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Mdatf overview

  1. 1. Mahadevapura Development Agenda Task Force Supported by Shri Aravind Limbavalli, Minister and MLA Mahadevapura In partnership with1
  2. 2. Background Change India is a movement founded by R.K. Misra, winner of Lead India Mission of Change India is “To encourage all citizens to participate in Nation Building by working WITH the government to improve quality of life of the citizens.” MDATF is a Change India initiative for development of Mahadevapura in partnership with its MLA, Shri. Aravind Limbavalli and various government bodies such as BDA, BBMP, Traffic, Education, BWSSB,BESCOM etc.2
  3. 3. Mahadevapura As of 2001 Mahadevapura had a population of 135,597 Average literacy rate of 73%, higher than the national avg of 59.5% Male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 66% Self sustaining Eco-System Residential accommodation available in plenty, apartments & Gated communities Has good health care facilities and super specialty hospitals Excellent schools both government and private including international schools Commercial centers - Hotels, Malls & Shopping centers Railway station, Metro (planned), CONCOR & Regional Transport Center (planned) Spiritual wellness – Satya Sri Sai Baba & Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashrams An Industrial Hub – Mix of Old & New Industries Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, Geers & Pinions, Jaico, United Telecom, IFB & Bhoruka ITPL, GE, SAP, iGate, Tesco, Aviva, TCS, Wipro GE, Cambridge etc.3
  4. 4. Mahadevapura - Shortcomings Poor Road connectivity to City & Airport Essential to maintain industrial growth Essential to prevent migration of industry to North Bangalore Lack of Civic Infrastructure Internal roads, Street Lights & Footpaths BWSSB Water Supply & Sewage systems Parks & Playgrounds Environment & Culture Preservation of lakes and local ecosystems Cultural center for development of arts and crafts Inadequate infrastructure for Primary education! Directly impacting drop out rates Girl student dropout rates excacerbated owing to lack of toilet44 facilities!
  5. 5. Development Agenda – Roads &Traffic KR Puram RS Kadugodi ROB Rajmane Jn Hoodi Jn Hope Farm JnBeniganahalli ROB EPIP Jn Text Kundanahalli Jn Varthur Kodi Jn Marthahalli ORR 5
  6. 6. Development Agenda -Current Projects Roads and Bridges (Immediate) Kadugodi ROB Beniganahalli RUB Marthahalli ORR Junction to be made Signal Free Asphalting Internal Roads in Villages & Towns Improvement of junctions at Kundanahalli, EPIP, Rajmane, Hoodi, Hope Farm & Varthur Kodi Street lights and bus shelters Metro and Elevated Corridor (Medium term) Immediate extension of Metro to Kadugodi Elevated road on ORR from Silk Board to Hebbal via KR Puram Elevated Road - North-East Corridor66
  7. 7. Development Agenda -Current Projects Water, Sanitation and Environment BWSSB Supply needs to be expedited Solid waste Management Lake Preservation and use as Water Source Environment & Tree Plantation Culture & Sports Public Library Rangamandira (Cultural Center) Sports Complex Education Improve infrastructure in Government schools providing additional rooms toilet facilities temporary “tent-schools” for children of migrant worker Vocational training77
  8. 8. How Industry can help PPP - Govt reaching out to private enterprise through our facilitation Govt funding situation necessitates PPP for successful execution Government will drive infrastructure, clearances and procedural protocols Government seeks industry support to supplement its efforts in improving infrastructure for Primary Education and Vocational training MDATF to provide the umbrella for govt to reach industry MDATF facilitates and monitors on a continual basis Provide transaprency in expenditure and execution remove procedural hurdles of dealing with govt connect Private industry (CSR programs etc) directly to need!8
  9. 9. Mahadevapura Development Agenda Task Force Primary School Development How Industry Can Help9
  10. 10. Overview Bangalore South District has a total of 332 schools Mahadevapura which is part of Bangalore South District has 152 schools Govt. Lower Primary Schools 70 (Grade 1-5) Govt. Higher Primary Schools 69 (Grade 1-7) Govt High schools-13 (Grade 8-10)10
