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Presentation at NJEdge, July 17, 2014

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Nj edge

  1. 1. “Educa&on  On-­‐Demand  ~    In  Your  Hands”   Latest  Innova&ons  &  Best  Prac&ces  Regarding  the     Use  of  Mobile  Devices  ~  Apps  ~  Emerging  Technologies  for     Enhancing  Teaching  &  Learning  in  Higher  Educa&on          Apps   Tablets   SmartPhones   eReaders  
  2. 2. Tennessee  Board  of  Regents   Strategic  Plan  for  Mobiliza&on  
  3. 3. To  Start  This  Presenta&on   Pull  Out  Your  Mobile  Device    
  4. 4. HAPIfork  Smart  Fork    
  5. 5. Outcome  of  this  Presenta:on:     Endless  possibili6es  for  using  mobile  devices   and  apps  for  Teaching  and  Learning.     To  Start   Pull  Out  Your  Mobile  Device      
  6. 6. IMPACT   “The  mobile  phone  is  the   single  most  transforma&ve   tool  for  development,”   according  to  Jeffrey  Sachs,   Director  of  the  Earth   Ins:tute,  Columbia   University.    
  7. 7. Born  with  Tablet  –     Toddlers  and  Computers   According  to  the  sta:s:cal   data  collected  in  2011,  24   percent  of  American   children  age  3-­‐8  had  their   own  iPads.        The  number  of  young   children  in  the  U.S,  who   have  access  to  an  iPad,   Samsung  Galaxy  Tab,  or   some  other  tablet  computer   is  es:mated  at  70%.  in  new   technologies  day  aOer  day.  
  8. 8.  Collec&vely,  mobile  devices  are  the  most   successful  and  ubiquitous  informa&on  and   communica&on  technology  (ICT)  in  history.    
  9. 9. The  exploding  growth  of  hand-­‐held  devices  (almost  370   million  tablets  will  be  sold  by  2016)  is  transforming   higher  educa&on  in  terms  of  recrui&ng,  teaching,   learning,  communica&on,  collabora&on,  social   interac&on,  engagement,  produc&vity  and  the  delivery   of  educa&on.      
  10. 10. Mobile  Technology  Profile   •  90%  of  American  adults  have  a  cell  phone     •  67%  of  cell  owners  find  themselves  checking  their  phone   for  messages,  alerts,  or  calls  —  even  when  they  don’t   no&ce  their  phone  ringing  or  vibra&ng.     •  44%  of  cell  owners  have  slept  with  their  phone  next  to   their  bed  because  they  wanted  to  make  sure  they  didn’t   miss  any  calls,  text  messages,  or  other  updates  during  the   night.       •  29%  of  cell  owners  describe  their  cell  phone  as  “something   they  can’t  imagine  living  without.”     hVp://www.pewinternet.org/fact-­‐sheets/mobile-­‐technology-­‐fact-­‐sheet/    
  11. 11. “Today  mobile  technologies  are  oOen  common  even  in  areas  where   schools,  books,  and  computers  are  scarce.  As  price  of  mobile  phone   ownership  con&nues  to  decline,  more  and  more  people,  including   those  in  extremely  impoverished  areas,  are  likely  to  own  and  know   how  to  use  a  mobile  device.”  UNESO,  2014  
  12. 12. Mobile  Technology  Profile   •      90%  of  American  adults  have  a  cell  phone     •      58%  of  American  adults  have  a  smartphone     •      32%  of  American  adults  own  an  e-­‐reader     •               42%  of  American  adults  own  a  tablet  computer     hVp://www.pewinternet.org/fact-­‐sheets/mobile-­‐technology-­‐fact-­‐sheet/    
  13. 13. Mobile  Workers   •  60  percent  of  mobile  workers  checked  in  using  their  smartphone   with  a  service  like  Foursquare,  Gowalla,  Facebook  Places,  and   Shopkick.     •  66  percent  of  mobile  workers  had  checked  out  (made  a  purchase  or   other  transac:on)  using  their  smartphone).     •  87  percent  used  their  smartphone  for  no6fica6ons  such  as  sports   scores,  Facebook  updates,  SMS  text  messages,  or  other  always-­‐on   applica:ons.     •  57  percent  had  used  their  smartphone  as  an  e-­‐6cket  or  mobile   boarding  card.     •  44  percent  used  their  smartphone  to  scan  barcodes  and  compare   prices.  
