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Mvcc ppt


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Search Marketing
    Being found in organic search results (Google)
    Based on what searchers actually search for
    Not what you think they should search for
    Based on keywords contained in the domain, in the page titles, in the description and in the content
    To be found keyword research is most important
    Search marketing is text based
    Bots are sent out to websites and “filter” what your site is all about and determine its relative importance to what people search for
    Similar to going to the library and asking about a Caribbean vacation. The librarian “searches” various sources and serves them up to you and hopes to satisfy the searcher
  • 2. Search vs. Beauty
    Beautiful websites are generally not very well adaptable to search marketing
    Dynamic content
    Java Script
    This gets better and better but the safe bet is to put your money on text
    Beauty is the antithesis of search marketing
    Difficult for the bots to index
  • 3. A search of private club golf in orange county ca results in these search results
  • 4.
    • Not as sexy as some
    • 5. First page provides immediate information
    • 6. All pages are have descriptive titles (SEO Technique)
    Aliso Viejo site is part of the Club Corp family of sites. It appears that they pay much attention to SEO and Google thinks that they satisfy the searcher, which counts.
    SEO is a moving target and must be assessed all the time.
  • 7. Coto de Caza site is similar
  • 8. Other Golf Sites
  • 9. Home page includes only three navigational options but a special one for “plan my vacations”.
    Also bottom Nav
    Includes a headline and text in the home page
    Bottom links for different audiences
  • 10. Golf link-Colors-soft but ocean blue backdrop; black on white type
    Value proposition:
    Play where the US OPEN has been played 5 times
    Audience is probably older; option on text size is great feature
    Only 8 Navigation choices with clear descriptions
    Good pictures with OPTIONS to view more-no force feeding
    Call to action-note phone number appear on top and bottom
  • 11. 2
    Pinehurst Home page
    Note 4 areas of navigation
  • 12. Just for fun lets look at what they do with their Facebook fan page
    Social Media is the new public relations with a twist. Much is about the users and what they do and think
  • 13. Logo-Simple
    Golf Link- Very simple and clear sidebar navigation
    3 Navigation areas
    Top Navigation for very different topics
    Inserted “extra” navigation for particular interests
    Make a reservation is what they want you to do- NOTE EMPHASIS
    Call to action
    Very short sales pitch; Optional video and photo gallery (user choice)
  • 14. Where is the value proposition? Does it encourage a CLICK?
    Clear terminology on sidebar navigation; Note Marriage
    Special link and emphasis to book tee times
    Additional choices on tabbed navigation
    They feature weather because that is part of their value
    Headline and SEO’d sales pitch
  • 15. A larger horizontal top pic is used in many high end websites including non golf
    This pic is non rotating
    Darker colors make some of it hard to read.
    Facebook/Twitter links
  • 16. Shady Canyon Facebook page
  • 17. Golf Link-Nice use of colors-not so bold: Black type shows up good.
    All real estate space effectively used for a purpose; Open space is OK
    Once again option to look at photo gallery and golf tour
    Bullet points work
  • 18. This is a simple way for those interested to contact you when they are in the mood. Just click or call.
    Click does not take you to a place where you have to spend time providing private and superfluous information. An invitation to click out.
  • 19. Other websites
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. Apple has always done their sites simple and clear with very soft, elegant colors (or lack of colors)
    Shades of gray using color to emphasize brilliance
  • 24. Notice that Nordstrom uses the same general theme of simplicity and soft colors as apple
  • 25. Opposite the Apple and Nordstrom site is the WalMart site. Still softer colors but they have many things and many of them move, blink or rotate.
    NOTE: this is not bad; in the world of internet marketing it has a lot to do with visitor expectation
    A visitor that goes to a WalMart type site actually has an expectation of a look like this “discounter” look.
  • 26. What differences do you notice in this entry page?
    Note the other sites emphasize “Weddings”, Marriages, etc. so those visiting the site for that reason can go there; they are a completely different visitor and must be handled differently and make it easy for them to find where they want to go. Not interested in golf, tennis, membership or anything else.
  • 27. Consider having a “home” members page with link.
    Members can bookmark this link and go directly to the ““members only” home page and skip everything else
    Members only home page can have basic information with a sign in option to access whole site or just a login page.
    • Sometimes people only want basic information and no sign in might work better for this -non-private info
    • 28. All elements of a sign in page are included in the shady canyon login. Some include “remember my user name” box, and “remember my password box”.
    This is a useless step for the visitor
  • 29. Main Page
    Members Page
    Basic content page with links important to all members
    Generate Leads
    Generate Leads
    Links to all things golf and tennis PLUS cross links to other parts of the website
    In a general sense this is the way I see the interrelationships of the website.
    It can be refined and can lead to effective navigation, content, and simplicity
    Email can “promote” use of the website
    Social Media
  • 30. Members Only Home Page
    Provides reasons why people would want to visit
    User oriented content.
    What they want to know
    What they need to know
    Provide reasons for them to stay
    Navigation and links
  • 31. T-Times Golf Events Calendar Artisan Roster
    Member Home
    Your Club….
    Golf Home
    Tennis Home
    Couples Twilight 9/12 4pm
    Join the fun with Golf and Dinner
    Check it out and sign up today!
