the  learner.       Example:  A  tradi:onal  computer  lab  will  look  the  same  across  the   world  (same  monitor,  computer,  etc.).  Unlike  mobile  devices,  where   the  user  dictates  the  device,  the    learning  environment  and   experiences.  
  • 18. NETP  highlighted  that     Mobile  broadband  devices  now  have    six  senses:     •  Knowing  where  you  are   •  Interac:ng  with  networks   •  Sensing  local  content  and  services   •  Discovering  relevant  things   •  Enhancing  your  surroundings  with  informa:on   and  simula:on   •  Learning  your  interests,  as  well  as  how  and   with  whom  you  like  to  learn  
  • 19.   Ac&onable  Advice     Embrace  B.Y.O.D. (Bring  Your  Own  Device)     “It  will  speed  ability  to   leverage  innova:ons  in   consumer  tech,  apps  and   services,  reduce  cost  and   widen  IT  delivery,  ease  of   use  and  efficiency.”       Source:  Gartner  and  Forbes  (BICSI   Presenter’s  Opinion  in  Italics,  2013)    
  • 20. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education
  • 21. Nielsen  Survey  2013:  How  Students  Prefer  To   Use  Tablets  In  Schools   71  percent  of  students  who  use  tablets  are  interested  in   accessing  textbooks.  
  • 22. College  students  (aged  18-­‐34)     own  an  average  of  6.8  devices  each,     •  Laptops  (86%),     smartphones  (78%)  and     video  game  consoles  (76%)       MP3  players,  digital  cameras  and  handheld  gaming   devices  has  fallen  off  over  the  years  as  smartphone   ownership  has  steadily  risen,  almost  doubling  from  2011   (42%).       Separately,  the  study  finds  that  more  than  7  in  10   students  who  own  a  smartphone  and/or  a  tablet   regularly  use  gaming  (76%),  music  (72%)  and  social   networking  apps  (71%).       •  Source:  re:fuel  /  Crux  Research    
  • 23. Educa&onal  Use  5%  
  • 24. Flappy  Bird  #  1   Candy  Crush  #  2   Angry  Birds  #  3   Candy  Crush  Cheat  Sheet  for  Every  Level:  hVp://      
  • 25. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education
  • 26.                      
  • 27. Impact  of  Phones  on  Campuses  
  • 28. (  +)  Cell  Phones  as  NoteTaking  Tool  
  • 29. He  is  able  to  get  onto  eLearn  and  take  exams  in  class  with  other  students.”  
  • 30. NearPod  Teaching  Tool:    
  • 31. NearPod  Mobile  Classroom  Tool  
  • 32. (  -­‐  )  New  study  shows  college  students  who  text   during  class  are  not  paying  aVen:on  to  lectures   Students  who  send  and  receive  texts   during  class  have  a  hard  :me  paying   aVen:on  to  lectures  and  risk  not   learning  as  much  as  they  would  if   they  weren’t  tex:ng  and  were  paying   aVen:on.   hVp:// 2012/04/new_study_shows_college_studen.html  
  • 33. A  Watch  ?  
  • 34. The  Impact  of  the  iPhone  /  iPad  
  • 35. Smart  Fish  Finder  
  • 36. More  than  a  Phone  or  for  Games:   Phones  as  Educa&onal  and  Workforce  Tool   ü Telescope   ü Microscope   ü Naviga&on   ü Heart  Monitor   ü Blood  Pressure     ü Workforce  Tools   ü Musical  Instruments   ü Library   ü Musical  Instrument   ü Science  Lab  
  • 37. Typical  Student  Classroom  Phone  Behavior   •  Nearly  86  percent  said  they  were   tex:ng,       •  68  percent  reported  they  were   checking  email,     •   66  percent  said  they  using  social   networks,       •  38  percent  said  they  were  surfing  the   Web  and       •  8  percent  said  they  were  playing  a   game.     hVp:// +shows+college+students+are+digitally+distracted+in+class  
  • 38. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your  Smartphone   Into  A  Carbon   Monoxide  Detector,   Non-­‐Contact   Thermometer,  Gas  Leak   Detector,  Lux  Meter,   Weather  Sta:on,   Diagnos:c  Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  • 39. Making  high  quality  eye  care  portable,  cost  effec&ve  and  intui&ve;   Leveraging  mobile  phone  technology  to  extend  the  availability  of  a  full  range  of   ophthalmic  diagnos:c  tests  outside  of  high  income  hospital  departments  to  anywhere   in  the  world:  hospital  wards,  GP  surgeries,  pa:ent  homes  and  we’re  even  being  tested   in  the  Antarc:c!  
