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BPS Books Catalogue

  1. 1. The smart solution for authors srohtua rof noitulos trams eh BPS Books CATALOGUE
  2. 2. Ordering and Contact Details Ingram Book Company Electronic Ordering (800) 234-6737 Ordering E-mail: orders@ingrambook.com Automated Stock Check: (800) 937-0995 Ordering Line: (800) 937-8000 Ordering Fax: (800) 876-0186 BPS Books Address: 42 Donalda Crescent Toronto, Ontario M1S 1N7 Contact: (416) 609-2004 Ordering E-mail: info@bpsbooks.com Ordering Fax: (416) 609-2936 Website: www.bpsbooks.comBPS Books Catalogue 1
  3. 3. Religion God’s House Rules Seven Biblical Truths to Transform and Enrich Your Family Life Donald N. Bastian $14.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-0-6 5.5 x 8.5, 172 pages / September 2007 The family today - not only in society generally, but also in the church - is facing an unprecedented number of challenges and choices. Where can families turn for help in sorting through all the confusion? Gods House Rules is a good place to start. In this book, Donald N. Bastian reaches back to the matchless story of Adam and Eve and then gives couples and families simple but profound biblical truths from "house rules" written by the Apostle Paul to the early church. The book covers such topics as: • How Adam got his wife • Submission is for everyone • What God says to children (and their parents) • Recovering fatherhood • The family at work Complete with deep biblical insights and compelling illustrations, Gods House Rules is sure to transform and enrich your family life. Donald N. Bastian, bishop emeritus of the Free Methodist Church of North America, is widely regarded as an inspired preacher, wise overseer of the church, and outstanding writer. Throughout his ministry he has spoken with particular urgency on the biblical vision of marriage and the family. His own vision is informed by a unique blend of biblical and pastoral insight, and his treasured experiences as a husband, father, and grandfather.BPS Books Catalogue 2
  4. 4. Southern Cross Lost and Found on the Streets and in the Jungles of Peru Paul Clark $16.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-0-0 5.5 x 8.5, 180 pages / February 2008 Zico. Nestor. Tino. Paco. César. These are the names of just a few of the boys lost on the streets and in the jungles of Peru - abandoned by their families or fleeing abuse at the hands of their parents, the police, or others. Out of a life of unspeakable poverty, they steal to survive and sniff glue to escape. But like these boys, whose stories are told in this book, many are found, receiving food, medicine, love, friendship, and faith in God at Scripture Union centers for street boys and other children in Lima and Iquitos, and at camps in Kawai, Kimo, and Puerto Alegria. How they came to their lives on the street, and how God, working through his faithful servants, has rescued them and brought them into his family, is what this dramatic, eye-opening, and inspiring book is all about. Paul Clark, along with his wife, Marty, has worked for Scripture Union since 1969, first as a volunteer and then on staff. He is now the administrative director of Scripture Union in Peru.BPS Books Catalogue 3
  5. 5. What God Has Promised You Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times -- Reflections for Individual and Group Study from Paul’s Epistle to the Romans Stephen A. McAllister $15.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-08-7 6 x 9, 174 pages / October 2009 “As a result of this book, I am more passionate about knowing God than ever before. This book has transformed my life!” – A.M. Moulton, Progress Church of God, Toronto If theres anything we need in todays exciting but challenging times, its a sense of certainty regarding Gods love and care for us. As Stephen McAllister shows in this practical and powerful new book, the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament is full of Gods promises to us, including: • Place your trust in God and God will direct your path. • God will be with you in all circumstances. • God will give you new and abundant life in Christ. • God will restore your life through the Holy Spirit. • The revealed glory will exceed your present sufferings. As this book shows, Gods promises are as resonant and life-giving today as when the Apostle Paul first wrote about them to the church in Rome nearly 2000 years ago. Each chapter of this exciting new book dwells on a promise, guiding the reader with questions for reflection, the theological context of the promise, and a meditation on the promise. Seek Gods will for your life, because Gods promises are true, forever and ever! Rev. Dr. Stephen A. McAllister is the founder of Spirit Renewal Ministries, which is devoted to transforming lives and renewing communities. He is a minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada and has served as a minister of the United Church of Canada. Stephen is a graduate of the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He lives in Toronto.BPS Books Catalogue 4
  6. 6. West Nile Diary One Couple’s Triumph Over a Deadly Disease Kathleen Gibson $19.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-01-8 5.5 x 8.5, 184 pages / March 2009 Before the Mosquito bite, Rick Gibson was an active pastor, a supportive husband, and a doting grandfather. After the bite, diagnosed with West Nile neurological disease, he was a hospital patient in the grip of relentless pain, forced to relearn the body’s most basic tasks: how to roll over, sit up, stand, walk, and even how to think. Now, in West Nile Diary, his wife, Kathleen, recalls how the two of them battled the disease together, armed with Scripture, prayer, love, humour, and loads of determination. It is a story not only of their growth as a couple, but also of their entry into a whole new ministry to those facing their own health and spiritual crises. West Nile Diary, will make you laugh, cry, and resolve never to park in a handicapped parking spot again. “Entertaining, deeply moving, and immensely helpful.” -- PHIL CALLAWAY, author of Honey, I Dunked the Kids “Absorbing, well written, and full of the spiritual resources of hope.” -- DR. MAXINE HANCOCK, Professor of Spiritual Theology, Regent College “Vivid, accurate, and full of detail and pathos. A good read from start to finish.” -- DICKSON DESPOMMIER, author of West Nile Story Kathleen Gibson has written for media worldwide and is editor of Prairies North, Saskatchewan’s magazine for good prairie living.BPS Books Catalogue 5
  7. 7. Nation of Bastards Essays on the End of Marriage Douglas Farrow $15.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-4-4 5.5 x 8.5, 132 pages / September 2007 "Erudite and impassioned - an act of faith and of resistance to the insidious claims of the post-Christian and post-liberal state." F. C. Decoste, Professor of Law, University of Alberta A brilliant exposé of the implications of same-sex marriage - and a compelling analysis of what it will take for society to reclaim the birthright of freedom it has lost in a reckless social experiment. To some, same-sex marriage is evidence that society has finally come of age. To others, it is yesterdays issue, posing no danger to traditional marriage. To still others - McGill Universitys Douglas Farrow among them - it has turned civil society on its ear, creating a new political situation in which several things are no longer clear: • Is the state the property of the citizenry? Or are citizens, with their cherished personal associations, including marriage, now the property of the state? • Who "owns" the children, now that natural parenthood had been replaced by legal parenthood? • Is the family still "the natural and fundamental group unit of society," as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights claims? Or is the concept of the "natural" moribund? • What is marriage for, anyway? Douglas Farrow is associate professor of Christian Thought at McGill University in Montreal. He is the editor of Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society and co-editor, with Daniel Cere, of Divorcing Marriage.BPS Books Catalogue 6
