Avoiding the Paid Social Marketing Trap by Activating Owned & Earned Media


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The pressure keeps rising to deliver results in social media — when you run out of clever questions to ask your fans, it can be tempting to crank up ad spend to keep the numbers up, but this is a trap. The fans you buy aren't the fans who are going to engage to keep your numbers high.

Succeeding in social media starts with owning your message and setting up a steady rhythm of content that creates fertile ground for fans to interact. We'll start with the basics of strategic use of your owned marketing channels and how they lead into opportunities for earned media. Then, we'll dive deeply into the big, sometimes mysterious opportunities presented by Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm and Twitter's trending topics, and learn how to take advantage of them.

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  • If you’d rather have me just tell stories from making a game called “Zombie Mosh”, we can do that too\n
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  • Ads - \n
  • Get there with love, get there with money. It takes both, in balance.\n\n\n
  • You can buy likes. Our marketing team did this. THOUSANDS of likes from the Philippines - social games can’t monetize them. Brands can’t monetize them, can’t get real conversation out of them.\n\n
  • If you’re playing a short-term game, feel free to exploit inefficiencies in the system\n\nIf you’re playing the long-term game, ignore them, because...\n
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  • Is that good or bad?\n\nTHIS is the trap - you quit paying, your owned social media has no value, you have little earned media\n
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  • It you’re trying to get them to come to your page, you’re fighting for chunks of that 25% of “other” time\n
  • Over half of engagement occurs in this quick window\n\n
  • Write something that people can respond to\n\nWe’re not as clever as we think we are\n\nBy default, 8-14% of your FB fans will see what you post. You can get more, but not this way\n\nMany Twitter users only look at the past hour of tweets, but you can’t tweet every hour. \n
  • Square Pictures get the most real estate\n\nEdgeRank - Type of Content, Brand Affinity, Popularity of Content, Time\n
  • How Do You Earn “Trending”?\n\nTrends on increases in activity. This is why #occupyWallStreet didn’t trend\n
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  • How do you earn news feed distribution?\n
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  • Also, Trending Video\nThese will become new ad units\n
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  • Problems: lacked engagement, lacked followers\n
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  • Avoiding the Paid Social Marketing Trap by Activating Owned & Earned Media

    1. 1. Avoiding the $$Paid$$Social Marketing Trap byActivating Owned & EarnedMediaRob KischukCEO & Founder, Badgy@rkischuk#techPRSA
    2. 2. Social Communities#techPRSA @rkischuk
    3. 3. 1.25 Million Users 250,000 Likes#techPRSA @rkischuk
    4. 4. #techPRSA @rkischuk
    5. 5. + + +#techPRSA @rkischuk
    6. 6. SEO for Social#techPRSA @rkischuk
    7. 7. Media in SocialPaid AdvertisementsOwned Your Social Profiles AND Fan BaseEarned Your fans and what they communicate about you#techPRSA @rkischuk
    8. 8. How do you get to 1.25 million fans?#techPRSA @rkischuk
    9. 9. $25 / 1000 Likes $31,250 for 1.25 million “likes”#techPRSA @rkischuk
    10. 10. "Newly improved automated efforts will remove those Likes gained by... purchased bulk Likes" - Facebook, 8/31/2012#techPRSA @rkischuk
    11. 11. “Operation Unlike”#techPRSA @rkischuk
    12. 12. $1-2/fan 1.25m fans => $2.5M+#techPRSA @rkischuk
    13. 13. 1.73% “Talking About This”#techPRSA @rkischuk
    14. 14. Does “Talking About This” Matter? 1.28%#techPRSA @rkischuk
    15. 15. So you think you “Own” these fans now... Good Luck!#techPRSA @rkischuk
    16. 16. Owned Media expires Quickly Twitter Facebook 0 30 60 90 Minutes Before Engagement Collapses#techPRSA @rkischuk
    17. 17. Step 1: Conversations#techPRSA @rkischuk
    18. 18. Step 2: Optimized Content#techPRSA @rkischuk
    19. 19. Step 3: Earn the Paid#techPRSA @rkischuk
    20. 20. #techPRSA @rkischuk
    21. 21. Earn the Paid Elizabeth Moreau#techPRSA @rkischuk
    22. 22. Step 4: Earn the Un-Buyable#techPRSA @rkischuk
    23. 23. Earn the Un-Buyable#techPRSA @rkischuk
    24. 24. In SummaryPaid Build Audience, RetargetOwned Seed the messageEarned Augment the message#techPRSA @rkischuk
    25. 25. Questions? Rob Kischuk rob@bad.gy @rkischuk http://www.slideshare.net/rkischuk#techPRSA @rkischuk
    26. 26. Results Percent Follower Growth over Time • 3,000% 700% follower 2,250% boost 1,500% • 315k reach • Authentic 750% conversations, residual growth 0% With Badgy Without BadgySEO for Social
    27. 27. Social Reader Benefits for Content-driven Sites• Increase Distribution of Content you’re already creating using Facebook’s Open Graph• Email Signup/Acquisition• Seamless Integration - sites can add Badgy Social Reader in as little as 2 lines of Javascript• Contests - Qualifies under Facebook’s Promotions and Contest Guidelines as basis for giveaways
    28. 28. Opportunities for sponsoredbranding are highlighted withgreen rectangles like this. 1) Fans on Site Activate Badgy’s Social Reader
    29. 29. 2) Fans AcceptFacebook App
    30. 30. 3) Each story they read after that is shared to Facebook
    31. 31. 4) Stories “trend” with their friends, who click to read
    32. 32. 5) Readers who click on “trending” articles areimmediately prompted to add the app
    33. 33. Dallas Mavericks Results• Dallas Mavericks added Badgy Social Reader and actively promoted it• 55k+ social impressions generated in first week in Facebook news feed
    34. 34. Why Should you Take Your Coffee Break Later?#techPRSA @rkischuk