  • 40. The  Vision   To  empower  general  health  workers  and  eye  care  prac::oners  to  diagnose   eye  diseases  and  provide  a  means  for  managing  and  monitoring  the   treatment  of  pa:ents,  anywhere  in  the  world.                            The  Problem      285  million  people  worldwide  are   visually  impaired          39  million  of  these  people  are  blind          80%  of  blindness  is  avoidable          90%  of  blind  people  live  in  low-­‐ income  countries        The  Solu&on:  Mobile  Phones   PEEK  –  a  smart-­‐phone  based  system   for  comprehensive  eye  examina:ons   in  even  the  remotest  of  setngs.  It  is   easy  to  use,  affordable  and  portable.  
  • 41. Mobile  Business  Prac&ces  
  • 42. iDoctor  on  Your  Phone  
  • 43. MobiUS   •  FDA-­‐approved  MobiUS  is   the  first  ultrasound  imaging   system  to  work  on   smartphones.  The  soOware,   made  by   MobiSante,  could  be  used   for  a  slew  of  clinical   applica:ons,  including   confirming  and  tracking   pregnancies  and  assessing   kidney  disorders.  The   images  and  video  can  be   shared  over  email,  or   through  a  standard  USB   connec:on.  
  • 44. NETRA   •  Hailing  from  MIT’s  Media  Lab,  the   Near  Eye  Tool  for  Refrac:ve   Assessment,  or   NETRA,  transforms  smartphones  into   low-­‐cost,  portable  diagnos:c  devices   that  can  detect  a  host  of  vision   disorders,  including  nearsightedness   and  farsightedness.  The  $2  clip-­‐on   eyepiece  exploits  the  increasing   resolu:on  of  smartphone  screens  to   deliver  a  prescrip:on  for  the   appropriate  correc:ve  lenses  in  a  few   minutes.  More  than  a  half-­‐billion   people  live  with  undiagnosed  eye   disorders,  90  percent  of  whom  in  the   developing  world,  and  NETRA  is  a   promising  alterna:ve  to  the  costly   diagnos:cs  that  have  dominated  the   field  for  decades.  
  • 45. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your   Smartphone  Into  A   Carbon  Monoxide   Detector,  Non-­‐ Contact   Thermometer,  Gas   Leak  Detector,  Lux   Meter,  Weather   Sta:on,  Diagnos:c   Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  • 46. ReSound  Hearing  Aid  &  App   Say  hello  to  the  world's   smartest  hearing  aid   ReSound  LiNXTM  offers  a   superior  sound  experience,   setng  new  standards  for   hearing  aid  performance.     This  Made  for   iPhone®  hearing  aid  provides   direct  sound  streaming,   personalized  to  your  every   need.    
  • 47. Evalua:on  and  Tes:ng  of  Mobile  Blood  Unit  2010  
  • 48. iHealth  Mobile  Products   THE  ONE-­‐STOP  SHOP  FOR  TRACKING  YOUR  PERSONAL  HEALTH   Weight.  Blood  pressure.  Diet.  Physical  ac:vi:es.  They’re  all   aspects  of  your  personal  health  and  they’re  all  interconnected.    
  • 49. Scentee  1st  Odor  Device  for  Mobile    
  • 50. Oscar  Mayer  Wake  Up  &  Smell  the   Bacon   •  Wake  Up  &  Smell  The  Bacon   is  a  simple  alarm  clock  app   that  starts  your  morning   with  the  mouthwatering   sound  of  Oscar  Mayer   bacon.  Rotate  the  skillet  to   select  your  wake-­‐up  :me,   then  get  ready  for  a  bacon   awakening  beyond  your   wildest  imagina:on.The  app   connects  with  the  Oscar   Mayer  Wake  Up  &  Smell   The  Bacon  scent  device,   turning  your  phone  into  a   bacon-­‐scented  alarm  clock.    
