Make Social Media Work For You


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Make Social Media Work For You

  1. 1. Click Here to FollowWith YourSmartphone! MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. Women In Ag Conference - Caddo Kiowa Technology Center November 10, 2011
  2. 2. Show of Hands Survey How Comfortable Are You With Social Media? I Use SM Personally I E-Mail – But But Haven’t I Have An SM I LOVE E-No E-Mail SM Is Too Figured It Profile But Tools andDEFINITELY “Out-There” Out For My Haven’t Done Use Them No SM For Me Business Much With It Effectively
  3. 3. What We DON’T Want.No plan, halfway filled out profiles, lost customers, waste of time, waste of energyand a frustrated business owner…
  4. 4. Create YOUR Specific Strategy• Identify: Your Objectives• Identify: Your Audience – The Target Audience You Wish to Grow – Your Strong Supporters/Friends/Family – Your Stakeholders• Identify: Calls to Action• Identify: Benchmarks – When Will You Feel Successful?• Identify: Keywords (AND USE THEM) – SEO• How will you measure success? – Followers – Visits – Return on Conversation?• Best Tools For You
  5. 5. Objectives: What Are YOUR Goals?Some objectives may be: Brand Awareness Credibility Drive Traffic to Website Product Sales SOCIAL LISTENING – Often neglected Location Product Service Prospective Customers USEFUL TOOL:
  6. 6. SoMeFACTS• The number of people visiting SM sites has increased 24% over this time last year.• SM Usage by Small Business has DOUBLED from last year – >75% use it• Almost ONE-HALF of Small Businesses have successfully connected with NEW customers through Social Networks• 51% of Facebook Users & 64% of Twitter Users are More Likely To Purchase Brands They Follow
  7. 7. STEP 1: GET ON THE BANDWAGONIntegrate Social Media
  8. 8. WHY INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA?Websites aren’t enough anymore…
  9. 9. Website.101• Should be the HUB of all YOUR marketing – Print & Electronic!• Should be your 24/7/365 Sales Tool• Should be: – Relevant - Fresh – Up To Date – Informative on your topic – Able to be Shared • More Sharing = MORE EYEBALLS on your product! • USEFUL TOOL: or – Constantly Monitored – Analytics!
  10. 10. WHY ??• People on Facebook – 800+ Million Users – 50% Log On At Least Once Per Day – Average User has 130 Friends• Activity on Facebook – 900+ Million Objects To Interact With – Average User is Connected to 80+ Pages, Groups or Events – More than 250 MILLION Photos Uploaded DAILY – Over 350 Million Users Access Their Account on a Mobile Device
  11. 11. FEATURES• Insights – Analytics & Demographic Information on Every Post• Advertising – Very Targeted “Pay-Per-Click” Marketing• Link to Other Fan Pages as “Favorites” – Other Local Products – Other Local Opportunities – Community Pages – Organizations Your Company Supports• It Matters in SEO
  12. 12. What’s SEO?
  14. 14. Building Profiles = Building Credibility• Education & Expertise• Testimonials or Clients You Have Worked With• Link / Address to Other SM You Use• Link / Address to Website• SlideShare Link• Groups Of Which You Are A Member• Upcoming Events – ALWAYS Updated!
  15. 15. Don’t Neglect  YouTube• Be the Expert• Take Short Videos of What You flickr Do, How You Do It, People • Pictures Say A Thousand Enjoying What You’ve Done Words• Upload and EMBED• 24 hours of video uploaded • Post Pictures of: every MINUTE – Products• Average User Spends 15 minute – People Enjoying Products or PER DAY on YouTube Events• YouTube EXCEEDS 2 BILLION – Successful Events views per day – Nearly Double – People, People, People!! the prime-time audience of all 3 major networks. END RESULT: More Pingbacks to Your Website = Higher SEO
  16. 16. Where Does Twitter Fit In?• Share Links to USEFUL Information – DO NOT share trite/worn out/blast type info• Share Event Information• Share Success or Celebrate Events• Share “Specials” – Twitter Only Coupons – Twitter Only Sales• Followers – Quality Over Quantity – Beware of SPAMMERS – Someone who is following LOTS of people with very few followers themselves.