  14. 14. TBR  Educa&onal  &  Workforce     Mobile  App  Resource  Bank        Mobile  App  Resource  Center:   www.TBRMobile.org   50,000+  APPs  
  15. 15. Gartner:  Hype  Cycle  for  Emerging  Technologies   This  Hype  Cycle  examines  the  status  of,  and  prospects  for,   various  mobile  device  technologies.  It  advises  device   vendors,  mobile  operators,  applica:on  providers  and  others   on  the  maturity  of  these  technologies  and  their  use.  
  16. 16. Defini&on   Mobile  devices  are  digital,  easily  portable,  usually   owned  and  controlled  by  an  individual  rather  than  an   ins:tu:on,  can  access  the  internet,  have  mul:media   capabili:es,  and  can  facilitate  a  large  number  of   tasks,  par:cularly  those  related  to  communica:on.     UNESCO,  2014  Policies  Guidelines  for  Mobile  Learning.  
  17. 17. Mobile  Learning   Mobile  learning  is  a  customized  experience  based   on  the  device,  the  features,  and  the  learner.       Example:  A  tradi:onal  computer  lab  will  look  the  same  across  the   world  (same  monitor,  computer,  etc.).  Unlike  mobile  devices,  where   the  user  dictates  the  device,  the    learning  environment  and   experiences.  
  18. 18. NETP  highlighted  that     Mobile  broadband  devices  now  have    six  senses:     •  Knowing  where  you  are   •  Interac:ng  with  networks   •  Sensing  local  content  and  services   •  Discovering  relevant  things   •  Enhancing  your  surroundings  with  informa:on   and  simula:on   •  Learning  your  interests,  as  well  as  how  and   with  whom  you  like  to  learn  
  19. 19.   Ac&onable  Advice     Embrace  B.Y.O.D. (Bring  Your  Own  Device)     “It  will  speed  ability  to   leverage  innova:ons  in   consumer  tech,  apps  and   services,  reduce  cost  and   widen  IT  delivery,  ease  of   use  and  efficiency.”       Source:  Gartner  and  Forbes  (BICSI   Presenter’s  Opinion  in  Italics,  2013)    
  20. 20. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education
  21. 21. Nielsen  Survey  2013:  How  Students  Prefer  To   Use  Tablets  In  Schools   71  percent  of  students  who  use  tablets  are  interested  in   accessing  textbooks.  
  22. 22. College  students  (aged  18-­‐34)     own  an  average  of  6.8  devices  each,     •  Laptops  (86%),     smartphones  (78%)  and     video  game  consoles  (76%)       MP3  players,  digital  cameras  and  handheld  gaming   devices  has  fallen  off  over  the  years  as  smartphone   ownership  has  steadily  risen,  almost  doubling  from  2011   (42%).       Separately,  the  study  finds  that  more  than  7  in  10   students  who  own  a  smartphone  and/or  a  tablet   regularly  use  gaming  (76%),  music  (72%)  and  social   networking  apps  (71%).       •  Source:  re:fuel  /  Crux  Research    
  23. 23. Educa&onal  Use  5%  
  24. 24. Flappy  Bird  #  1   Candy  Crush  #  2   Angry  Birds  #  3   Candy  Crush  Cheat  Sheet  for  Every  Level:  hVp://youtu.be/UhIOAqZb74Q      
  25. 25. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education
  26. 26.                      
  27. 27. Impact  of  Phones  on  Campuses  
  28. 28. (  +)  Cell  Phones  as  NoteTaking  Tool  
  29. 29. He  is  able  to  get  onto  eLearn  and  take  exams  in  class  with  other  students.”  
  30. 30. NearPod  Teaching  Tool:   www.nearpod.com    
  31. 31. NearPod  Mobile  Classroom  Tool  
  32. 32. (  -­‐  )  New  study  shows  college  students  who  text   during  class  are  not  paying  aVen:on  to  lectures   Students  who  send  and  receive  texts   during  class  have  a  hard  :me  paying   aVen:on  to  lectures  and  risk  not   learning  as  much  as  they  would  if   they  weren’t  tex:ng  and  were  paying   aVen:on.   hVp://www.mlive.com/news/jackson/index.ssf/ 2012/04/new_study_shows_college_studen.html  
  33. 33. A  Watch  ?  