  8. 8. Biography / Autobiography Crash Test Chris Bye $19.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-6-8 6 x 9, 184 pages / September 2007 The story of two brothers, their dreams of the racetrack, and their success in racing ... and in overcoming great personal adversity. During their year growing up together in St. Catharines, Ontario, Chris and Rick Bye wanted nothing more than to be race-car drivers. And their dream actually came true as both men persevered to develop successful racing careers, competing at such venues as Daytona, Mosport, and Mt. Tremblant. Then Rick, on his way to participate in the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, had a horrific highway accident. While towing his race-car hauler on I-77 near Statesville, North Carolina, he slammed into two semi trucks waiting for traffic to clear. And Chris suddenly found himself at his brothers side -- not for another race but to help him recover from severe brain damage. Crash Test is Chriss inspiring story of crisis, transformation, and triumph, showing how two mens tenacity, tested on the racetrack, brought them through what would become the race of their lives. Chris Bye is president of Franczak Enterprises Ltd., a product marketing company serving the automotive sector, based in Toronto and St. Catharines, in Ontario, and in Troy, Michigan.BPS Books Catalogue 7
  9. 9. Chronicles of Ginger Farm Daily Life on a Small Canadian Farm During Times of Great Global Change 1929-1962 Gwendoline P. Clarke $26.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-02-5 5.5 x 8.5, 428 pages / June 2009 This history-making book gives readers a rare look at a mostly forgotten but dramatically important reality: rural life in the twentieth century. It is a selection of Gwendoline P. Clarkes colourful, richly detailed and heart-warming newspaper columns about day-to-day life on the one hundred acres she and her husband, “Partner, ” farmed near Milton, Ontario. Gwen filed her stories weekly to the Acton Free Press from April 1929 to August 1962 — years that drew her and her fellow Canadians into world-changing and nation-building events: the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Cold War and the ups and downs of the economy, of which farming was always a central part. While keenly concerned by those events — especially the Second World War, with her son fighting overseas and her English relatives toughing out Hitlers bombing raids — Gwen never failed to entertain her readers with her stories of: • milking, calving, feeding the chickens, planting and threshing • the rise and fall of egg and milk prices • trips to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto • the vicissitudes of every weather pattern the country could throw their way • changes in farming technology, from horse-drawn plough to oil-burning and then gas- powered tractors and from hand milking to the wonders of the milking machine • and the slow and rare acquisition of modern conveniences, from buggy to car, oil lamps to electricity, and crackly radio to flickering black-and-white TV Gwendoline P. Clarke moved from England to Canada as a War Bride with her husband after the First World War. Besides being a columnist for the Acton Free Press, she wrote articles for various Canadian and English newspapers and magazines and reported on Halton County Council meetings for the Milton and Acton papers. Gwendoline Clarke was a faithful and active member of the Scotch Block Womens Institute and an early advocate for the preservation of timberlands and local flora and fauna.BPS Books Catalogue 8
  10. 10. Confessions of a Trauma Therapist A Memoir of Healing and Transformation Mary K. Armstrong $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-19-3 5.5 x 8.5, 242 pages / April 2010 “Trauma therapist Mary K. Armstrong embarks on an illuminating journey into her own secret past and emerges with a renewed sense of personal authenticity and joy in helping others.” —SYLVIA FRASER, author of My Father’s House: A Memoir of Incest and Healing “A brilliant, heartbreaking, and inspiring account of a childs tragedy and a womans persistent growth toward light, knowledge, truth, and strength. Never has the human spirit shone through more passionately.” —JUDY STEED, author of Our Little Secret: Child Sexual Abuse To her surprise, dismay, and eventually relief, Mary Armstrong, a therapist with over thirty years of experience helping people heal from childhood trauma, uncovered her own history of child sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather and father. As she tells her harrowing but heroic tale, she casts light as never before on the issue of repressed memories and the invisible wounds left by childhood trauma. Mary K. Armstrong is one of Canadas most accomplished trauma therapists. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the School of Social Work, University of Toronto, and has trained extensively in the techniques of Focusing and EMDR. Mary lives in Toronto.BPS Books Catalogue 9
  11. 11. On Retirements Playing Seriously with the Work of Growing Older Jon Barnard Gilmore $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-26-1 6 x 9, 346 pages / July 2010 Precise, practical, poetic, and powerful These are just four of many superlatives that could be used to describe — but which would only begin to describe — the artistry and crystal-clear insight of Jon Barnard Gilmores new book. For this is a book like no other, on a subject that millions of people will be "registering" to study as our population ages. As will prove true for so many readers, retirement for Gilmore has led to a series of surprises, by turns sobering and joyful. As a professor of Psychology, with many more years of teaching ahead of him before he would turn sixty-five, Gilmore was surprised to find himself falling in love with the Kootenay region of British Columbia following a chance encounter during a long drive to California. He was also surprised, a few years later, to find himself bidding on property there and then applying for early retirement from his teaching position. Kaslo, B.C., was where he thought he would live year-round. But divorce — a further surprise — and a new relationship have meant that he now divides his time between two regions of startling beauty: his B.C. home and the Caledon hills near Toronto. Perhaps most surprising to Gilmore has been his discovery that the real work of any life begins when we retire: that retiring consists of a series of personal and relational tasks through which we might achieve a better understanding of ourselves, and of our past, present, and future. Jon Barnard Gilmore, Ph.D., is also the author of In Cold Pursuit: Medical Intelligence Examines the Common Cold. Prior to retiring he taught Introductory Psychology to thousands of appreciative students at the University of Toronto. In 1987 he was named Canadian Professor of the Year. He was educated at Stanford and Yale Universities and for thirty years he maintained a private clinical practice.BPS Books Catalogue 10
  12. 12. Business Beyond the Bull Taking Stock Market Wisdom to the Next Level Ken Norquay $24.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-8-6 5.5 x 8.5, 212 pages / November 2008 Do times like these spark uneasy feelings in you about your financial world? That’s precisely where market psychologist Ken Norquay comes in. Norquay takes stock market wisdom to a whole new level, helping those of us who invest in the stock market understand: • The “bullmanship” of financial advice. • The different stock market myths that the finance industry loves to tell. • Our own strengths and weaknesses as investors. • How to feel better about investing by using the only ways to be disciplined and objective about the markets. After reading this book, you will be able to ride the waves of today’s financial turbulence and get to the truth of investing — which Norquay defines as keeping and making money no matter what challenges may face you. Ken Norquay is Director and Chief Market Strategist of CastleMoore Inc., an investment portfolio management company. He holds the designation of Chartered Market Technician (CMT). Norquay crafts a defensive investment strategy by combining technical analysis with the mental disciplines and knowledge of human nature provided by the Eastern philosophies.BPS Books Catalogue 11
  13. 13. I Wish Someone Had Told Me That Ten Kernels of Experience for Those Starting Their Careers from Those Ending Theirs Tony Altilia $14.95, ISBN 978-0-9809231-7-9 5 x 8, 124 pages / October 2008 Business and life lessons – from those who’ve been there ... to those on their way Tony Altilia, a former advertising agency CEO, shares his own advice — and that of 49 other Baby Boomers who have succeeded in their careers — with young men and women starting out on their careers. Their ten kernels of experience include Dream Big, Master the Balance Beam, Stay on the Learning Curve, and Jump In. “As we Baby Boomers depart from our careers, so does our knowledge, expertise, and experience. This book goes a long way to ensure that the emerging generation — those about to embark on their careers — will learn from our trials and tribulations.” — RON FARMER, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company. Tony Altilia retired from corporate life at 57 after working for over thirty years for multinational advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett in the US and Canada. Tony started his career in brand management at the Campbell Soup Company and later helped champion brands Procter and Gamble, Kraft, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Reebok, and others. The father of three Millennial sons, Tony now teaches brands at the Ontario College of Art and Design and is a partner in a brand consultancy.BPS Books Catalogue 12