  11. 11. Issues and challenges Severe shortage of infrastructure Funding available for only 17 class rooms against requirement of 150+ Immediate requirement for temporary shelters as classrooms for children of migrant workers Water Facilities: 8 schools have no water supply. Borewells are preferred Toilets: are non-existent in most schools and some have toilets but no water severly impacts attendance of girl students! Compound walls: Absence of walls is resulting in encroachment of land and security hazards for both students and teachers Furniture: Most classrooms do not have desks and chairs12 Computers
  12. 12. How we can help our community Contribution from Corporates, HNI’s and others for Construction of 25 classrooms in 10 schools in the first phase Construction of toilets in selected schools Construction of temporary class rooms (tent-schools) for children of migrant workers Funding for furniture and equipment for class rooms13
  13. 13. Process Sahyog a trust of the Change India movement has entered into an MOU with Dept. of Public Instruction (GoK) for improvement of schools in Mahadevapura Corporation/HNI can deal directly with Sahyog to identify a Plan of Action for a specific school “Change India volunteers will facilitate and coordinate interaction between Donor and Education department for implementation of the Plan of Action” Monies used to Build class rooms/toilets/shelters or provide furniture as required by selected school14
  14. 14. Requirements Summary Teachers Class Rooms Toilets Needed Teach:St Class:StudS. No School Name Grades Children Current Needed udent Current Needed ent Boys Girls1 Halanayakana Halli 1-5 66 2 0 1:33 2 1 1:322 Dodagubbi 1-7 157 6 1:30 5 3 1:303 Bileshivale 1-7 210 5 2 1:30 6 2 1:35 2 24 Sorahunase 1-7 128 6 0 1:22 8 1 1:165 Gandhipura 1-7 247 7 0 1:32 6 2 1:416 Yarapanahalli 1-8 187 6 0 1:31 8 2 1:237 Belathuru 1-7 222 5 2 1:44 6 2 1:378 Garudacharpalya 1-7 472 12 0 1:39 11 4 1:42 4 49 Hoodi 8-10 493 9 3 1:54 9 5 1:5410 Kadugodi 8-10 132 7 1 1:18 12 3 1:45 4 4Total 65 8 0 73 25 0 10 10 14
  15. 15. Tent School Schools for children of migratory workers RequiretTemporary Shelters to be set up Cost under Rs. 35,000.00 Immediate need in Mahadevapura15
  16. 16. Class Room Details 30x30 ft Cost of construction: approx Rs. 6,00,000 Cost of furnishing: approx Rs. 1,00,00022
  17. 17. Toilet Plan Approx cost of construction: Rs. 3,00,00023
  18. 18. Belathuru Requires demolition of existing structure Construction of 2 classrooms Repair of 4 toilets15
  19. 19. Ghandipura Number enrolled: 230 1 building (2 rooms) to be demolished and replaced 2 rooms started under Sarva shiksha Abhiyaan, incomplete due to shortage of funds Library room Only 2 toilets at present. Additional toilets are required19
  20. 20. Hoodi High school: Number enrolled:520 and P.U.C 414 (2 shifts) Need 5 rooms Water connection in existing 6 toilets Drinking water Science lab for P.U.C20
  21. 21. Kadugodi High school enrolled: 560 and P.U.C Repairs needed in the school building Library Lab Computer room Construction stopped for 2 rooms due to shortage of funds Toilets incomplete-4 Proper compound wall21
  22. 22. Sorahunase Being developed as a model school in the Mahadevpura district Need 2 rooms for library and computer lab22
  23. 23. Contact Information Dr. Anand Anandkumar Managing Director, Magma Design Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: 98 451 88972 Mrs. Sanika Chandran Counselling Psychologist Mobile: 99 800 41642 Email: Mr. Vinod Chandran Managing Director, Livewire Mobile Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: 99 800 84663 Email: vinod@chandrans.com23
  24. 24. Mahadevapura Development Agenda Task Force Thank You25
  25. 25. Overview Enrollment Govt. Primary Schools-23,639 Govt. aided schools-2553 Unaided schools-35,204 Total number of children-61,396 Teachers Govt. teachers-529 Aided school teachers-154 Unaided-unlimited Supplies provided by Govt. Uniforms for all children from grades 1-10 Text Books Notebooks Mid-day meals sponsored by ISKCON, Sathya Sai and NGOs School Bags Children belonging to “Below poverty line” card holders are given bicycles from grade 811
  26. 26. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan A program funded by both center and state governments. Its objectives are: Universalization of primary education from age 6-14 years Retention of students Teacher training and improvement of teacher efficiency2619