  • 51. FLIR  ONE  Thermal  Camera  for  iPhone  5/5s      
  • 52. Yellow  Jacket  Stun  Gun  iPhone  Case      
  • 53. Touch  and  Feel  Objects  on  Your  Smartphone,   Fujitsu  Develops  Hap&c  Sensory  Tablet   •  Fujitsu  has  developed  a  tablet  with  a  touchscreen  upon  which  you   can  touch  and  feel  objects  being  displayed.  The  tablet  will  convey  a   sense  of  slipperiness  or  roughness  depending  on  the  image  being   displayed,  Fujitsu  demonstrated  the  technology  at  Mobile  World   Congress  2014  in  Barcelona.  This  new  hap:c  or  sensory  technology  is   a  part  of  cogni:ve  system  –  systems  that  incorporate  psychological   data  and  the  sensing  ability,  similar  to  the  humans  
  • 54. (Your  Own)  T.K.  Technology  Tester   PennState  TLT  Symposium     The  EYE  Tribe  Eye  Tracking  Technology  
  • 55. Introducing  Egg  Minder  by  Quirky      
  • 56. iSense  by  3D  Systems      
  • 57. Mobile  Devices     Educa:on  Transforma:on    
  • 58. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your  Smartphone   Into  A  Carbon   Monoxide  Detector,   Non-­‐Contact   Thermometer,  Gas  Leak   Detector,  Lux  Meter,   Weather  Sta:on,   Diagnos:c  Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  • 59. Mobile  Business  Prac&ces  
  • 60.   Tōd    •  Use  these  smart  beacons,   called Tōd,  to  track  the  loca:on   of  your  child,  a  beloved   pet  or  even  your  car.  Get   no:fica:ons  via  email  or   text  when  they  make  an   unscheduled  departure   from  the  compound  or  if   they  wander  off  too  far   from  you.  [$32.00]  
  • 61. Smart  Toothbrush  
  • 62. Leap  Mo&on  
  • 63. Google  Glass  for  Medical  Use  
  • 64.                                                      Google  Glasses        
  • 65. Transforma&on  with  Google  Glasses  
  • 66. By  Tracking  Sugar  In  Tears,     Contact  Lens  Offers  Hope  For  Diabe:cs     The  latest  project  from  Google  X  is  a  smart  contact  lens,  a  :ny,   flexible  computer  capable  of  monitoring  glucose  levels  in  tears.   Researchers  at  Google  are  hopeful  that  one  day  this  technology   might  be  used  to  help  diabetes  pa:ents  beVer  control  their  disease.  
  • 67. RollTop  Portable  Computer  
  • 68. Leap  Mo&on  
  • 69. Compare  Tools  
  • 70. Compare  Tools  
  • 71. New  3D  Printer  can  build  a  House  in  just   24  hours      
  • 72. 4D  Prin&ng  is  the  Future  of  Design      
  • 73. Parrot  Flower  Power  Mobile  Technology  
  • 74. Electronic  Tauoo      
  • 75. The  Leia  Display  System  is  set  to  make   Holographic  Video  calls  a  reality  in  2014    
  • 76. 3D  Screens  &  Holograms  
  • 77. Smart  Clothing    
  • 78. Wearable  Technology  
  • 79. Smart  PJ's  Work  with  App  for  Bed:me  Stories  and  Songs  
  • 80. Smart  Eyelashes  and  Fingernails:     The  Next  Wave  of  Wearable  Tech   •  The  principle  is  similar  to  most   wearable  tech,  only  here,  the   actual  tech  is  disguised.  While   wearing  the  accessories,  people   can  accomplish  everyday  ac:ons   like  opening  doors  or  flipping   through  TV  channels  by  blinking   their  eyes  or  snapping  their   fingers.   hup://­‐ makeup/?    