  17. 17. Make Your Twitter Profile Unique Create A Custom Background
  18. 18. How To Create a Custom Background1. Create a Twitter account. If you havent gotten around to signing up for Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? Go to and sign up for an account.2. Decide what type of image you want to portray. Part of the difficulty in setting the correct background is deciding what you want your Twitter page design to say about you. Many folks take any image or graphic and upload it to their Twitter account without much thought. Take some time to come up with something that speaks of your style, taste and personality.3. Consider the screen real estate. The important information to be viewed on Twitter occurs in the center of the page. No matter how many images or sayings you have on your background, the center of the screen belongs to Twitter. Therefore you have to create a background that gives Twitter center stage.4. Go large. Larger images and/or graphics reduce the necessity for tiling an image. It gives the appearance of one large background specifically made for Twitter. Try starting with an image as large as 1600 x 1200.
  19. 19. How To Create a Custom Background5. Remember that all screen resolutions are not the same. The smaller the screen resolution, the lower the likelihood of your image will have to repeat. In other words, if you elect to use an image that has a flower located to the extreme left of the screen, on a lower resolution screen (800 x 600 for instance), the flower displays once. A screen with a resolution of say 2048 x 1536, the flower will display tiled on the screen several times.6. Think about using a border. When creating an image, remember that a small portion of the top of the screen is dedicated to the Twitter logo and user navigation. Its a little easier on the eyes if the design included a boarder over which the Twitter logo and navigation could sit without having to fight against a busy background.7. Upload your image to Twitter. Once youve played around with the image, upload it to Twitter to see how it looks. Log onto your account. Click "Design" found under the "Settings" tab. Once on the design screen click "change background image." Once you upload your image, check it out to see if you like it. If you dont you can change it or use one of the Twitter default images until you come up with something you like.
  20. 20. TWEET-TIPAlthough you’re allowed 140 characters in any tweet, try to keep themunder 120… 140 On The Money – But That’s Good InfoWhy? That SHOULD Be Shared With My Followers But Look What Happens When I Try To RT To My Friend - @SoldOnShawnee (+14 Characters)… Do YOU think that tweet was RT’d? By limiting yourself to 120 characters, you make it EASY for people to share your great information…
  21. 21. Just Like You Hang a Sign to Tell the Neighborhood You’re OPENMake Sure Your Customers Know You Are Online – Make it Easy to Find YouProvide the Address to Your Profile in Multiple LocationsCreate Unique URL’sUse QR Codes
  22. 22. WHAT’S A QR CODE?Connect Print Media to Electronic, Traceable ResourcesUse for Sales, Product Information, Or to Make Connections to Social Media
  24. 24. Consider Sharing Your Wisdom - BLOG• Small Businesses That Blog See 55% More Visitors to Their Website• They See 97% More Link Backs to Their Website – SEO!• 434% More Indexed Pages – SEO! SEO!!• BUT…. – It’s Not For Everyone – Do You Have Something To Write About More Than Once? If Not, Maybe Occasional Press Releases Are Better – Consistency is Rewarded by SE and Builds Trust With Customers, if You Can’t be Consistent – Don’t Bother
  25. 25. Info is Good – Traceable Data is BETTER• USEFUL TOOLS: to Determine Your SM Effectiveness – Google Analytics (FREE!) – • (Shorten Your URL’s for Twitter Usage, then track the clicks!) – FaceBook Insights –
  26. 26. BEWARE: Timing is EVERYTHINGInteract Often with your Customers / Fan Base / Followers
  27. 27. SoMeRules!1. Ignore Nothing! - #ReputationMonitoring2. Commit! – AT LEAST 10 minutes per day – USEFUL TOOL: Ping.fm3. Update! – If it’s not fresh, IT STINKS4. Separate! – Personal vs. Professional5. It’s NOT All About You!!!
  28. 28. Sources• Social Media Image - Social-Media-Marketing.jpg• Mark James – - social-media0311final2• Social Media Bandwagon -• Share Buttons -• Social Media Facts –• Facebook Facts –• Website Hub –• Social Media Images - icons.jpg?o=70• Kim Dean Art -!/kimdeanart• YouTube Facts -• How To Create A Custom Twitter BackGround -• Blogging Facts - Businesses-That-Blog-Get-55-More-Website-Visitors.aspx•
  29. 29. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU!!QUESTIONS?COMMENTS? Connect with Me! Rachael K. Geiger 405.556.1167 @RKBGeiger