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  • 1. Stuck on Earth<br />
    • Where is Tom Filber sitting when Ketchvar III invades his body?
    • 2. Sitting in a classroom daydreaming
    • 3. Sitting on his porch eating chips
    • 4. Sitting at a basketball game drinking a soda
    • 5. Sitting at the movies eating popcorn
    • 6. What animal does Ketchvar III resemble on earth?
    • 7. Snail
    • 8. Tick
    • 9. Worm
    • 10. Small dog
    • 11. When Ketchvar III invades Tom’s body and becomes Tom, what happens to Tom’s consciousness?
    • 12. It is transported to the planet Sandoval
    • 13. It is disintegrated with a Gagnerian Death Ray
    • 14. It is trapped in a Ragwellian Bubble
    • 15. It is transported to his sister’s brain
    • 16. What happens to Michelle, Tom’s next door neighbor, when the science class dissects a snail?
    • 17. She falls in love with Tom
    • 18. She is fascinated with the dissection.
    • 19. She asks to be excused because she is feeling ill
    • 20. Tom becomes ill and throws up on her shoes
    • 21. What is the best way to describe Tom’s relationship with his sister?
    • 22. She admires him and listens to his ideas
    • 23. She treats him badly and makes his life miserable
    • 24. She finds him funny and laughs at his jokes
    • 25. She goes out of her way to help him
    • 26. What club does Tom decide to join after Ketchvar invades his brain?
    • 27. Teen Green Team
    • 28. Chess club
    • 29. Wizards and Goblins club
    • 30. The school newspaper and become a reporter
    • 31. What do some of the students at Tom’s school call him?
    • 32. Ticker
    • 33. Shorty
    • 34. Alien
    • 35. Long
    • 36. What is happening to the river in Tom’s hometown?
    • 37. It is being polluted
    • 38. It is the place where most kids go to swim
    • 39. A dam is being built to control flooding
    • 40. It is being cleaned up in preparation for the yearly boat race
    • 41. What do Tom and Michelle do at the paint factory?
    • 42. They interview the owner for the school newspaper
    • 43. They break into the factory to expose the dumping of harmful chemicals
    • 44. They get part time jobs to help out their families
    • 45. They speak to the owner to get a job for Tom’s father
    • 46. How would you describe the relationship between Tom and Michelle after Ketchvar III leaves his body and heads back to the planet Sandoval?
    • 47. They become enemies
    • 48. They become friends
    • 49. They plan to get married
    • 50. Michelle dislikes Tom, but Tom is in love with Michelle