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Komtektechnologiespresentation Komtektechnologiespresentation Presentation Transcript

  • “We enable our customers to make superior quality, competitive products by efficiently providing them with engineered, close tolerance parts on time, and in fast and responsive ways.”
  • Our employees are first and foremost dedicated to serve requirements by making an unfailing VALUE STATEMENT commitment to maintain continuous improvements in every aspect of the management of our business. We will be faithful to the concept of teamwork. We will encourage strong interpersonal relationships striving for mutual trust and respect. This will be fostered by a system for quality requiring interdependent cross-functional teams and a spirit of cooperation advanced through cross training, continuous education and a commitment to lean manufacturing principles. We will encourage an inclusive, family oriented management philosophy by sponsoring or supporting activities outside the workplace for both social and charitable causes. An open, flexible management philosophy based on personal integrity will provide opportunities for all employees to participate in fulfilling our short and long-term strategic objectives. Through this participative management process, it is the expectation of the company, and the responsibility of all employees to become fully engaged in the process evolving KomTeK Technologies into a world- class supplier of highly engineered investment castings and closed-die forgings. We are a company that builds and maintains relationships with people and companies who demonstrate an equal commitment to our values. Partnership and strategic alliances with customers and suppliers are another cornerstone of our corporate strategic path. Employees are to be treated and compensated fairly and with respect. The company will strive to provide opportunities for all employees to achieve personal growth through continuous education. By providing outstanding, competitive services and products to our customers, we will generate the necessary profits to perpetuate growth, improve wages and benefits, and provide an appropriate return on investment. 2006
  • At the time Paul Kervick acquired the assets of H.E. Holbrook Drop Forge (HDF) from Harrison Holbrook, Jr. in 1968, the company had 38 employees and sales and revenues of approximately $950,000 a year in carbon, low alloy, and stainless steel forgings to New England manufacturers. HISTORY In 1979 the company doubled its’ forging capacity by building a state of the art facility that met or exceeded all environmental standards for hydrocarbon emissions, noise pollution, vibration abatement, and ventilation for heat stress. KomTeK also incorporated CNC programmable Banning hammers for manufacturing high temperature, super alloys. As a result, KomTeK was the first domestic forge shop to manufacture cobalt-chrome hip prosthetics. KomTeK broke new ground again by acquiring an investment casting research and development facility called Alloys Research Inc. in 1981. The facility was relocated from Bristol, N.H. to Worcester in 1984 and integrated into a new 24,000 Square foot facility that included a new tool and die shop. The company added a new 100 pound vacuum furnace to expand its’ casting capabilities in 1999. This investment allows KomTeK to produce larger equiax vacuum grades of nickel and cobalt alloys. From 1999 to 2001 KomTeK introduced two hybrid proprietary technologies, ComTech Castings® and KomTeK MMC®. Since the Kervick family acquisition; KomTeK Technologies has continuously transformed itself into a respected global producer of highly engineered boutique products for aerospace, medical, commercial petrochemical, and nuclear markets through strategic investments in equipment and material science, its facilities and lean manufacturing practices. 2006
  • Specializes in highly engineered, small, complex components manufactured to tight tolerances. OVERVIEW Produces forgings of up to 30 pounds and investment castings up to 115 lbs. (vacuum) & 50 lbs. (roll over furnaces) First domestic forge facility to produce Cobalt-Chrome hip prosthesis starting in 1979. (Howmedica HD-2) Proprietary processes include Comtech Casting® process, a hybrid processing technique that combines investment casting and closed-die forging technologies. Maintains a state-of-the-art 97,000 square foot manufacturing facility (ISO 9001, AS 9100 REV B and NADCAP certified) located in Worcester, MA. Utilizes Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing 2006
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING INITIATIVES Built on KomTeK Core Competencies •Engineering: Invest in innovative process and product development technologies. •Manufacturing: Implement lean manufacturing to support investments in flexible, rapid response production equipment. •Marketing: Focus on specific worldwide markets that require close tolerance, high quality forged, cast and machined components with high expectations for service. •Relationships: Develop unique opportunities through joint ventures, strategic alliances and close cooperation with customers, suppliers and service providers. •Strategic Direction: Expand KomTeK capabilities to meet the needs of a demanding marketplace. 2006
  • Robert B. Kervick President & CEO Experience: 35 years in manufacturing Education: Babson College: BS Management and Marketing Business Affiliations: Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Trustee- Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation President- Fastcast Consortium with Sandia National Labs Director- Associated Industries Of Massachusetts Director- Massachusetts Manufacturing Partnership Contact Information: Office:508-853-4500 Email: kervickb@komtektech.com 2006