  14. 14. Finding the Sticking Point Increase Sales by Transforming Customer Resistance into Customer Engagement Brady G. Wilson $18.95, ISBN 978-0-9809231-9-3 5.5 x 8.5, 164 pages / May 2009 “Brady Wilson is the expert on releasing intelligent energy and energizing your customers.” — BRIAN STEVENSON, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, LaserNetworks Inc. This brief, incisive, and entertaining book will take you to that place where sales are made with energy and flow. Finding the Sticking Point shows you how to converse with your customers in ways that help you: • Find the point of resistance to a sale in your customer • Detect its connection to your customer’s emotional needs and energizers. • Build a relationship based on trust • Increase your sales by revealing the Bigger Reality between you and your customers. As the author puts it: “Selling is not about closing sales; it’s about opening relationships: engaging relationships that will support many closed sales.” Brady G. Wilson, a renowned speaker, trainer, and consultant, is co-founder of Juice Inc. He is also the author of Juice: The Power of Conversation.BPS Books Catalogue 13
  15. 15. Juice The Power of Conversation Brady G. Wilson $19.95, ISBN 978-1-926645-03-2 6 x 9, 244 pages / June 2009 Conversations are the key to business success — in fact, they are the operating system of companies big and small. Not just any conversations, but powerful ones in which we: • Inspire others to share their reality with us • Invite them into our reality • Discover the Bigger Reality between us • Release organizational energy • Increase employee engagement “The Juice approach is all about transformation: of team work, of thought processes, of focus, of clarity, of building shared vision and renewed mission energy. This is not just a must-read; its a must-do. Now!” - NIGEL FISHER, President and CEO, UNICEF Canada Brady G. Wilson is also the author of Finding the Sticking Point: Increase Sales by Transforming Customer Resistance into Customer Engagement, also published by BPS Books. He is the co-founder of Juice Inc., a solution provider for leaders who want to boost their organizational energy levels and employee engagement. He has unleashed profitable results for leaders, managers, and sales professionals in many of North Americas Fortune 500 companies.BPS Books Catalogue 14
  16. 16. Love At Work Why Passion Drives Performance in the Feelings Economy Brady G. Wilson $23.95, ISBN 978-1-926645-16-2 5.5 x 8.5, 234 pages / May 2010 Love at Work foments a revolution for workplaces of every description and in every industry: a revolution in which leaders understand that engaging peoples hearts trumps engaging their minds. Wilson shows how leaders who love: believe in their people; pull out their highest good; serve their success; and challenge them to stress. When peoples felt needs are met, says author Brady Wilson, they release the energy that triggers discretionary effort — 400% more effort, according to the Corporate Leadership Council. The principles in this cutting-edge book are sure to change the face of the workplace for years to come. “A game changer ... provocative, thoughtful, and challenging.” —JIM BROWN, author of The Imperfect Board Member “... a must read for anyone who interacts with people at work.” —JOSE TOLOVI, Jr., PhD, Global CEO, Great Place to Work Institute “True love is a competence, a spiritual force, a strategy, a way of life. I challenge you to read this book, think, and engage.” —MARK RIVERS, CEO, Canadian Equity Opportunity Capital Brady G. Wilson is also the author of Juice: The Power of Conversation and Finding the Sticking Point: Increase Sales by Transforming Customer Resistance into Customer Engagement. He is the co-founder of Juice Inc., an organization committed to transforming people, teams, and organizations. Brady has energized leaders, managers, and front-line workers in many of North Americas Fortune 500 companies, through keynote speeches, facilitation, coaching, and training. www.juiceinc.comBPS Books Catalogue 15
  17. 17. SmartBounce 3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery Keith G. Richards $16.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-13-1 6 x 9, 114 pages / November 2009 “... provides easy-to-follow investment advice on how to combine different investment disciplines to make and preserve money.” — BROOKE THACKRAY, author of Time In, Time Out and other books “... covers three much-needed and important methods for regaining portfolio value in a post-Lehman Brothers era - including the successful use of seasonal analysis.” — DON VIALOUX, DV Tech Talk “... Keiths integrity shines through.” — DAVID COATES, Principal, Fifth Business Communications Many investors watched in horror as 30% or more of their portfolio vanished during the market massacre of 2008. If you are one of those investors, this book will teach you a better - and safer - way to invest. In SmartBounce Keith G. Richards describes three actions steps for recovering your portfolio: • Choose the right time. • Achieve the right balance. • Be in the right place. Keith G. Richards, CIM, FCSI, CMT, is Portfolio Manager of ValueTrend Wealth Management. Following his investing approach - which is summed up concisely and compellingly in this new book - his clients actually made money during the Great Recession. Keith is interviewed regularly on BNN TV for his technical opinions on the markets and writes columns for Investors Digest of Canada and other publications.BPS Books Catalogue 16
  18. 18. Wealthbuilding Lifelong Financial Strategies for Success with Your Money Kurt Rosentreter $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-05-6 6 x 9, 364 pages / July 2009 “One of the most important books on personal finance in the last 10 years.” — Tim Cestnick, author of The Tax Freedom Zone When Kurt Rosentreter started his career in finance nearly 20 years ago, he couldn’t believe: • That Canadians received so little advice about the after-tax implications of their investment decisions. • And that so many of them just bought investment and insurance products without building a proper financial plan first. Kurt made it his personal and professional mission to wake Canadians up to the need to build their wealth in a more sophisticated way. He took his message to the airwaves and pages of Canada’s media, spoke to large groups across the country, and published three popular books, including Wealthbuilding, now available in this information-packed and wisdom-packed revised edition. In Wealthbuilding, Kurt guides you in considering these and other factors in all of your financial decisions: • Your goals • The fees you pay • Taxes and tax planning • How and why you invest • Your future retirement plans • Living in retirement today • Death and what matters to you • Your parents • Your children, spouse, and grandchildren About Kurt Rosentreter Acting as a “Family CFO,” Kurt takes the stress out of managing money, helping you make decisions in light of your goals and dreams. Kurt is a Senior Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent at a major financial services firm in Toronto.BPS Books Catalogue 17