  34. 34. The  Impact  of  the  iPhone  /  iPad  
  35. 35. Smart  Fish  Finder  
  36. 36. More  than  a  Phone  or  for  Games:   Phones  as  Educa&onal  and  Workforce  Tool   ü Telescope   ü Microscope   ü Naviga&on   ü Heart  Monitor   ü Blood  Pressure     ü Workforce  Tools   ü Musical  Instruments   ü Library   ü Musical  Instrument   ü Science  Lab  
  37. 37. Typical  Student  Classroom  Phone  Behavior   •  Nearly  86  percent  said  they  were   tex:ng,       •  68  percent  reported  they  were   checking  email,     •   66  percent  said  they  using  social   networks,       •  38  percent  said  they  were  surfing  the   Web  and       •  8  percent  said  they  were  playing  a   game.     hVp://newsroom.unl.edu/releases/2013/10/23/UNL+study +shows+college+students+are+digitally+distracted+in+class  
  38. 38. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your  Smartphone   Into  A  Carbon   Monoxide  Detector,   Non-­‐Contact   Thermometer,  Gas  Leak   Detector,  Lux  Meter,   Weather  Sta:on,   Diagnos:c  Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  39. 39. Making  high  quality  eye  care  portable,  cost  effec&ve  and  intui&ve;   Leveraging  mobile  phone  technology  to  extend  the  availability  of  a  full  range  of   ophthalmic  diagnos:c  tests  outside  of  high  income  hospital  departments  to  anywhere   in  the  world:  hospital  wards,  GP  surgeries,  pa:ent  homes  and  we’re  even  being  tested   in  the  Antarc:c!  
  40. 40. The  Vision   To  empower  general  health  workers  and  eye  care  prac::oners  to  diagnose   eye  diseases  and  provide  a  means  for  managing  and  monitoring  the   treatment  of  pa:ents,  anywhere  in  the  world.                            The  Problem      285  million  people  worldwide  are   visually  impaired          39  million  of  these  people  are  blind          80%  of  blindness  is  avoidable          90%  of  blind  people  live  in  low-­‐ income  countries        The  Solu&on:  Mobile  Phones   PEEK  –  a  smart-­‐phone  based  system   for  comprehensive  eye  examina:ons   in  even  the  remotest  of  setngs.  It  is   easy  to  use,  affordable  and  portable.  
  41. 41. Mobile  Business  Prac&ces  
  42. 42. iDoctor  on  Your  Phone  
  43. 43. MobiUS   •  FDA-­‐approved  MobiUS  is   the  first  ultrasound  imaging   system  to  work  on   smartphones.  The  soOware,   made  by   MobiSante,  could  be  used   for  a  slew  of  clinical   applica:ons,  including   confirming  and  tracking   pregnancies  and  assessing   kidney  disorders.  The   images  and  video  can  be   shared  over  email,  or   through  a  standard  USB   connec:on.  
  44. 44. NETRA   •  Hailing  from  MIT’s  Media  Lab,  the   Near  Eye  Tool  for  Refrac:ve   Assessment,  or   NETRA,  transforms  smartphones  into   low-­‐cost,  portable  diagnos:c  devices   that  can  detect  a  host  of  vision   disorders,  including  nearsightedness   and  farsightedness.  The  $2  clip-­‐on   eyepiece  exploits  the  increasing   resolu:on  of  smartphone  screens  to   deliver  a  prescrip:on  for  the   appropriate  correc:ve  lenses  in  a  few   minutes.  More  than  a  half-­‐billion   people  live  with  undiagnosed  eye   disorders,  90  percent  of  whom  in  the   developing  world,  and  NETRA  is  a   promising  alterna:ve  to  the  costly   diagnos:cs  that  have  dominated  the   field  for  decades.  
  45. 45. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your   Smartphone  Into  A   Carbon  Monoxide   Detector,  Non-­‐ Contact   Thermometer,  Gas   Leak  Detector,  Lux   Meter,  Weather   Sta:on,  Diagnos:c   Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  46. 46. ReSound  Hearing  Aid  &  App   Say  hello  to  the  world's   smartest  hearing  aid   ReSound  LiNXTM  offers  a   superior  sound  experience,   setng  new  standards  for   hearing  aid  performance.     This  Made  for   iPhone®  hearing  aid  provides   direct  sound  streaming,   personalized  to  your  every   need.    
  47. 47. Evalua:on  and  Tes:ng  of  Mobile  Blood  Unit  2010  
  48. 48. iHealth  Mobile  Products   THE  ONE-­‐STOP  SHOP  FOR  TRACKING  YOUR  PERSONAL  HEALTH   Weight.  Blood  pressure.  Diet.  Physical  ac:vi:es.  They’re  all   aspects  of  your  personal  health  and  they’re  all  interconnected.    