  • Dan Eberly Board Member, COO/CFO Education: Northeastern University: MBA Finance Northeastern University: BA Marketing and Finance Certified Public Accountant, Massachusetts Experience: 35 Years in various manufacturing, distribution and service Businesses President/CEO/COO/CFO & Partner with primary focus on: Business process improvement Cash flow and asset management Information Systems and Knowledge Management Other Accomplishments: Chicago Blackhawks property- 1972 Member of 1972 U.S. Silver Medal Hockey Team Captain- Northeastern University Hockey Team Contact Information: Office:508-853-4500 Email: eberlyd@komtektech.com 2006
  • Deborah Emmons Board Member & Treasury Education: Assumption College: BS Management Worcester Polytechnical Institute: Graduate of the School of Industrial Management Experience: 34 years as Office Manager, Assistant to the President, Cash Management & Treasurer Contact Information: Office: 508-853-4500 (ext 410) Email: emmonsd@komtektech.com 2006
  • Robert McQuade Arther Briggs Plant Manager of Castings and Plant Manager of Forgings Director of Lean Manufacturing Experience: Experience: 25 years related casting and forging experience 30 plus years as hammer operator, Forge Shop Supervisor, Master Scheduler & Education: Manager of Outside Services Worcester Polytechnic Institute School of Industrial Management Apollo Root Cause Analysis Education: United States Marine Corps Leadership School American University Lean Manufacturing Champion $ Training Contact Information: Contact Information: Office: 508-853-4500 (ext 404) Office: 508-853-4500 (ext.442) Email: mcquadeb@KomTeKTech.com Email: BriggsA@KomTeKTech.com 2006
  • KomTeK Technologies’ casting facility began operation in 1984, specializing in the production of nickel and cobalt-based air-melt super alloys. This facility has developed an exceptional reputation and technical CASTINGS expertise in the aerospace and medical prosthetic device markets. The manufacturing process is very closely controlled to achieve consistency. • Temperature and humidity are maintained within 3% in the wax, shell and drying departments. •CAD and solidification software are used in pre-manufacturing development. •To guarantee consistency between heats, only one heat per shell is cast at a time. •We focus on exceptionally high yield per pour instead of maximizing pounds cast per hour. The coordination of these efforts coupled with SPC and CMM guarantee the highest degree of dimensional and metallurgical uniformity part to part. 2006
  • Materials: CASTING CAPABILITY •Tools Steel: H13, D2, A2 •Alloy Steel: 4140, 6150, 8620, 9310 •Stainless Steel:300 series, 400 series, 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH •Nickel and Cobalt Base Alloys: Stellites, Inconels, Hastalloys Typical Product: • Combustion Swirlers • Shroud Segments • Nozzles • Turbine Segments • Medical Implants Processes: •Air-Melt and Vacuum-Melt Capability •+ 3% humidity controls in Wax, Shell and Drying •SPC Controls •CMM Verification 2006
  • KomTeK Technologies’ environmentally approved forging facility (formerly Holbrook Forge Inc.) features direct spring-mounted FORGINGS Banning programmable air hammers to produce close tolerance stainless, aluminum, high temperature, titanium, nickel and cobalt based alloy forgings. Sizes ranging in size from ounces to 30 pounds. KomTeK Technologies is a non-incentive based facility with 90+ employees that can efficiently produce order quantities ranging from 25 pieces to more than 100,000 pieces. Through the use of SPC, coordinate measuring and proper equipment maintenance, we consistently meet our quality objectives. Forgings produced by KomTeK Technologies are used in many diverse applications such as blades & vanes (gas turbine engines); high pressure stainless fittings & valves (petrochemical and semiconductor industries); and hip prosthetics used in total hip replacements. 2006
  • Materials: FORGING CAPABILITY •Carbon & Alloy Steels •Nickel & Cobalt Base Alloys: Monel, Hastalloys, Waspaloy, Inconels •Stainless Steel: 300 series, 400 series, 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 PH, A-286 •Aluminum: 2014, 6061, 7075 •Titanium: 6-4, 604 ELI, 6-2-4-2, 8-1-1, CP Typical Product: •Turbine Blades/ Vanes •Prosthetic Hip Implants •Hydraulic Fittings •High Pressure Valves •Fuel Nozzles, Spray Bars, other Turbine Components •Parachute and Military Cargo Hardware Processes: •(4) Programmable Banning Air Hammers Digital Controls Programmable blow sequences removing operator variability Consistent blow characteristics Accurate impact values •(14) Closed Die Forging Hammers •(1) 300 ton Extrusion Press •(22) Presses from 75 ton- 150 ton •SPC Controls •CMM Verification 2006
  • The Comtech Casting® process is a hybrid processing technique that combines the technologies of investment casting and close-die forging. The end result is a product with forge quality strength and ductility. The finished product is identical to forgings derived from mill wrought raw material. This invention mimics the process used by bar mills to roll ingots into bar. Due to this innovation, KomTeK Technologies is able to offer forged products at significantly reduced prices by bypassing the value added processes incurred by specialty mills to reduce tons of material into small diameter bars. The data presented here reflects results achieved for both the Comtech Casting and KomTeK MMC (metal matrix composite) hybrid forging technologies. These technologies also allow for the "customizing" of alloys for specific applications. The processes represented by this data are applicable to many different alloys and markets applications. The advantages of these hybrid technologies are reduced cost and shorter lead-times.
