Plan bengaluru 2020


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Plan bengaluru 2020

  1. 1. Why PlanBengaluru?A regional vision for a large, vibrant area8000 square kilometer BMR, rapid growth, globally linked economy,changing profile of neighbourhoods, lifestyles, and jobs.Blue Print for Integrated development, Investment andCoordinated administrationBringing together related roles that are now distributed across differentdepartments. Also ensuring that ideas and work are complementary.Citizen-centric governance and developmentEnsuring that the people have a strong voice in shaping the future of theirNeighbourhoods, Wards and the city, according to their aspirations.
  2. 2. A broad range of issues that impact on City, Ward, Neighbourhood - Governance - Health - Traffic and Transport - Education - Water - Heritage - Sanitation - Power - Waste Management - City Facilities - Environment - Housing - Lakes - Security - Tourism - Urban Poor
  3. 3. Government – by and for the people• Creating and institutionalising more fora for citizens’ views• Encouraging debate and discussion• Decentralising decisions and choices• Strengthening executive leadership and democracy
  4. 4. What does this mean for you? Aligning politics around issues Your corporator and ward committee members should be allied to the same goals. This can only be achieved if you elect both of them! If you elect one and the rest are nominated with opposing views, no progress can be made.Ward Committee Your ward councillor Your elected neighbourhood representatives =
  5. 5. What does this mean for you?Legally binding, local controlNeighbourhood and ward committees will be able to set priorities fordevelopment in their area, and oversee the work of those who carry outdevelopment projects in their wards. Who built this road? At what cost?
  6. 6. What does this mean for you?Retaining the local character and flavourEvery community has its own history, and reasons why people wereattracted to living there. By local empowerment, you will have the rightto shape development in a way that reinforces the aspects that attractedyou, and stop those aspects that you don’t like. What route should this bus run?
  7. 7. Near- to medium term solutionsDeliver sustainably high quality Public Services  Poor data  Silos in government  Lack of funds  Slow to adopt new technologies  Manpower issues (skills, quantity, salaries)  Some services inaccessible to citizensIdentify quickly implementable solutions • Tighter coordination between departments (Roads and Traffic) • Collect data regularly (Health, Traffic, Water) • Bring most services to ward level (BBMP 1) • Put emerging technologies to use in government
  8. 8. Annual review and Assessment of progress  Using PlanBengaluru 2020 as a framework  An Annual State of the City / Ward report card / Conference  Setting specific targets for unachieved goals
  9. 9. PlanBengaluru – The way forwardCollaborate to develop new versions regularly- Research and development in formal institutions- Civic platforms for local knowledge and decisions- Creative citizen-led new ideas and experiments- Information and deliberation platforms (govt. as well as NGO)The goal for PlanBengaluru- Be an evolving, permanent repository of ideas and aspirations- Help link ideas to actions and outcomes- Contribute to making Bangalore a truly world-class city