  19. 19. The Business Transition Crisis Plan Your Business Succession Now and Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History Wayne Vanwyck $29.99, ISBN 978-1-926645-14-8 7.5 x 9.25, 192 pages / February 2010 “Vanwyck’s 25 years of experience advising business owners reveals itself throughout this book. Loaded with new practical tips and strategies to guide business owners through the process of selling their business, this book is essential reading. ” — THOMAS DEANS, Ph.D., author of Every Familys Business “Wayne is an advisor you can trust to give you honest, straightforward advice. Read The Business Transition Crisis if you want to profit from your sweat equity and leverage your legacy. ” — JIM RUTA, speaker and advisor to the financial industry and author of Master Your Money Management: How to Manage the Advisors Who Work for You Wayne Vanwyck is on a mission. A leading Business Transition Coach, he is alarmed that literally millions of Boomer business owners intend to retire in the next ten years but only 7 percent of them have a written succession plan. This means a tsunami of business selloffs is looming on the horizon. Vanwyck points out that business owners who dont plan their business transition now may have to kiss all their creativity, passion, and hard work goodbye as they face a market glutted with businesses for sale and scant few buyers. But he also says that those who do start planning their transition can increase the value of their business, increase their profitability today, and keep their options open. In The Business Transition Crisis he offers practical advice for you, including how you can: • Sort out your personal and professional transition options. • Prepare your business, your employees, and yourself for transition. • Build an “A” team of advisors who will make transition easier and more profitable. • Create a business plan that makes sense now and multiplies the valuation later. • Take a sabbatical as a test run for retirement. • Leave a legacy that you can be proud of. Wayne Vanwyck, author of the bestseller Pure Selling™, is the founder of The Achievement Centre International, The Vanwyck Corporation, Callright Marketing Services, and The Achievement Centre Franchise Inc. He lives near Waterloo, Ontario.BPS Books Catalogue 18
  20. 20. Gifts of Leadership Team Building Through Focus and Empathy Art Horn $19.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-18-6 5.5 x 8.5, 178 pages / April 2010 Back in print! The classic statement by a master coach and writer on what it takes to be a successful leader in times of great change and challenge — a blend of: • empathy — showing presence and genuineness • focus — aligning an employees goals with the companys and leaders goals • vision — a clear-sighted view of a future that is optimal for all “... an easy read with no ‘consultant speak.’ ” —ROBERT MACDONALD, Vice-President, Consumer Electronics Group, Sony Canada “... provides managers with ... the opportunity to seize the full potential of the organization.” —ERIC SORENSEN, Vice-President, Adams Brands, Warner-Lambert “... should be read by every manager striving to become a genuine leader.” —MICHAEL T. HARRINGTON, Vice-President, Kraft Canada Art Horn is also the author of Beyond Ego: Influential Leadership Starts Within; Face It: Recognizing and Conquering the Hidden Fear That Drives All Conflict at Work; and Skills for Sales Success. He is the founder and president of HORN, a company that influences the skills of people and organizations to transform their results. Numbering among HORNs more than 500 clients since its inception in 1985 are such companies as Scotiabank, Air New Zealand, Coca Cola, Expedia, Microsoft, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, and Walmart. Art Horn lives in Toronto, Canada.BPS Books Catalogue 19
  21. 21. There’s Always a Way to Sell Your Business 100 Tales From the Trenches by a Master Intermediary Doug Robbins $19.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-24-7 5.5 x 8.5, 202 pages / June 2010 Funny, entertaining, sobering, and informational – “tales from the trenches” by Doug Robbins, a master intermediary who always finds a way to help owners restructure or sell their business. Through these tales Robbins highlights best practices for working with accountants, lawyers, and bankers in forming up and conducting a sale; ingenious ways to increase the worth of a business before selling; the importance of confidentiality before and during a sale; and ways for family businesses to do what’s best for both the family and the business. “… a goldmine not only for those seeking strategies to sell their business, but also for those interested in alternatives to selling out.” — Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior VP, TD Waterhouse Canada “… a light and lively read – a rarity in the business self-help section.” — Andy Holloway, Features Editor, Canadian Business “… immensely enjoyable. Well done!” — Russell Robb, author of Buying Your Own Business “… invaluable reading for all business owners.” — Timothy A. Brown, President and CEO, ROI Corporation “… helps advisors open critical conversations with business owners about valuation and succession.” — Philip Porado, Executive Editor, Advisor Group Doug Robbins started Robbinex Inc. nearly forty years ago and is one of North America’s most experienced and accomplished business intermediaries. He and his team work with business owners to find smart, creative, tax-saving, and liberating ways to restructure or sell their business on their way to a well-deserved retirement.BPS Books Catalogue 20
  22. 22. Careers How to Hire the Perfect Employer Finding the Job and Career That Fit You Through a Powerful Infomercial Jim Beqaj $22.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-36-0 5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages / November 2010 "Following Jims process gives you the tools you need to reach new heights, professionally and personally." —ANDREW WILLIS, Brookfield Asset Management, former Globe and Mail columnist "The publication of this book ... bodes well for the workforce of tomorrow." —TOM MILROY, Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets "Leaders will also benefit greatly from this book ... as they infer, from Jims clear and compelling words, how important it is for them to refine their search for the perfect employees." —RICHARD NESBITT, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CIBC World Markets In words that are honest, encouraging, and invigorating, Jim Beqaj shows how you can hire the perfect employer ... By uncovering ... • What youre good at, based on what you love to do • How youre wired, based on who you love to work with • Your preferred method of resolving conflicts at work ... and discovering ... • Your Target Rich Environment™the organizations that both need you and want you ... and creating ... • Your Personal Infomercial™—a clear, compelling statement of who you are, how you like to work, and how you can add value Jim Beqaj is the Founder of Beqaj International Inc., a company that provides the strategic delivery of recruiting, consulting, and coaching services to individuals and companies worldwide.BPS Books Catalogue 21
  23. 23. Community Development Community Conversations Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills, and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses, and People Paul Born $15.00 ISBN 978-0-9809231-4-8 5.5 x 8.5, 244 pages / June 2008 Communities around the world are entering a new era of community building. Whether improving economic conditions and reducing poverty, re-energizing citizens and social programs, reducing crime, or revitalizing a troubled neighbourhood, they are engaging people from all sectors as never before to work together as equals to improve their quality of life. At the heart of this engagement are community conversations, in which common goals are embraced by a diverse array of people with different backgrounds and needs, and influencers are drawn from multiple sectors, including community organizations, the various levels of government, and businesses big and small. Full of informative and inspiring examples of collaboration, Community Conversations captures the essence of creating such conversations and offers ten practical techniques to host conversations in your community. Paul Born is a master storyteller who infuses his work, relationships, community, and life with the magic of conversation. He is internationally recognized for his innovative approaches to community building. Paul is president and cofounder of Tamarack - An Institute for Community Engagement. He is also the founding chair of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network, Vibrant Communities Canada, and Opportunities 2000.BPS Books Catalogue 22