  • Scope This information is representative of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy high-strength cobalt- chromium- high- forgings for hip prosthesis. The material is comparable to Specification ASTM-F75 and Specification ASTM- F-799. The reported properties are an average of all independent laboratory testing and laboratory represents a minimum of 500 tests. Significance and Use The purpose of this information is to identify a low cost alternative to forged CoCrMo alternative products. Mechanical Requirements The data in Table's I through 4 compares the results of the Comtech Casting to the requirements of ASTM-F75 and F799. Grain sizes are a minimum of five or finer. ASTM- Rationale The Comtech Casting is currently the only alternative to a traditional forged product from forged wrought material. The reported tensile strengths are comparable with the minimum requirements of the wrought and forged specifications ASTM-F1537 and F799. The ASTM- resulting microstructure is far superior in both carbide distribution and grain size. These distribution results were achieved without incorporating hot isostatic pressing or solution annealing. Rotating Fatigue Testing Rotating fatigue cycles average consistently as high as 12 million cycles at 112 KSI. million
  • Scope This information is representative of 22-13-5 stainless steel with 15% AL2O3 content by 22- 13- volume. The material is comparable to ASTM- F1314 (Hot Work). The reported ASTM- properties are random samples from two process lots. Significance and Use The purpose of this information is to identify a significant improvement to standard 22- improvement 22- 13-5 SS in strength and wear resistance and an alternative to forged 316LSS and F-75 13- forged F- cobalt-chrome product. cobalt- Mechanical Requirements Tensile Properties The graphs of physical data compare the results of the 22-13-5 MMC to 22-13-5 forged 22- 13- 22- 13- product and 316L forged product tested to ASTM A 360 and ASTM F1314 F1314 Special Tests Microstructure data is reported for informational purposes. Corrosion testing to ASTM- Corrosion ASTM- A262 Rationale The 22-13-5 MMC is a viable alternative to many cast and forged products currently 22- 13- currently being manufactured. This material offers strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance resistance comparable to materials of much higher cost.
  • ELONGATION % 70 62 61 60 50 40 35 35 30 23 18 20 10 0 316- Forged 12-13-5 MMC 12-13-5 MMC
  • Scope This information is representative of 316L stainless steel with 10% Al2O3 content by volume. The material is comparable to ASTM- A182 316 SS . The reported properties are ASTM- random samples from two process lots. Significance and Use The purpose of this information is to identify a significant improvement to standard 316 improvement SS in strength and wear resistance. Mechanical Requirements Tensile Properties The graphs of physical data compare the results of the 316 MMC to the forged product to tested to ASTM- A182 and QQ-S-763. ASTM - QQ - Special Tests Microstructure data is reported for informational purposes. Corrosion testing to ASTM- Corrosion ASTM- A262. Rationale The 316 MMC is a viable alternative to many cast and forged products currently being products manufactured. This material offers strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance resistance comparable to materials of much higher cost.
  • KSI YEILD STRENGTH 100 94 92.9 90 80 70 60 50 36.9 35.2 40 25 25 30 20 10 0 316- Forged 316 MMC Forge Min
  • Environmental System: ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS The Environmental system starts with approval procedures for all new materials entering our facility. The company maintains a database for all approved materials and requires the approval of Safety, Engineering, and department supervisors for use of any new product. These steps are taken to insure the safety of our employees and compliance to State and Federal regulations. We recognize the cost and liability of toxic chemicals and are committed to their reduction or elimination whenever possible. The company has received the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Governors Award for our efforts in toxic use reductions. As a company we encourage toxic use reduction and promote it as part of our continuous process improvement and waste minimization efforts. The hazardous materials handling, storage and disposal is done in a manner to meet or exceed all state and federal regulations. KomTeK monitors its wastewater holding tank with the help of warning alarms. Procedures are in place to shut down processes to prevent environmental problems. Scrap Handling: Scrap metals generated by forging and investment castings processes are placed in properly marked containers for resale. Production parts deemed scrap are disfigured before discarding and placed in proper scrap containers. 2006
  • Manual System - K9000 (AS 9100 Rev. B/ISO 9001-2000) • Management Responsibility (Ref. Map 5 Quality System Manual K 9000) QUALITY Document Control (Ref. Map 4 Quality System Manual K 9000) • Resource Management (Ref. Map 6 Quality System Manual K 9000) Training • Product Realization (Ref. Map 7 Quality System Manual K 9000) Quote Review ( Ref. SOTOWAR) Quality Planning Customer Communication Manufacturing Process Identification & Traceability Customer Property Product Handling & Preservation Control of Measuring Devices • Measurement Analysis & Improvement (Ref. Map 8 Quality System Manual K 9000) Internal Audit Customer Satisfaction Process Auditing Product inspection & Testing First Article Inspection Control of Nonconformity Data Analysis Improvements 2006
  • REPRESENTATIVE CUSTOMERS Aerospace/Missile Petrochemical & Nuclear •Boeing •Ham-Let •Edo Corporation •Hoke Inc. (Watts Industries) •General Electric Company •Marotta Scientific Controls •Parker Hannifin •Parker Hannifin Fluid Controls •Pratt & Whitney •Rolls-Royce Ltd. •SNECMA Land Based Gas Turbines BIO-MEDICAL •Siemans Westinghouse •Zimmer •TurboCare •DePuy •General Electric 2006