  49. 49. Scentee  1st  Odor  Device  for  Mobile    
  50. 50. Oscar  Mayer  Wake  Up  &  Smell  the   Bacon   •  Wake  Up  &  Smell  The  Bacon   is  a  simple  alarm  clock  app   that  starts  your  morning   with  the  mouthwatering   sound  of  Oscar  Mayer   bacon.  Rotate  the  skillet  to   select  your  wake-­‐up  :me,   then  get  ready  for  a  bacon   awakening  beyond  your   wildest  imagina:on.The  app   connects  with  the  Oscar   Mayer  Wake  Up  &  Smell   The  Bacon  scent  device,   turning  your  phone  into  a   bacon-­‐scented  alarm  clock.    
  51. 51. FLIR  ONE  Thermal  Camera  for  iPhone  5/5s      
  52. 52. Yellow  Jacket  Stun  Gun  iPhone  Case      
  53. 53. Touch  and  Feel  Objects  on  Your  Smartphone,   Fujitsu  Develops  Hap&c  Sensory  Tablet   •  Fujitsu  has  developed  a  tablet  with  a  touchscreen  upon  which  you   can  touch  and  feel  objects  being  displayed.  The  tablet  will  convey  a   sense  of  slipperiness  or  roughness  depending  on  the  image  being   displayed,  Fujitsu  demonstrated  the  technology  at  Mobile  World   Congress  2014  in  Barcelona.  This  new  hap:c  or  sensory  technology  is   a  part  of  cogni:ve  system  –  systems  that  incorporate  psychological   data  and  the  sensing  ability,  similar  to  the  humans  
  54. 54. (Your  Own)  T.K.  Technology  Tester   PennState  TLT  Symposium     The  EYE  Tribe  Eye  Tracking  Technology  
  55. 55. Introducing  Egg  Minder  by  Quirky      
  56. 56. iSense  by  3D  Systems      
  57. 57. Mobile  Devices     Educa:on  Transforma:on    
  58. 58. Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your  Smartphone   Into  A  Carbon   Monoxide  Detector,   Non-­‐Contact   Thermometer,  Gas  Leak   Detector,  Lux  Meter,   Weather  Sta:on,   Diagnos:c  Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  
  59. 59. Mobile  Business  Prac&ces  
  60. 60.   Tōd    •  Use  these  smart  beacons,   called Tōd,  to  track  the  loca:on   of  your  child,  a  beloved   pet  or  even  your  car.  Get   no:fica:ons  via  email  or   text  when  they  make  an   unscheduled  departure   from  the  compound  or  if   they  wander  off  too  far   from  you.  [$32.00]  
  61. 61. Smart  Toothbrush  
  62. 62. Leap  Mo&on  
  63. 63. Google  Glass  for  Medical  Use  
  64. 64.                                                      Google  Glasses        
  65. 65. Transforma&on  with  Google  Glasses  
  66. 66. By  Tracking  Sugar  In  Tears,     Contact  Lens  Offers  Hope  For  Diabe:cs     The  latest  project  from  Google  X  is  a  smart  contact  lens,  a  :ny,   flexible  computer  capable  of  monitoring  glucose  levels  in  tears.   Researchers  at  Google  are  hopeful  that  one  day  this  technology   might  be  used  to  help  diabetes  pa:ents  beVer  control  their  disease.  
  67. 67. RollTop  Portable  Computer  
  68. 68. Leap  Mo&on  
  69. 69. Compare  Tools  
  70. 70. Compare  Tools  
  71. 71. New  3D  Printer  can  build  a  House  in  just   24  hours      
  72. 72. 4D  Prin&ng  is  the  Future  of  Design      
  73. 73. Parrot  Flower  Power  Mobile  Technology  
  74. 74. Electronic  Tauoo      
  75. 75. The  Leia  Display  System  is  set  to  make   Holographic  Video  calls  a  reality  in  2014    
  76. 76. 3D  Screens  &  Holograms  
  77. 77. Smart  Clothing    
  78. 78. Wearable  Technology  
  79. 79. Smart  PJ's  Work  with  App  for  Bed:me  Stories  and  Songs  
  80. 80. Smart  Eyelashes  and  Fingernails:     The  Next  Wave  of  Wearable  Tech   •  The  principle  is  similar  to  most   wearable  tech,  only  here,  the   actual  tech  is  disguised.  While   wearing  the  accessories,  people   can  accomplish  everyday  ac:ons   like  opening  doors  or  flipping   through  TV  channels  by  blinking   their  eyes  or  snapping  their   fingers.   hup://mashable.com/2013/12/21/programmable-­‐ makeup/?crlt.pid=camp.BmeT0CLtYixF    
  81. 81.                        Beddit:              The  Smart  Bed  
  82. 82. Albert:  Smart  Robot  &  Phone  
  83. 83.   94Fixy:  Smart  Basketball    
  84. 84.                                Apps  for  Educa&on   Teaching     Na:ve  Apps   Learning   Web  Browser  Apps   Across  All  Devices   ADA   Device  Accessibility  Features   Na:ve  Apps    
  85. 85. TBR  Educa&onal  &  Workforce     Mobile  App  Resource  Bank        Mobile  App  Resource  Center   www.TBRMobile.org   50,000+  APPs  
  86. 86. 1.8  Million  FREE  Books  
  87. 87. Easy  Bib  App   Create  accurate  MLA,  APA,   and  Chicago  style  cita:ons   in  seconds  by  scanning  a   book  bar  code  or  by  typing   the  name  of  a  book  with  the   EasyBib  Android  app.  Build   and  manage  your  works   cited.  Once  done,  email  your   cita:ons  and  then  export   your  cita:ons  to   EasyBib.com's  popular   bibliography  management   service.  
