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Magic of Getting Found Part I
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Magic of Getting Found Part I


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  • 1. Magic of Getting Found
    Bob Bradley
    Part One
  • 2. The Magic of
    Getting Found
  • 3. Time to Rest
    Social Media
    Good Business
    Keyword Research
    Email Marketing
    Web Design
    External Media (PR)
  • 4. Your New Website
    When you create a new website or any internet property it reminds me of an old television show
    There are now over 1 trillion web pages in this world and you are only a few of them.
  • 5. Getting Found
    We create a website and just sits there like a lonely bench
    waiting for a visitor
    We found one We found one!!
  • 6. The Internet Marketing Problem
    Limited number of visitors
    They visit but do nothing
    They visit, click but do not convert
    They visit, click, add to cart but do not buy
    They visit, click, buy and return
    They visit, click and buy, but not often enough
    Oh, what to do
    Do you have a product/service that has intrinsic value and…
  • 7. What do we do??
    We must DO SOMETHING to get found
    Design to entice clicks
    Design to convert
    And also:
    Make our website relevant to searches
    Expose our website to searchers
  • 8. But FIRST
  • 9. Tools and Assumptions
    These dominate
    We like FREE
  • 10. SEO: Myths or Reality??
    Lets bring in the…
  • 11. SEO Can Get a #1 Ranking?
    Helga has a boat for sale
    It is a 25 foot Trimaran
    She will sell it with a trailer
    She wants a simple website to sell this boat and a number 1 ranking!
    She answers an ad that says they will charge her credit ONLY upon showing you the number one ranking Cost $500
    Should she
  • 12. SEO The Result
    That’s my boat
    Email address
    Phone No.
  • 13. SEO Google Number 1
    I searched for it!!
    Number 1!!!
    Helga’s credit card is charged $500
    And the result is…..
    Heh, I need a loan!!
  • 14. The WEBSITE
    You must first answer the key question
  • 15. All Things to All People??
    It can do many things but not all at once!!!
    Sell Stuff
    Provide Info
    Get Email Addresses
    Develop a Brand
    Customer Service
  • 16. All things to all people??
    BUT….Its all about CONVERSION
    Getting them to do what
    You want them to do
  • 17. On Page Optimization
    To Attract Visitors
    To Get Ranked
    • One way to look at it is like a basketball game.
    • 18. All the things you do to “optimize” your site are each worth some points.
    • 19. It is a “team” game. No one player (or action) will get you to victory
    • 20. You need points from a variety of directions (players)
  • The Search Army
    Yahoo Slurp
  • 21. The Search Engine
    Search engines are the most targeted marketing medium in the history of the world
    Because users type in the search box what they want and the search engine delivers the results
    Searchers and search engines what exactly the same thing
    Searchers want what they search for
    and search engines want to give them exactly what they search for
    Of course
    This I never thought of
  • 22. It’s About Marketing!
    Google’s Matt Cutts in an interview:
    "It's interesting how much of SEO can come back to good, old-fashioned marketing."
    It’s Always Been Here
    We throw around terms like "viral marketing," "buzz marketing," and "word-of-mouth marketing" as if they were new concepts. Yet these tactical promotions have been around forever.
  • 23. SEO is Marketing
    Market Research
    Keyword research
    On page optimization
    Site structure
    Link building
    Viral marketing
    Staying up to date
    Can you compete?
    Words people search for
    Rank for specific phrases
    Create pages for keywords
    Links are votes
    One good action can work
    Constant Testing tweaking
    Things always change
  • 24. Not Much Time to Sell
    Assume you have about 10 seconds to convert a visitor
    And these are your visitors
    I’m confused
    Everything you do on your website should be leading your visitors to the ultimate goal.
  • 25. Narrow it Down…
    This is not about to make the sale! So, what is left if I can’t talk?
    To convert and for search engines equally
    Who knew?
    To convert…
    Can be for search engines too
  • 26. View Source
    1.Right click on text portion of web page
    2.Look for “view page source”
    3.Click on view page source
  • 27. Behind the Scenes
    Page Title
    The title and description are the first
    two places the bots look
  • 28.
  • 29. The Title Tag is not like a Movie Title
    Starts with the most important keywords
    contains max. 65 characters (including spaces-this is what shows in the SERPS);
    add a call to action
    Include branding names if that is what people will search for, or mentioned in the end, or not at all;
    Make it compelling enough to click on
    Check out the competition.
  • 30. What isn’t a Title Tag for SEO
    New Page
    Home Page
    Welcome to my website
    Bradley’s Home Page
    Golf clubs, golf clubs, golf clubs, golf clubs….
    Bad Credit Home Loans – Poor Credit Finance. (remember this will also entice clicks, or not)
    Trouble-Free Bad Credit Home Loans For Poor Credit Finance Applicants
    Guaranteed Bad Credit Home Loans For Poor Credit Finance Applicants.
    Probably #1
    Remember, every page needs a separate title tag
  • 31. