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09  T D A  Rulebook
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09 T D A Rulebook


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1.   2009        3RD    ANNUAL     TOUR DE AETNA  The Official Event Guide | August 14 & 16, 2009 
  • 2.    Tour de Aetna     SDA Cycling presents the… August 14 & 16, 2009   The previous two editions have seen Randy Kelch take the overall title, dominating last year. Will someone step up and take out the champion? Come out for the 3rd annual Tour de Aetna and take your place in TdA history. Stage Day Distance/Description Time Location 1 Friday 26 miles/Mountain TBD Smithsburg HS Courts 2 Friday 6 miles/Time Trial TBD Rt.66/Rt.64 3 Sunday 27 miles/Mountain 8:30 am Mt Aetna School 4 Sunday 20 miles/Flat 10:30 am Mt Aetna School 5 Sunday 9 miles/Flat 1:00 pm Mt Aetna School Totals 2 Days - 5 stages – 88 miles   NOT A RACE In case you did not know, let me start by stating that this event is NOT a start to finish race. It is a recreational ride with a little competition mixed in for fun and points. It does not matter if you beat everyone to the finish line by 5 minutes or 5 feet, you will earn the same amount of points. The object is to ride as a group until the locations where the points are and battle for position and the points. After the line, and where it is safe we will re-group and continue with the ride. This way more people can fight for points and it should make it more fun. It might seem a little boring but we do not want the group to get spread out too much in case of a flat or some other mechanical problem. Each stage will have a specific location where the ‘race’ to the finish line will begin. It will be a safe location and a place where everyone should be together. From that point on it is all out to the finish. SAFETY Safety is, as always, a # 1 priority during these rides. If there is a sprint that is not safe because of traffic or any other issue than those points will be eliminated. We have to be safe. Also, helmets have to worn at all times during the TdA. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 2   
  • 3.    Tour de Aetna     The yellow line rule will be in effect at all times during the sprints and climbs. That means that you must stay on the right side of the road at all times. You cannot cross into the oncoming lane at anytime. We do not need anyone to get hurt for a couple points. Please do not put the safety of yourself or your fellow riders in question. Ride responsibly and at your own risk. DETAILS ABOUT THE COMPETITION In order to earn points and win a competition you must ride in at least three of the five stages. Of course, you have the best chance by attending and riding in all of the stages. Sprint Competition – This competition will test the sprint speed of the riders at specific locations during each route. The top 5 riders will earn points toward the sprint classification. A green ribbon on the seat post will note the leader of this competition for the men and a purple ribbon for the women. Mountain Competition – This competition will test the climbing strength of the riders at specific climbs on the route. The top 5 riders will earn points toward the mountain classification. A red ribbon on the seat post will note the leader of this competition and a blue ribbon for the women. Finish Competition – This is the finish line competition. The first 5 riders across the line will earn points toward the general classification. Overall Competition – This competition will be the total points from all three categories combined. Most points wins! A yellow ribbon on the seat post will note the leader of this competition for the men and a pink ribbon for the women. Also, for each stage you ride you will earn one bonus point. These will also be added into the overall points. For both the sprint and mountain locations the point breakdown for places 1-5 are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. There are a few locations that are worth double points (10, 8, 6, 4, 2). The points for the finish line are also for places 1-5 and are 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 points. Stage 5 finish totals will be 35, 25, 20, 15, and 10 points. Each and every point will be important. The difference between first and second in the first year was just 4 points. Hopefully, each and every sprint line and mountain line will be marked with a line on the road to identify it clearly. The Race to the Finish is the section of each stage where it is all out to the finish line. This will be a location that is listed on the stage details page. Everyone who is riding the Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 3   
  • 4.    Tour de Aetna     stage must be at this location before the stage continues. This location is usually after the last major turn of the route and at a safe location to re-group. By not waiting for everyone there will be point deductions and no points earned for that stage. PENALTY POINT VALUES Crossing Yellow Line 1st Time- warning 2nd Time- 5 points 3rd Time-50 points Unsafe Riding 1st Time- warning 2nd Time- 5 points 3rd Time-50 points Failure to Re-group 1st Time- 15 points 2nd Time- 30 points 3rd Time- DQ There should be no reason to even use this section but it must be listed in case there are any issues. ROUTE CUE SHEETS There will be route cue sheets available before each stage. It is the riders responsibly to know the route, as well as where the sprints and climbs for points are. They will be marked clearly on the sheet. They might be called out during the stage but that should not be expected. 2009 STAGE-BY-STAGE DETAILS Stage Distance Route Link Stage 1 26.2 miles Stage 2 6.0 miles Stage 3 27.0 miles Stage 4 20.0 miles Stage 5 9.1 miles Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 4   
