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Overview of workplace investigations.

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Workplace Investigations - Threat Management And Protection, Inc.

  1. 1. WORKPLACEINVESTIGATIONS<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  2. 2. ACCIDENTINVESTIGATIONS<br />When a serious workplace accident occurs, it's imperative that employers retain an independent firm to conduct a prompt and thorough workplace investigation. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can aggravate the problem and increase your potential liability.<br />Investigators must not only understand OSHA issues and employment law, but be expert in gathering evidence, conducting investigations and interviewing employees , victims, witnesses and collateral third parties.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  3. 3. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS(Workplace Litigation Support)<br />One small piece of information can be the difference between winning and losing a case. Investigators must provide timely and accurate information, expert analysis and the ability to deliver winning results when others cannot. Investigators are required to supply litigation support & document retrieval and a wide range of services to help lawyers & law firms prepare for litigation. <br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  4. 4. COMPUTERFORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS<br />Your Computer Forensics team must be competent at recovering deleted text files (documents), graphics (pictures), and all electronically stored information (ESI), and the date codes on all files (when Created, Modified, or Last Accessed). Other areas of expertise must include E-Mail recovery, extraction, de-duplication, and production in a readable format, including attachments and timelines, URL (Internet) activity, websites visited, timelines, downloads, and manipulation of data. Generally the type of investigations involve Intellectual property cases; family law; employment law, probate resolution; asset verification; criminal law (prosecution or defense); litigation support, and trial preparation. Investigators must be experienced expert witnesses, and present their findings with professional courtroom displays.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  5. 5. COVERTSURVEILLANCE INVESTIGATIONS<br />Surveillance, when conducted properly in compliance with the law is an excellent source of information gathering in support of a workplace investigation. Your surveillance teams must be expert in gathering critical information and documenting in with still photography or video cameras. Surveillance may also be used as part of the OSHA mandated safe workplace , in conjunction with security teams in Workplace Violence Investigations and Crisis Response.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  6. 6. DUE DILIGENCE<br />Bringing a new business relationship into the workplace requires a due diligence investigation. Ensuring the prospective partner has the capabilities, requisite stability, clear background and solvency is critical to the continued success of the workplace and life of the business. Failure to invest in due diligence can result in a catastrophic business failure.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  7. 7. FRAUD & EMBEZZLEMENT INVESTIGATIONS<br />Fraud, financial irregularities, employee and commercial disputes are some of the most complex and challenging issues facing business today. They can result in major financial damage, as well as serious reputational and regulatory risks. Investigators must be able to readily able to analyze schemes that may be characterized by their scope, complexity, and the magnitude of the negative economic consequences for communities, employees, lenders, investors, and financial markets. <br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  8. 8. HARASSMENT & SEXUAL HARASSMENTINVESTIGATIONS<br />Harassment investigations require interviews of the complainant, the alleged harasser and witnesses. Prior to initiation of the interview process, our sexual harassment workplace investigation team will learn the company's policies, procedures, rules and culture of the organization . This knowledge assists in the investigative and information-gathering process. Out team then gains the confidence and trust of those involved. A trust is then developed between the investigators and the individuals involved helps them discuss the details of the case. Our team gathers the necessary facts to allow the management team to make an informed decision. Our investigations are Court defensible.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  9. 9. SUBSTANCE ABUSEINVESTIGATIONS<br />The bottom-line impact of substance abuse in the workplace is absenteeism, decreased productivity, higher insurance costs, and liability-related expenses. Statistically about half (47 percent) of workplace accidents are related to substance abuse and disciplinary actions are 90 percent higher among substance abusers. Employee turn-over is significantly higher among substance abusers; and the consumption of health benefits is 300 percent higher among substance abusers. Poor attendance is 66 percent higher among drug users and substance abusers are six times more likely to file a Workers Compensation claim. Substance abuse and theft are often connected and two out of five employees have used an illegal drug while on the job. The best solution – placing an undercover agent into the workforce. Legally gather evidence and actionable intelligence. Then upon conclusion of the undercover operation, conduct intensive interviews, gathering facts for administrative action and possible law enforcement prosecution.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  10. 10. UNDERCOVERINVESTIGATIONS<br />Undercover investigations are critical for thoroughly and effectively resolving difficult-to-investigate situations such as theft, substance abuse, or other forms of serious employee misconduct. Undercover workplace investigations are employee-interactive. This method develops first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees. If necessary, our agents can testify in court. Employers improve their bottom line by substantially reducing losses associated with theft, poor performance, time falsification, substance abuse, product tampering, equipment sabotage and other forms of dishonesty and criminal activity. We use a five stage process which includes planning, information & evidence gathering, interviewing and corroboration, final report to client for action, and training and prevention.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  11. 11. WORKPLACETHEFTINVESTIGATIONS<br />The US Chamber of Commerce states that employee theft is costing American business $40 billion annually and is increasing by 15% per year. At one point or another every employer will experience theft in the workplace. Faced with challenging economic times, businesses are less able to sustain losses. The workplace investigation process becomes critical to the sustainability of the victim business. Effective investigations allow the employer and their counsel a solid basis for taking corrective action and defending against claims of inaction and unfair treatment. Investigations will either keep you out of court, or enable you to seek prosecution toward the person(s) found to be involved in the crime and possible recovery of your losses.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  12. 12. WORKPLACEVIOLENCEINVESTIGATIONS<br />Violence in the workplace is an extremely serious safety and health issue. In its most extreme form, homicide, it is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States. TMAP assists our clients with a multi-disciplinary approach, with the initial emphasis on safety and security. The security piece allows the workplace to continue safely while TMAP conducts a through investigation, including mental health analysis by our staff clinicians, and predictive profiling in conjunction with our proprietary risk assessments and surveillance when required. Our goal is always to return the workplace to normal operations as soon as it is deemed safe.<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  13. 13. Workplace Investigations<br />Critical First Steps<br />What TMAP Does<br />Have a reporting process and ensure the information gets to a decision maker.<br />Accept there may be a problem – don’t be in denial or intellectualize it away.<br />Contact employment counsel to ensure attorney client privilege.<br />Unplug any affected computer and secure it.<br />Contact your investigators!<br />Confer with client and employment counsel to develop preliminary strategy.<br />Respond security and/or subject surveillance team if required. Work with counsel to obtain TRO if needed.<br />Present client with proposed scope of work. Obtain detailed information from Client.<br />Conduct thorough background investigation on the target and others as needed.<br />Conduct threat or risk assessment as needed<br />Interview complainant/victim<br />Interview witnesses.<br />Maintain confidential communication lines with client and counsel.<br />Interface with Law Enforcement if needed.<br />Interview subject if the opportunity exists.<br />Why? – It allows us to conduct a limited behavioral assessment while we are interviewing the subject.<br />Bring the matter to resolution and provide client and counsel with the facts for their action.<br />“Other Duties As Required!”<br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />
  14. 14. CONTACT INFORMATION<br />R.J. Kirschner, MBA, CEO 888-926-8110 <br />PO Box 5640<br />Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5640<br />FAX 888-677-4407<br />Licensing Information<br />Arizona: 1003762, 1581922; California: PI 21748, PPO 14052; <br />Florida: A 2300252, B 2300151: Indiana: PI 20700100, SG 20700047;<br />Oregon: 33606, 0560; New Mexico: 1960; Nevada: 1508, 1508A;<br />Texas: C15367; Utah: P101282; Authorized to Practice in Colorado <br />CA PI 21748 - CA PPO 14052<br />