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  1. 1. Brand Comparison Study for Various Economic Dailies Faculty Guide : Mr. Pranav Desai Company Guide : Mr. Kunal PanchalPrepared by:-Ronak P. Parmar11MBA043
  2. 2. Project DetailsName of the Company Business Standard Ltd.Location AhmedabadFaculty Guide Mr. Pranav DesaiCompany Guide Mr. Kunal Panchal (Officer – Market Development)Title Brand comparison study for various economic dailiesDuration 14th May 2012 – 15th July 2012
  3. 3. Introduction• Mumbai-based financial investors newspaper.• led by the Kotak Mahindra Bank• published from 12 centres - Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, Kochi and Bhubaneswar.• T. N. Ninan chairman and editorial director of BSL.• Business Standard sells 144,000 copies daily in English.• The Hindi edition sells 53,000 copies daily.• A newspaper cost is Rs. 17-20 to the publication house at Business Standard.
  4. 4. Product Profile• Business Standard consist of Business News, Finance News , World Business, India Stock News, Indian stock market, India investments, Indian industry, Sensex, Nifty, BSE, NSE, India Business, India Economy, India, share market, Corporate Result, Finance News .• Supplements – Smart Investor(Every Monday) – The Strategist(Every Tuesday) – Weekend(Every Saturday)• Magazine – The Fund Manager – The Billionaire Club – Banking Annual – BS 1000.
  5. 5. Space Marketing Department – Editorial department collects the news form the various sources and then edits the contents and then send it to Mumbai or Delhi for the adjustment in the page. Hierarchy of Editorial Department Chief Editor Senior Reporter Principle Correspondence Special Correspondence
  6. 6. Scheduling Department• Responsible for the layout of the newspaper.• Uses Quark Express Software for designing the space according to the advertisements which have to be published.• The data must be in either of the two formats, PDF (Portable Disk Format) or EPS (Ended Post Script).• These are checked for errors by softwares like Pit Shop (for PDF files) and Fight Check (for EPS files).
  7. 7. Systems Department• System department is responsible for the communication network as well as all the technical related problems in the company.• The system department at Ahmedabad receives a facsimile copy of newspaper everyday and forwards its printout on the butter paper to the production department.
  8. 8. Production Department• Sambhav press• Paper from Mysore papre mill• 546 mm height and 700 mm width• Use four films – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black• One machine – 20 pages together but if coloured then only 6 pages.
  9. 9. Dispatch Department• responsible for the regular dispatch of total number of copies at various destinations at the right time.• There are more than 70 distributors and 8000 vendors of Business Standard across the Gujarat. The distributors will get 5% commission and vendors will get 28% commission
  10. 10. PROJECT STUDYBrand comparison study for various economicDailiesImportance of Study Implement necessary steps to improve the market share especially in Ahmedabad. It will also help to organization to find out weak points compare to competitors.Need of Study compare the qualitative service & promotional strategies of Business Standard and other economic dailies.
  11. 11. Objectives• To find out the brand preference among the business newspaper.• To find out the time duration of using particular business daily.• To find out the attributes which influence the consumer to purchase business daily.
  12. 12. Research Design• Data Source---Primary data source- Questionnaire Secondary data source- Company website• Sampling area---Ahmedabad• Sample size---100• Sampling method---Quota sampling• Research instrument---Questionnaire• Method of contact---Personal
  13. 13. Do you read any financial news paper daily?
  14. 14. If yes, then which financial news paper daily you read?
  15. 15. Since how long you are reading financial daily news paper?
  16. 16. Which of the following news paper has the most understandable language?
  17. 17. Which factor do you consider while purchasing news paper?
  18. 18. Why do you refer a particular newspaper(s)?
  19. 19. If you are given any discount on the yearly subscription of financial newspaper then which newspaper you will subscribe?
  20. 20. Which is the most important benefits you gain from reading business dailies?
  21. 21. If, as per your requirement (basis of Feature & Factor) the Business Standard will be fulfill than in future you would continue as well as go for it?
  22. 22. How would you rate the overall quality of business standard news paper?
  23. 23. Findings• Second most preferred newspaper.• The basic idea of reading a newspaper is to gain information and knowledge.• Coverage plays an important role.• The supplements of BS are fairly popular.• Agriculture industry news is not provided
  24. 24. Recommendations• Regarding news content.• Increase the font size of stock details.• Collaborate with B-schools to provide copy of BS daily at their home.• Make some events with corporate to spread awareness of BS.• Add the news on IT and Information in much more detail.
  25. 25. Conclusion• Economic times is market leader.• Company can enhance its market by providing services n satisfying customers.• Awarness of BSL is low.• Company can use events, public relations & personal marketing for cpmmunication mix.
  26. 26. Bibliography• Web Resources: – – – www.the economic – –• Books: – Kothari C.P – Phillip kotler