    Ass’t Golf Pro Chris Zeller is leaving to go to LA County Club. He is replaced by Joel ….Read about Joel
    Beau Hossler is playing in the US Amateur this week. Check it out at
    Womens club champions”
    • Meg Smith Gross Champion
    • 32. Wanda Ricker Net Champion
    See all results HERE
    Matt (the starter) has gone onto school at BYU
    Check out the pro shop for the end of month sale. Footjoy shoes are up to 25% off.
    Jeff Crozier shot a course record (gold tees) 66 on August 21st
    Silver Seniors split home and away matches against Rancho Bernardo. Next up Vista Valley.
    Make reservations at the Artisan and receive win up to $500!
    There were two holes in one this past month bringing the total hole in one count for 2011 to 12. John Smith and Margaret Crean both carded one’s on hole number 6
    The next Board of Directors meeting will be September 21, 2011
    Annual Meeting will be Monday, September 21, 2011 starting at 7pm
    Club Pro Matt Viguerie has some good putting tips on the golf page
    Next Major Golf Event will be Hacienda a member/member tournament. Get details and sign up HERE
    Social Members
    This is conceptual
    Can be put together with a cleaner look.
    Don’t mind the blue navigation
    Birthday Night 9/11
    With a special 9/11 tribute menu
    Call 949-555-5555 for reservations
    Board of Directors
    Tennis Clinic this Thursday
    9-10am $10 ppd, $15 same day.
    Call 949-444-2122 or sign up in the tennis pro shop
    Club History
    New Members
    Photo Gallery
    Happy Hour Thursdays 5pm
    Free food and good music on the O’Meara patio.
    Your Club Archive
    The MVCC Team
    Fallen Heroes Golf 9/14
    Play with local police and fire. Lunch, dinner and awards
    Learn More
    Asian Fusion Wednesdays
    Asian cuisine and desserts
    Kids pay their age. Open 5:30pm Call 949-555-5555 for reservations
    La Hacienda Golf 9/10
    Member-Member Tournament
    Check it out and sign up today!
  • 33. T-Times Golf Calendar Golf Staff Records Lessons
    At Artisan tonight World famous meat loaf
    See Menu
    Member Home
    People visiting the golf page know what the course looks like.
    Maybe a good time to promote the restaurant with specials, golf shop with specials etc.
    Golf Shop
    Ladies Club
    Junior Golf
    Handicap Info
    Golf Team
    USGA Rules
    Team Play
    Hole in one Club
    Major Championships
    • Men’s and Women
    • 34. Mr. and Mrs.
    • 35. Senior Men and Women
    • 36. Super Seniors
    Member Members
    Member Guests
    Guest - Men and Women
    Twilight couples
    Junior Championships
    Valentines Day
    Spring Bash (Couples)
    Would avoid use of Word and Excel. Hard to tell what people have on their computers.
    Give option to download in PDF format
    Golf Home Page
  • 37. Board of Directors
    Member Home
    Meeting Minutes
    This is a great opportunity for these volunteers to communicate to the members
    Governing Docs
    By Laws
    Past Presidents
    Governing Docs
    Surveys Feedback
    Don’t mind the blue in the navigation pane. It was the default.
    Golf Regulations
    Tennis Regulations
    Leave of Absence
    Link each committee to page
    Dress Policy
  • 38. Lets look at at making a t-time
  • 39. Remember me
    Forgot Password
    Easier and quicker login
    Consider “members only” page for primary entry page for members, skipping this page altogether
    Skip this altogether unless it serves a marketing purpose
  • 40. I go to members only home page
    I can navigate to any page and the Board
    Top navigation can have most popular click to links
    Let’s click on T-Times
  • 41. I already logged in!
    Have to verify?
  • 42. I came to make a t-time.
    Would like to see the calendars right before me
    Mobile help is well hidden
    Would like for it to recognize that I have entered via a smartphone and recognize it.
    Then take me to the mobile site.
    Don’t Make me Think!
  • 43. Would like to go directly to calendar to make my t-time
    Consider additional relevant Navigation links.
    Good Place for additional information but simple and clear. Provide (Learn More) links for those interested
    Use colors for very special emphasis (like Apple does)
    Home Golf Home Roster USGA Rules ProShop Artisan
    Pin Location ____
    Green Speed ____
    Featured Events (see full calendar)
    Thursday Aug. 25th Ladies Member Member8am (Learn More)
    Sunday Aug. 28th Movie Night 8pm (Learn More)
    Sunday Aug. 28th Juniors Family Tournament 4pm (Learn More)
  • 44. Thoughts and guidelines
    Don’t make me think!
    Load fast and easy
    Make it easy to read with simple colors and typeface
    Give me basic information and make it easy to get to
    Hyperlink to other pages
    Don’t tease me with cheap tricks
    Don’t make me look at stuff I don’t want to
    Give me interesting stuff on the first page to entice me
    Don’t make me give you private info, or too much info just to make initial contact
    Always number one
    I am a ruthless user
    even though I probably won’t unless you entice me
    let me choose if I want to read more, learn more-links
    If you mention the restaurant link to it. Golf, etc.
    That is what it looks like-cheap
    I don’t mind subtlety but don’t blare stuff in my face-ruthless
    I am ruthless once again;clicking out is one of my favorite activities
    Email and phone number and preference should be good enough