  24. 24. Creating Vibrant Communities How Individuals and Organizations from Diverse Sectors of Society Are Coming Together to Reduce Poverty in Canada Paul Born $19.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-6-2 6 x 9, 456 pages / September 2008 Equal parts inspiration, perspiration, and information -- a book that is sure to take the Vibrant Communities story to new heights as it begins its next exciting phase. In Canada, "poverty reduction" is no longer a "wouldnt it be nice" dream discussed after yet another failure to make a dent in an age-old problem. Its a living, breathing, exhilarating reality. Why? Because all across the country people are approaching poverty in a positive, creative, and energetic way. They are doing so courtesy of a new social phenomenon called Vibrant Communities: a network of people who are getting people together - citizens (no matter what their income), community developers, business people, and representatives from all levels of government -- to determine needs, community assets, and strategies. Theyre putting plans into action with astonishing results. This book tells their story. And perhaps yours, too. Paul Born is the author of the recently published Community Conversations: Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills, and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses, and People. He is internationally recognized for his innovative approaches to community building. He is the President and Co-founder of Tamarack - An Institute for Community Engagement and the founding chair of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network, Vibrant Communities Canada, and Opportunities 2000.BPS Books Catalogue 23
  25. 25. Raising the Village How Individuals and Communities Can Work Together to Give Our Children a Stronger Start in Life Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar $22.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-10-0 6 x 9, 222 pages / October 2009 “The missing link for community developers, policy- makers, and facilitators who want to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.” —SHELLEY WORTHINGTON, Community Development Consultant “An asset to those who are embarking on new projects as well as those struggling with the many complexities of the work.” —CAROL MUNRO, M.A., Organizational Development Consultant It takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to raise a village? Authors Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar answer this question in concise and colorful detail by showing how the fields of early childhood work and community development can unify their concerns, expertise, and vision — and in the process create villages that develop their communities by developing their children. Raising the Village is an ideal resource for: early childhood teachers, community developers, and child advocates; policy-makers, managers, and front-line service providers; college and university instructors and students; and workers in child care, public health, and social work. Tracy Smyth has spent fifteen years helping individuals and communities articulate and achieve their goals for better social health. She facilitated and implemented the British Columbia program Make Children First. Tammy Dewar, through her “hands on” education in the areas of poverty, addictions, and advocacy, facilitates teams using collective, creative, and inclusive programs. The authors both live in the scenic Port Alberni area of British Columbia.BPS Books Catalogue 24
  26. 26. Family The Perfect System of Parenting Syd and Ellen Kessler $14.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-7-5 5.5 x 8.5, 132 pages / November 2007 "The Perfect System of Parenting opens up a whole new world of possibilities for parenting children. Its rare to find a book that offers real, pragmatic solutions for parent-child challenges. This one does." - HOWARD IRVING, Ph.D., author of Therapeutic Family Mediation Dont worry - the Kesslers know that parents arent perfect. But they do believe that imperfect parents can raise their children on the foundation of a perfect system: the laws of nature, in particular the principle of causality - that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. The Kesslers show parents practical ways to teach their kids - from infancy to young adulthood - that negative actions cause negative results, and positive actions cause positive results, equipping them for happy and fulfilling lives at home and beyond. They also show parents how to avoid "the love ambush" - the "you dont love me anymore" line used by children - by letting their children know their role is not to receive love from them but to keep them safe. Syd and Ellen Kessler live in Toronto, where Syd, a renowned advertising executive and the author of The Perfect System, is an investor and mentor in new businesses and Ellen is an elementary-school science teacher.BPS Books Catalogue 25
  27. 27. The War Against the Family A Parent Speaks Out on the Political, Economic, and Social Policies That Threaten Us All William D. Gairdner $34.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-1-3 6 x 9, 672 pages / August 2007 Widely recognized as the most powerful and complete critique of the war against the family presently taking place in Western democracies "(Gairdner is) the voice of the silent majority ." -- Edmonton Journal Inspired by his own passionate experience as a son, husband, and father, Gairdner offers in this book a forum for a long-overdue debate about the future of the family in Western civilization. Gairdner traces the war against the family to an egalitarian ideology that begins with Plato and survives today as a utopian liberalism that has become a caricature of itself, everywhere promoting the equality and rights of individuals, but ignoring their duties and obligations. Driven by its devotion to egalitarianism and the promise of what can only be a morally and socially irresponsible form of "freedom," the modern state effectively weakens all of society, of which the traditional the family unit is the most important element. So constituted, the modern democratic state is driven to target the family unit as a bastion of privacy, privilege, and moral authority at odds with the states own secular and egalitarian motives. Hence, the war against the family. All those who are concerned about the direction of modern life and the country they are leaving for future generations are sure to benefit from this cri de coeur written by a man of deep experience and searing insight. William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books, including The Trouble with Canada and The Trouble with Democracy. Most recently he was the managing editor of Canadas Founding Debates.BPS Books Catalogue 26
  28. 28. Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice Sarah Chana Radcliffe $24.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-5-1 7.5 x 9.25, 292 pages / September 2007 Learn the secret to a happy home life! Eliminate yelling, criticism and other unpleasant communications. Gain your kids cooperation the "less stress" way Follow this books gentle, practical advice and you will: • See improvements in your childrens behavior, school performance and self-confidence • Help your children develop better relationships and achieve optimal mental and physical health • Increase your own likelihood of a life-long, loving relationship with your children and grandchildren Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice shows you how to: • Reduce conflict in the home • Solve the getting-kids-to-bed - and keeping-kids-in-bed -- conundrum • Motivate your kids to get their school assignments done - without all the ulcer-causing, blood-pressure-raising panic • Teach them to cope with disappointment, fear and jealousy • Resolve your own feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and despair • Foster a family-wide atmosphere of co-operation, closeness, love and respect Sarah Chana Radcliffe holds a masters of education degree in psychology and is a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She has a busy private practice in marital, family and individual counseling and has been conducting parenting workshops, lectures and seminars locally and internationally for more than 25 years. Sarah was a coordinator and parent educator for the Learning Disabilities Clinic of the Toronto Wellesley Hospital for many years and was also a researcher in developmental psychology at the Metropolitan Toronto School Board and at the Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto. She has written five books on Jewish family life, as well as numerous articles, and appears regularly in the broadcast media as a parenting expert. Sarah Chana Radcliffe lives -- quietly -- in Toronto with her husband and six children.BPS Books Catalogue 27