  • 81.                        Beddit:              The  Smart  Bed  
  • 82. Albert:  Smart  Robot  &  Phone  
  • 83.   94Fixy:  Smart  Basketball    
  • 84.                                Apps  for  Educa&on   Teaching     Na:ve  Apps   Learning   Web  Browser  Apps   Across  All  Devices   ADA   Device  Accessibility  Features   Na:ve  Apps    
  • 85. TBR  Educa&onal  &  Workforce     Mobile  App  Resource  Bank        Mobile  App  Resource  Center   50,000+  APPs  
  • 86. 1.8  Million  FREE  Books  
  • 87. Easy  Bib  App   Create  accurate  MLA,  APA,   and  Chicago  style  cita:ons   in  seconds  by  scanning  a   book  bar  code  or  by  typing   the  name  of  a  book  with  the   EasyBib  Android  app.  Build   and  manage  your  works   cited.  Once  done,  email  your   cita:ons  and  then  export   your  cita:ons  to's  popular   bibliography  management   service.  
  • 88. aBooks  –  eBooks  –  iBooks  –  oBooks   uBooks  
  • 89. LeafSnap  App   •  Leafsnap  is  the  first  in  a   series  of  electronic  field   guides  being  developed   by  researchers  from   Columbia  University,  the   University  of  Maryland,   and  the  Smithsonian   Ins:tu:on.  This  free   mobile  app  uses  visual   recogni&on  soxware  to   help  iden&fy  tree  species   from  photographs  of  their   leaves.  
  • 90. Virtual  Fire  Fox  App   Accessing  Flash  and  Java  on  iPad  
  • 91. Quad  Browser  App     iPad   •  Allows  up  to  four   (4)  windows  on   your  iPad  at  one   :me.  
  • 92. Sign4Me  
  • 93. The  Rosary  of  the  Hours   Confession  App    
  • 94. LeafSnap  App   •  Leafsnap  is  the  first  in  a   series  of  electronic  field   guides  being  developed   by  researchers  from   Columbia  University,  the   University  of  Maryland,   and  the  Smithsonian   Ins:tu:on.  This  free   mobile  app  uses  visual   recogni&on  soxware  to   help  iden&fy  tree  species   from  photographs  of  their   leaves.  
  • 95. Word  Lens   Word  Lens  gives  you   transla:on  on  the  go:  -­‐  NO   NETWORK  required  -­‐  results   appear  immediately  on  your   video  screen  when  you  need  it,   anywhere  in  the  world  ..     iTunes:   hVps://­‐ lens/id383463868?mt=8     Google  Play  Store:   hVps:// details? id=com.questvisual.wordlens&hl=en  
  • 96. Video  Time  Machine  App   iOS  
  • 98. Verizon’s  Powerful  Answers  
  • 99. Organiza:on  Effec:veness  and  Strategic  Ini:a:ves   Educa&on  On  Demand  and  within  Your  Hands   HARNESS  TODAY’S  NEWEST  TECHNOLOGIES  AND  DEVICES   FOR  TEACHING,  LEARNING,  AND  WORKFORCE  DEVELOPMENT  
  • 100. +   •  Mobile  Product  Sample     –  System  wide  Sample  /   Purchase   –  ADA  Compliance   –  TBR  IT  [security/networking]   –  IMS  Common  Cartridge   Standards   –  Cost  &  Resources   •  Mobiliza&on  Examina&on   –  30  Days  Campus  Evalua:ons   –  Faculty  &  Staff  Testers   –  Pilot  Studies   –  Surveys  &  Observa:ons   –  Curriculum  /Program   Alignment   –  Student  Outcomes   –  Mobiliza&on  Outcomes   •  Program  Alignment   •  Student  Outcomes   •  Reten:on  Impact   •  Workforce  Applica:on   •  Employment  Opportuni:es   •  Educa:onal  Pricing     •  System  Wide  Purchase   •  Annual  Evalua:ons   •  Mobiliza&on  Demonstra&on   –  Vendor  Showcase   –  Product  Demonstra:on   –  Faculty  &  Student  Usability       –  Vendor  Use  References     –  Vendor  IT  &  IMS  Demos    
  • 101. Associate Vice Chancellor Tennessee Board of Regents Office of Mobilization Emerging Technologies Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D. Tennessee Board of Regents A Mobilized System of Higher Education Utilizing Mobile Devices and Apps for Increasing Enrollments, Retention, Graduate Rates and for Improving Teaching, Learning, and the Workforce. *Presentation, Powerpoint, Apps listed on under PD/Train Menus Tab Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy with Technology