Library Website Evaluation Artifact


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Library Website Evaluation Artifact

  1. 1. Questions to address(Not in any particular order of relevance)Champion High SchoolBoerne, TX, High school library Boerne Middle School NorthBoerne, TXWho is the school librarian? Jeanne PippinKim KneifIs there a way to contact the school librarian?YesEmail, and phone numberYesEmail and phone numberIs there reference services offered via the Web site beyond the school day?YesYesDoes the site appear to be maintained and is it current?YesYesHow many additional Web pages are there for this site? What are their titles?3 Web pages: Book Reviews, Champion Library Online Resources, Recreational Websites6 web pages: Book Club, National History Day, Policies and Procedures, Research, Mission StatementIs there uniformity for the site as you navigate among the pages?YesYesWhat are the colors and theme for the site? Is it what visually attracts you to the page? If not, what does?Blue and White. These are the school colors. The site is visually appealingPurple and White. These are the school colors. The site is visually appealingIs this site accessible to all readers, including those with visual, hearing, or other needs and concerns?No. There is no audio.No. There is no audio.Does this site include current news concerning the school library?NoNoHow are book reviews presented? Are there recent postings?Yes. Book reviews are presented by genreYes. Links to different websites are provided that provide booklistsAre there ties to other libraries within the community or district? If so, which ones?Yes. Boerne Public LibrartNoHow is the school’s curriculum tied into this site?A faculty and staff link is provided on the library webpage. From there you can find additional information.A faculty and staff link is on the library webpage. From there you can find additional informationAre teachers featured in the library site, such as recommended reading, homework helps, etc.?Yes. They are easily accessed through the faculty and staff linkYes. They are easily accessed through the faculty and staff linkIs current school news included at this site? NoNoIs there a virtual library tour posted?NoNoAre the library’s hours of operation and location posted?YesYesAre you able to read about the library’s policy?NoYesIs there an Intellectual Freedom Statement included at the site?NoNoIs there a professional development or teacher resource section?NoNoIs there access to the online databases?YesYesIs there a readers’ advisory page?YesYesWhat school groups are represented at the site?NoneBookclubSki/Snowboard clubIs there a parent page of information?Not on library page. Only on the school home pageNot on library page. Only on the school home pageIs the online catalog accessible on the home page? If so, how?Yes. Hyperlinked by clicking on Athena Yes. Hyperlinked by clicking on AthenaOther aspects that you found important and want to note here:I expected to find the AUP policy on the library page but it was not available. This site is missing many important components to include: current news, intellectual freedom statement, and library policiesI expected to find the AUP policy on the library webpage. Middle school included information not found on the high school page, but lacked current news and intellectual freedom statement, After completing this table for the site, add a comment about your thoughts and reflections about the site as you view it now. Has your opinion altered in any way?Overall, this is a good library website, but it needs to upgrade its information. The online databases and other resources were good, however, the site needs more detailed informationOverall, a visually appealing site, but it does need more information. Easy to access online databases and Athena. However, the site needs more detailed information.Of the two sites, what are the highlights for each site as compared to the other? Why?I preferred the Cleburne High School website. The website had more information and was easily accessible. It has been my experience that high school websites are more detailed than elementary sites, but not always. Although Cleburne HS is missing some accessibility features it is overall an east to use and information filled resource.I preferred the Middle school website. The site had its mission statement posted and its policies and procedures. The site was also more visually appealing. I enjoyed the excerpts on the bookclub. The high school site had no groups represented<br />