  29. 29. The Relationship Revolution Are You Part of the Movement or Part of the Resistance? Owen Williams $19.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-04-9 5.5 x 8.5, 230 pages / July 2009 In The Relationship Revolution, Owen Williams calls on couples to stop working in their relationship and start working on it. When couples work in their relationship, they compete against each other. They justify themselves, play the blame game, and compare each others level of effort. Its not long before they say, “A relationship that takes this much work isnt worth saving.” When couples work on their relationship, they co-create the relationship they both dream of. Their focus is on the needs of the relationship. Instead of fixating on their individual shortcomings, they concentrate on the potential of what they can build together. Then, as they discover what their relationship needs, each individual is naturally drawn to what keeps them from offering their best to the relationship. Before long the two — individually and together — evaluate their beliefs about themselves and the world. While relatively untroubled relationships can easily fall apart under the first approach, relationships marked by infidelity, loss, betrayal, or long-term disconnection can make the journey back to health under the second. Welcome to the revolution. Owen Williams is a Relationship Coach and the founder of Inner Directions — The Centre for Relationship Excellence, in Toronto, Canada. He won the 2008 Ron Hering Award in recognition of his service to men in his community. He has co-hosted a radio show on relationships and is a popular keynote speaker, presenter, and facilitator.BPS Books Catalogue 28
  30. 30. Fiction Coincidence A Novel Alan May $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-35-3 5.5 x 8.5, 288 pages / November 2010 Seventeen-year-old Melissa is having her best year ever. Shes traveling the world on the tall ship Inspiration, and, along with more than thirty other students, getting credit for a full year of high school in the bargain. And, after her boyless years at a private school, it doesnt hurt that one of the students on the ship is tall, dark, and handsome Pierre. (Shes most impressed with his height, being close to six feet tall herself.) Melissa is excited to be learning the ropes of crewing the ship as the Inspiration completes the first part of its voyage, from San Diego to Mexico and then on to the Galapagos. But then things turn decidedly sour. Before the ship can reach Easter Island, it is taken over by the Coincidence, a large yacht manned by a ruthless band of smugglers. The band needs the services of the Inspirations doctor for one of their members, who was shot during a heist in Colombia that netted them more than $100 million worth of cocaine. The future of the Inspiration and its passengers — and of Melissa and Pierres romance — hangs in the balance. Will the RCMP, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and the teachers and crew be able to save Melissas perfect year? Alan May is an entrepreneur and sailor. He was inspired to write Coincidence after his own daughter sailed the high seas as part of the Class Afloat high school program.BPS Books Catalogue 29
  31. 31. Health and Wellness Breast Cancer Biography of An Illness Penelope Williams $24.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-5-5 6 x 9, 300 pages / August 2008 ... empowering, informative and unforgettable ... -- SALLY ARMSTRONG, author of Veiled Threat: The Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan ... a gift of hope ... -- MAUREEN MANNINGHAM, Breast Cancer Action Nicole phoned very early one morning from her hospital bed. It was still dark, a February darkness that held no promise of spring, or even of light. "Ive joined your club, Pen," she said. The club, of course, was breast cancer, a club that is becoming less and less exclusive. It will accept anyone as a member, and not one, not a single one, ever wanted to join. Breast Cancer: Biography of an Illness is a book for women diagnosed with breast cancer who suddenly find themselves facing a multitude of personal decisions -- and for anyone who has been touched by the malevolent mystery of the disease. A breast cancer survivor herself, Penelope Williams has filled this gritty, honest book with information, research, stories, and hard-won personal insights so crucial to living with -- and living past -- breast cancer. Penelope Williams is an award-winning author and editor who lives near Westport, Ontario. She has been active in the breast cancer community, writing on the subject for magazines, including Homemakers, and speaking at awareness and education events. She is also the author of That Other Place: A Personal Account of Breast Cancer.BPS Books Catalogue 30
  32. 32. Finding Your Voice A Voice Doctor’s Holistic Guide for Voice Users, Teachers, and Therapists Brian W. Hands $14.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-06-3 5 x 8, 148 pages / October 2009 “The author’s in-depth knowledge, gleaned from his years of experience, shines through … an important work from a respected voice in the medical profession. ” —Janine Pearson, Head of Voice and Coaching, Stratford Shakespeare Festival Finally, a book that addresses the wear, tear, and care of the voice in a simple yet scientifically grounded way — a way that will help you strengthen and protect your voice. This concise yet comprehensive book includes: • easy-to-understand chapters on voice production 101 and energy 101 • a description of what happens during a visit to the voice doctor • a chapter on the origins of the most common type of vocal strain • tips on proper breath support, hydration, and vocal exercises. Finding Your Voice blends the author’s understanding of Western medicine and Eastern energy systems. With this book in hand, you can avoid misusing or abusing your voice — or make your way back to vocal health if you do. Brian W. Hands, MD, FRCS(C), leads Vox Cura – Voice Care Specialists, a medical voice centre in Toronto. He is a long-time voice consultant for the Canadian Opera Company, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Mirvish Productions, and major record labels.BPS Books Catalogue 31
  33. 33. Never Go to the Hospital Alone And Other Insider Secrets for Getting Mistake-Free Health Care From Your Doctor and Hospital Steve Harden $19.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-15-5 6 x 9, 230 pages / March 2010 This year 176,445 patients in the U.S. will die due to preventable errors, infections, and medication mistakes. This book explains the simple steps you must take to avoid being one of them. “Even physicians and their families should use this book to navigate through the health care maze. Never Go to the Hospital Alone guides patients and their loved ones in finding and getting the best and safest possible health care.” —MATTHEW COOPER, M.D., Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery Steven Harden is a former U.S. Navy TOPGUN pilot who is using the stellar safety measures of the U.S. aviation industry to help hospitals and doctors protect their patients by improving their safety results. His health care safety work has been covered by major publications and media outlets, including the New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, and PBS NewsHour. In Never Go to the Hospital Alone, Harden shows you how to pick a great doctor and a great hospital for yourself or your loved ones, and how to be vigilant and prevent the mistakes that plague patient care, including wrong surgeries, blood clots after operations, and inaccurate and sometimes deadly prescription errors. This wise and practical book includes such topics as: • Secrets for choosing a good doctor • Nine questions to ask before you go to the hospital • Ten keys to taking charge of your health care • Ten secrets for a safe surgery Steve Harden is a Memphis-based author, speaker, safety consultant, and airline captain. He is the founder and president of Lifewings — a team of physicians, nurses, pilots, and safety system experts that teaches health care organizations how to eliminate medical mistakes.BPS Books Catalogue 32
  34. 34. Power Source for Women Proven Strategies, Tools, and Success Stories for Women 45+ Susan Sommers and Theresa Dugwell $21.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-20-9 6 x 9, 218 pages / August 2010 “The authors show it is never too late to become the strong, powerful, authentic woman you want to be. The key is fitness; once you feel it, it translates into every aspect of your life.” —KATHRINE SWITZER, first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon, and author of Running and Walking for Women Over 40 “Power Source for Women shows you how to set fitness goals, stick to them, and celebrate your achievements.” —JOHN STANTON, founder, Running Room, and author of six books on fitness Do you need inspiration and support in becoming more fit? Then Power Source for Women is the book for you. It: • Helps you get in touch with your current fitness level — mental, emotional, and physical • Encourages you to achieve and sustain optimum health as you age • Promotes self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-esteem, fitness, and a healthy body as part of a “virtuous circle” Susan Sommers got serious about fitness in her late 50s and went on to complete two marathons and ten half-marathons. She is an author and expert in marketing who has spoken at universities and conferences, Lululemon Athletica and Running Room retail outlets, and fitness retreats. Theresa Dugwell completed 19 marathons in the last 18 years. She operates PsyMetrics Professional Services, a psychological-assessment-services company. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and the Canadian Psychological Association.BPS Books Catalogue 33