  • 5.    Tour de Aetna     Stage 1 – Friday, August 14, 2009 26.2 miles Road Ride The beginning of the ’09 event will begin in Smithsburg. It will start at the Smithsburg High School tennis courts parking lot. The route will go up Leathers Road and then up to Pen Mar and fly down Ritchie Road before crossing the S/F line for a loop through Smithsburg and back for the finish. With KOM locations this will be a good opportunity for the climbers to get maximum points and take an early lead of the TdA. Sprint Mountain Fruit Tree Dr (near barn) Leathers Road (at Jaques Ln.) Start/Finish line (1st time past) *Pen Mar (stop sign by park) Finish Line Rt. 491 (Wash/Fred county line) Race-to-Finish After everyone is safely past the traffic light at the ‘square’ in Smithsburg. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 5   
  • 6.    Tour de Aetna     Stage 2 – Friday, August 14, 2009 6 miles Time Trial Also on Friday we will have a time trial stage on Rt. 64. The start line will be on Rt. 64 near the Food Lion entrance. It is basically an out and back route. Fastest time wins the stage. Sprint Mountain No points available No points available Race-to-Finish At the starting line, ride hard the whole time. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 6   
  • 7.    Tour de Aetna     Stage 3 – Sunday, August 16, 2009 27 miles Road Ride The first stage on Sunday traditionally takes everyone up the hated and famed Wolfsville Road. This year is not different but the riders will have a little detour before the climbing starts. With 2 KOM’s and 3 Sprints there are a lot of points up for grabs. Sprint Mountain Old Forge Elem School *Wolfsville Road (stop sign) Wolfsville Elem School Rt 40 (at I-70 bridge) Black Rock Road (I-70 overpass) Race-to-Finish After everyone is safely on Stottlemeyer Road, by Family Rec. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 7   
  • 8.    Tour de Aetna     Stage 4 – Sunday, August 16, 2009 20 miles Road Ride The second stage on Sunday is a pretty flat route, some rollers, but mostly for the sprinters. That is until the last few miles of the route. The 3 miles are pretty tough. There are three sprint locations and two mountain points on this route. The mountain point locations are not that difficult but come at the end of the stage. This stage is for the sprinters for the stage points but for the climbers finish line. Sprint Mountain Black Rock Road (I-70 underpass) Mt Aetna Road (after stair steps) Beaver Creeks Church Road (TBD) Mt Aetna Road (right before finish) White Hall Road (Chewsville Community Cntr) Race-to-Finish After everyone is safely on Mt Aetna Road. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 8   
  • 9.    Tour de Aetna     Stage 5 – Sunday, August 16, 2009 9 miles Road Ride The traditional final stage will take the riders on a nice short loop out Crystal Falls Dr and looping around Greenbrier Rd and back via Stottlemeyer Road for the finale. All point locations will be worth double points. The event could just come down to this stage. It did in 2007! Sprint Mountain *Crystal Falls Dr (I-70 underpass) *Black Rock Road (Black Rock Church) *Black Rock Road (I-70 underpass) Race-to-Finish After everyone is safely on Stottlemeyer Road, by Family Rec. Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 9   
  • 10.    Tour de Aetna     MORE INFORMATION For more information visit or email 2007 RESULTS Sprint Mountain Overall 1 Matt Hickman 26 points Randy Kelch 28 points Randy Kelch 112 points 2 Randy Kelch 24 points Matt Hickman 22 points Matt Hickman 108 points 3 Roger Byrd 2 points Roger Byrd 1 point Roger Byrd 11 points Note: There were finish line points available as well, but are not listed in this table. 2008 RESULTS Sprint Mountain Overall 1 Randy Kelch 39 points Randy Kelch 65 points Randy Kelch 168 points 2 Matt Hickman 36 points Jairo Flores 41points Matt Hickman 106 points 3 Nick Bejarano 10 points Matt Hickman 33 points Jairo Flores 76 points 4 Jairo Flores 9 points Nick Bejarano 27 points Nick Bejarano 57 points 5 Mike Upson 8 points Mike Upson 20 points Mike Upson 41 points Note: There were finish line points available as well, but are not listed in this table.     Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 10   
  • 11.    Tour de Aetna     TOUR DE AETNA RECORDS & HISTORY Sprint Finish Stage Wins 1) Randy Kelch - 63 pts 1) Randy Kelch - 120 pts 1) Randy Kelch - 6 stages 2) Matt Hickman - 62 pts 2) Matt Hickman - 93 pts 2) Matt Hickman - 2 stages 3) Nick Bejarano - 10 pts 3) Nick Bejarano - 18 pts 4) Jairo Flores - 9 pts 4)Jairo Flores - 14 pts 5) Mike Upson - 8 pts 5) Mike Upson - 12 pts Stages Ridden 6) Roger Byrd - 2 pts 6) Roger Byrd - 7 pts 1) Randy Kelch - 8 stages 1) Matt Hickman - 8 stages Mountain Overall 3) Nick Bejarano - 3 stages 1) Randy Kelch - 93 pts 1) Randy Kelch - 270 pts 3) Jairo Flores - 3 stages 2) Matt Hickman - 55 pts 2) Matt Hickman - 214 pts 5) Roger Byrd - 1 stage 3) Jairo Flores - 41 pts 3) Jairo Flores - 76 pts 5) Mike Upson - 1 stage 4) Nick Bejarano - 27 pts 4) Nick Bejarano - 57 pts 5) Mike Upson - 20 pts 5) Mike Upson - 41 pts 6) Roger Byrd - 1 pt 6) Roger Byrd - 11 pts   Can you defeat the Champ?  Page 11