  88. 88. aBooks  –  eBooks  –  iBooks  –  oBooks   uBooks  
  89. 89. LeafSnap  App   •  Leafsnap  is  the  first  in  a   series  of  electronic  field   guides  being  developed   by  researchers  from   Columbia  University,  the   University  of  Maryland,   and  the  Smithsonian   Ins:tu:on.  This  free   mobile  app  uses  visual   recogni&on  soxware  to   help  iden&fy  tree  species   from  photographs  of  their   leaves.  
  90. 90. Virtual  Fire  Fox  App   Accessing  Flash  and  Java  on  iPad  
  91. 91. Quad  Browser  App     iPad   •  Allows  up  to  four   (4)  windows  on   your  iPad  at  one   :me.  
  92. 92. Sign4Me  
  93. 93. The  Rosary  of  the  Hours   Confession  App    
  94. 94. LeafSnap  App   •  Leafsnap  is  the  first  in  a   series  of  electronic  field   guides  being  developed   by  researchers  from   Columbia  University,  the   University  of  Maryland,   and  the  Smithsonian   Ins:tu:on.  This  free   mobile  app  uses  visual   recogni&on  soxware  to   help  iden&fy  tree  species   from  photographs  of  their   leaves.  
  95. 95. Word  Lens   Word  Lens  gives  you   transla:on  on  the  go:  -­‐  NO   NETWORK  required  -­‐  results   appear  immediately  on  your   video  screen  when  you  need  it,   anywhere  in  the  world  ..     iTunes:   hVps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-­‐ lens/id383463868?mt=8     Google  Play  Store:   hVps://play.google.com/store/apps/ details? id=com.questvisual.wordlens&hl=en  
  96. 96. Video  Time  Machine  App   iOS  
  98. 98. Verizon’s  Powerful  Answers  
  99. 99. Organiza:on  Effec:veness  and  Strategic  Ini:a:ves   www.TBRMobile.org   Educa&on  On  Demand  and  within  Your  Hands   HARNESS  TODAY’S  NEWEST  TECHNOLOGIES  AND  DEVICES   FOR  TEACHING,  LEARNING,  AND  WORKFORCE  DEVELOPMENT  
  100. 100. +   •  Mobile  Product  Sample     –  System  wide  Sample  /   Purchase   –  ADA  Compliance   –  TBR  IT  [security/networking]   –  IMS  Common  Cartridge   Standards   –  Cost  &  Resources   •  Mobiliza&on  Examina&on   –  30  Days  Campus  Evalua:ons   –  Faculty  &  Staff  Testers   –  Pilot  Studies   –  Surveys  &  Observa:ons   –  Curriculum  /Program   Alignment   –  Student  Outcomes   –  Mobiliza&on  Outcomes   •  Program  Alignment   •  Student  Outcomes   •  Reten:on  Impact   •  Workforce  Applica:on   •  Employment  Opportuni:es   •  Educa:onal  Pricing     •  System  Wide  Purchase   •  Annual  Evalua:ons   •  Mobiliza&on  Demonstra&on   –  Vendor  Showcase   –  Product  Demonstra:on   –  Faculty  &  Student  Usability       –  Vendor  Use  References     –  Vendor  IT  &  IMS  Demos    
  101. 101. Robbie.Melton@tbr.edu Associate Vice Chancellor Tennessee Board of Regents Office of Mobilization Emerging Technologies www.TBRMobile.org Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D. Tennessee Board of Regents A Mobilized System of Higher Education Utilizing Mobile Devices and Apps for Increasing Enrollments, Retention, Graduate Rates and for Improving Teaching, Learning, and the Workforce. *Presentation, Powerpoint, Apps listed on www.tbrmobile.org under PD/Train Menus Tab Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy with Technology
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