  35. 35. Media Studies The Human Equation The Constant in Human Development and Culture From Pre-Literacy to Post-Literacy Book 1 The Human Equation Toolkit Wayne Constantineau and Eric McLuhan $15.00 ISBN 978-1-926645-34-6 5.5 x 8.5, 104 pages / October 2010 The first of four books in a groundbreaking new series, The Human Equation Toolkit. “We are very lucky indeed that Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau are carrying on the McLuhan tradition of fearless investigation into territories that yield extraordinary insight. Strange and fascinating works.” —Douglas Coupland Mime Wayne Constantineau and scholar Eric McLuhan explore the four possible positions of humans-standing, lying down, sitting, and kneeling-as the basis of all developments in culture, science, activity, and media. As McLuhan writes, “Man is the microcosm of the universe. Media are the extensions of man. The Human Equation is the doorway into all three ... The Human Equation deals with the relation between humans and our media, technologies, languages, theories, and ideas.” The late Wayne Constantineau was a mime and scholar who left behind him, at his death in 2006, his studies on mime and the insights of Marshall McLuhan. Eric McLuhan, who is bringing these studies to fruition in The Human Equation Toolkit, is also the author of Laws of Media (written with Marshall McLuhan), Electric Language, and The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake. He is also the editor of several collections of his fathers work.BPS Books Catalogue 34
  36. 36. Politics Oh, Oh, Canada! A Voice From the Conservative Resistance William D. Gairdner $16.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-9-9 5.5 x 8.5, 208 pages / January 2008 For more than two decades, William D. Gairdner has been a major voice from the conservative resistance, primarily through his bestselling books The Trouble with Canada, The War Against the Family, and The Trouble with Democracy. Now, in this new book, his passionate, probing, and provocative intellect is hard at work, ranging over hot button issues of the day in the spheres of culture, the family, politics, and science. His quick-hit, entertaining, and rousing chapters include "Late Night Thoughts on Equality," "Baby Seals and Babies," "Mourning Marriage," and "Six Types of Freedom." Heres what the famous conservative thinker William F. Buckley Jr. said about Gairdners The Trouble with Canada: "His mobilizing passion wonderfully animates an analytical precision that should be the reason for a national - binational - celebration." William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books. His books The Trouble with Canada, The War Against the Family, and The Trouble with Democracy are all available from BPS Books.BPS Books Catalogue 35
  37. 37. The Trouble With Canada A Citizen Speaks Out William D. Gairdner $29.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-2-0 6 x 9, 500 pages / August 2007 Beginning in the 1970s, Canada abandoned its historical foundations and fell under the spell of socialism. This is the best-selling classic that galvanized the generation now leading the continuing counter- attack. In plain language it explains how Canadians got into their present predicament, and how to get out. He deals with such topics as the great welfare ripoff; the waste in foreign aid giveaways; radical feminisms attack against the family; the mediocrity of the health-care system; and the politicization of the church. William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books, including The War Against the Family and The Trouble with Democracy. Most recently he was the managing editor of Canadas Founding Debates.BPS Books Catalogue 36
  38. 38. The Trouble With Democracy A Citizen Speaks Out William D. Gairdner $34.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-3-7 6 x 9, 548 pages / August 2007 The Trouble with Democracy shows that the ancient as well as American and Canadian democracies were established on practical social and political grounds vastly different from the strange modern dream of a democracy of autonomous individuals that is now venerated everywhere. Gairdner explains clearly how, in this time of heretofore unimagined wealth and the tax harvesting that it makes possible, warring utopian impulses from deep within our history have combined to produce a form of "hyperdemocracy" never before imagined in all of human history. The result is a comfortable illusion of increased personal freedom that camouflages the reality of pervasive state control in every aspect of modern life. We now live, says Gairdner, under a regime of "libertarian socialism" in which citizens imagine they have all the rights and their governments all the duties. This masterpiece of vigorous, compelling, even prophetic writing represents an exciting turning point in social thought. It challenges citizens to reconsider standard interpretations of democracy and to think much more deeply about the nature, subtlety, and complexity of our actual situation, all the while offering a new and refreshing understanding of the proper nature of a free and civil society. William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books, including The Trouble with Canada and The War Against the Family. Most recently he was the managing editor of Canadas Founding Debates.BPS Books Catalogue 37
  39. 39. Self-Help Ambition 7 Rules For Getting There Ellie Rubin $24.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-1-7 6 x 9, 236 pages / April 2008 It haunts us. It guides us. It motivates us. Its called ambition. In this practical, provocative, and proven book, Ellie Rubin shows how you can turn your raw ambition into managed success-through the 7 Rules of Ambition: • Discovery • Focus • Belonging • Momentum • Balance • Maturity • Belief As an "ambitionist," you will learn how to differentiate between desire and skill, leverage the importance of mentors and team members, find a balanced use of time, and bounce back from failure. Rubin emphasizes that each of us must define ambition on our own terms. She underscores this point through interviews with internationally known personalities who have made good, big time, by following their own dreams. These personalities include Andrew Watson of Cirque du Soleil; Jim Balsillie of Research in Motion (BlackBerry); and Po Bronson, bestselling author of What Should I Do with My Life? Ellie Rubin is also the author of the bestselling Bulldog: Spirit of the New Entrepreneur. Her syndicated column "Ambition" ran in several newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and National Post. She is a regular television columnist on several shows, including Three Takes and Style by Jury. Rubin is a motivational speaker for major clients, including IBM, Yale University, Microsoft, the Philip Morris Agency, TD Bank, and the American Marketing Association.BPS Books Catalogue 38
  40. 40. Finding My Way And How You Can Find Yours Ray Pons $18.95 ISBN 978-0-9809231-3-1 5.5 x 8.5, 180 pages / June 2008 "Finding My Way is a straight-to-the-heart, no-nonsense book with well-timed hits to the funny bone. Enjoyable and truly inspiring." - BOB GRAY, CSP, HoF, Memory Edge Corporation The true-life story of how one man moved from the trials of employment to the triumphs of self-employment. After a boyhood in northern England, Ray Pons winged his way to the Great White North (a.k.a. Canada) to pursue his dreams. Or were they fantasies? He did well - more than well - as a sales manager, insurance salesman, and reinsurance executive, but somehow happiness never stepped out to greet him. He was easily bored, losing motivation, momentum . and eventually the jobs themselves. Then, after a few fits and starts, and with the moral support of his wife, Marva, he said goodbye once and for all to a regular paycheck and hello to life as a business owner. Here he tells his story with great honesty and practical wisdom, offering tips for how you can find your way in work and life. Ray Pons is a keynote speaker and strategic business coach on issues of personal leadership and organizational effectiveness. He was born in Southport, a seaside town near Liverpool, England, and now lives in Newmarket, Ontario, with his wife Marva Castillo (a.k.a. Queen Bee). In addition to being a keynote speaker on issues of Leadership, Interpersonal Excellence, and Life Balance, Ray is co-owner of The Growth Coach, Newmarket, Ontario, which helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed men and women dramatically grow their businesses and achieve greater joy, freedom, and fulfillment in their lives. Ray is a lifelong fan of Liverpool FC, "the greatest football team of all time," and he is an avid if not terribly talented golfer.BPS Books Catalogue 39
