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  • Because injury and death effect more than just you.
  • Every company working employees today has some sort of safety program and the insurance companies reward those companies that have successful programs.
  • You are the one that is primarily responsible for your safety, not the foreman or boss. Know your work zone and the hazards that exist in it.
  • Rain falls and mud flies, snow and ice also occur during winter, these conditions demand for you to be extra cautiou,s because water and steel become very slippery in these conditions.
  • All construction equipment has limited visibility “blind spots” so a complete walk around is vitally important to ensure there are no obstacles around or under the machine prior to start-up.
  • When checking dipsticks it is very important to pull the dipstick wipe it clean then re-insert and pull again to check fluid level. Note some systems require a engine running check for proper fluid level.
  • Most every piece of equipment uses hydraulics to move attachments, this hydraulic system needs to be warmed-up prior to operation.
  • The neutral safety lock should be engaged prior to shutting the machine down.
  • Idling for at least 5 minutes will help to cool the exhaust temperature in the turbo-charger and keep oil flowing to the turbo bearing which continues to spin even after shut down.
  • Note some machines are equipped with electronic fuel shut-off and the engine stops when the key is turned off, just remember to keep the throttle position set to a low idle.
  • There can be a problem with the throttle cable or linkage freezing during severe cold weather preventing the machine from starting, but if you reset the throttle position to a low idle the machine will start and warm-up normally.


  • 1. HEOP - 1102
    Preventive Maintenance
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 2. Equipment Types
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 3. Overview
    Checklist for Safety
    Proper Mounting and Dismounting
    Checklists for Pre-Start
    Start-up and Shut-down
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 4. Why Safety?
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 5. BECAUSE
    Safety is the #1 Goal
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 6. AND
    Safety starts with YOU!
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 7. Personal Safety Gear
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 8. Personal Gear Check
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 9. Always use the 3 point method
    Two hands /One foot, Two feet /One hand
    Alwaysuse the Handrails and Steps
    Mounting and Dismounting
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 10. Mounting and Dismounting
    No Jumping
    Keep steps clean
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 11. Mounting and Dismounting
    Keep Steps free of mud and debris and Handrails dry
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 12. Daily Pre-Start Checks
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 13. Look For Problems
    Visual Inspection
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 14. Pre-Start Visual Checklist
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 15. Fluids
    Life Blood
    Check it!
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 16. Pre-Start Fluid Checklist
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 17. Pre-Start Cleaning
    KeepYourSpace Clean!
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 18. Pre-Start Checklist
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 19. Starting
    Set the throttle to 1/3 orLow Idle
    Engage Park Brake and Gear Selector to Neutral
    Start the Engine
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 20. Warm-up
    Let the Engine warm-up about 5 minutes
    IfOutsideTemperature warmer<450
    IfOutside Temperature colder>450
    Warm-up 10 minutes or longer
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 21. Shut Down
    Ground All Attachments
    Engage Park Brake / Neutral
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 22. Shut Down
    Set to Low Idle for 5 min
    Turn Off All Lights and Accessories
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 23. Shut Down
    TurnOffand Remove Key
    Move Throttle to Off until engine Stops
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 24. Shut Down
    Re-Set Throttle to Low Idle Position when Temperature is >320
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 25. Mounting and Dismounting
    Secure the Cab
    Dismount Safely
    Created by Raphael Snell
  • 26. Questions?
    A Photo of my Hitachi ZX450. (resemblance)
    Created by Raphael Snell