  41. 41. The Vowels of Personal Power 5 + 1 Ways to Liberate Your Creative Energy Bob McCulloch and Julia Gluck $19.95 ISBN 978-0-9784402-8-2 5.5 x 8.5, 196 pages / January 2008 "An important arrow in my leadership quiver." -- STEPHEN THOMPSON, Chief Inspiration Officer, Tamworth Partners Inc. "These techniques helped me build peaceful, calm, open, and solid loving relationships with my two very young children, who had lived through and been affected by trauma. A little delight in a sea of chaos." -- CATHERINE MOSSOP, FCMC, Sage Mentors Inc. If youre like most people, you feel that the creativity you were born with has long since been squelched by family, social, and work expectations. This groundbreaking work by two veteran coaches and motivators will help you recapture and channel your creative energy, through 12 elegant practices associated with the vowels of personal power: A for awareness; E for engagement; O for openness; U for understanding; and, bringing them all together, I for Integrity. These practices will change your life! Bob McCulloch, FCMC, helps senior executives and managers strengthen their creativity and strategic thinking. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with executive teams in virtually every industry sector. Prior to launching his own firm, CYOR Inc., he held positions with IBM Canada, the DMR Group, and Johnston Smith International. Julia Gluck, FCMC, helps clients implement change through the use of continuous workplace learning. She developed her expertise with such firms as DMR Consulting, Johnston Smith International, and Deltak Inc.BPS Books Catalogue 40
  42. 42. Organizing Outside the Box Conquering Clutter Using Your Natural Learning Style Hellen Buttigieg and Sari Brandes $14.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-09-4 5 x 8, 112 pages / September 2009 "Everybody needs a little organizing! No matter what your learning style, here is a book that nails the basics and delivers the goods. Its great!" — PETER WALSH, professional organizer from TLCs Clean Sweep and New York Times bestselling author "This book is masterful, delivering the exact organizing steps you need based on your own learning style. Bravo, Hellen and Sari, for designing such a book." — DOROTHY BREININGER, organizing expert, The Doctor Phil Show, and author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series Youd like to get organized. You need to get organized. But every time you try, you feel like a square peg in a round hole. Nothing ever seems to work. The secret — as revealed in this clear, concise, and compelling book — is to organize according to your natural, preferred learning style. Organizing Outside the Box will help you to: • Determine whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner • Pick the filing, storage, and organizing systems that fit your learning style • Overcome feelings of frustration, anxiety, and overload • Organize your thoughts and unleash your creative potential • Run a more efficient home and office by understanding the preferred organizing styles of family and co-workers. Hellen Buttigieg, CPO®, of Oakville, Ontario, is a Certified Professional Organizer, a life coach, and the president of We Organize U. She is best known as the television host of a popular decluttering makeover show. hellenbuttigieg.com Sari Brandes, M.Ed., of Los Angeles, is a coach, speaker and educational consultant. She has spoken at conferences internationally, including the National Association of Professional Organizers. saribrandes.comBPS Books Catalogue 41
  43. 43. Speeches That Will Leave Them Speechless An ABC Guide to Magnify Your Speaking Success Kathryn MacKenzie $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-29-2 5.5 x 8.5, 246 pages / November 2010 “… a one-stop shop for all your speaking needs. If you master the concepts in this book, you will master the art of public speaking and you will be the kind of speaker others sign up and line up to see.” —CRAIG VALENTINE, World Champion of Public Speaking Kathryn MacKenzie’s Speeches That Will Leave You Speechless is an informative and inspiring guide to public speaking. It will inspire you to new heights in giving speeches, making presentations, and communicating clearly in your work. MacKenzie, a dynamic award-winning speaker and coach, walks you through a speaker’s alphabet of tools, including: • Four A’s to Anchor Your Points • The Keys of a Killer Keynote • Nerves Are Natural and Normal • From Boring to Brilliant • Lessons for not Losing your Audience Kathryn MacKenzie is an award-winning speaker and certified world class speaking coach and presentation skills instructor. She came to the world of public speaking after many years as an elementary school teacher, education consultant, and college instructor. Her aim in life is to help others magnify their magnificence by developing superb speaking skills.BPS Books Catalogue 42
  44. 44. Sport / Sport Policy Heat Stroke Why Canada’s Summer Olympic Program is Failing and How We Can Fix It Michael G. Simonson $18.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-07-0 6 x 9, 234 pages / September 2009 Heatstroke exposes the systemic causes of Canadas Summer Olympic failures against the backdrop of the countrys increasing Winter Olympic success and the meteoric rise of summer athletes in Australia, a country that used to trail its northern Commonwealth cousin. Simonsons dogged investigative work reveals the debilitating politics bubbling under the surface of Canadas Olympic movement, as well as throughout the countrys amateur sport system, coaching ranks, and the athletes own associations. One thing is for certain: The Canadian public deserves better. Simonson shows how athletes can stand up for themselves, how the public can demand excellence, how the Olympic system can reform itself, and how politicians can develop and fund policies that produce winners. According to Simonson, Canada can and will see more of its summer athletes on Olympic podiums in the years to come. “Simonson holds the feet of Canadas amateur sport officials to the Olympic fire.” — RANDY STARKMAN, Toronto Star “Provides unique insight into what we need to do to compete with the worlds sporting superpowers.” — PAT FIACCO, mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Olympic boxing official “Heatstroke is right: Its time to turn our whining into winning.” — SHERRAINE SCHALM, three-time Olympian in the sport of fencing Michael G. Simonson, a former carded athlete on Canadas national rowing team, retired in 2003 after winning double silver at the Pan-American Games. Today Michael is Head Coach of the Senior Competitive Program at the Calgary Rowing Club. He also oversees all aspects of competitive rowing in Alberta as the Provincial Technical Director of the Alberta Rowing Association.BPS Books Catalogue 43
  45. 45. Travel / Adventure The Horizontal Everest Extreme Journeys On Ellesmere Island Jerry Kobalenko $24.95 ISBN 978-1-926645-17-9 6 x 9, 298 pages / April 2010 “... refreshingly free of the hubris that marks much adventure writing ... The reader never feels assaulted by Kobalenko’s daring, only inspired by it. ” —THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW The Horizontal Everest brings to vivid, awe-inspiring life one of the most forbidding, arresting, and beautiful places on the planet: Ellesmere Island-a virgin wilderness that author and photographer Jerry Kobalenko has traversed more than anyone else in history. “... charming and refreshingly honest ... a portrait of remarkable people and harsh landscapes, and the siren-like allure of both. ” —SIMON WINCHESTER, The Map That Changed the World “... a compelling portrait of a harsh yet inviting place ... wonderful ... ” —KENN HARPER, Give Me My Father’s Body “The ... stories fill me with passion and dreams. ” —BORGE OUSLAND, Arctic expeditioner Jerry Kobalenko is one of the world’s premier Arctic travelers. His writing and photography appear in such magazines as Condé Nast Traveler, Canadian Geographic, and Outside. When he is not on an extreme journey, he lives in Canmore, Alberta, with his fellow adventurer and wife, Alexandra.BPS Books Catalogue 44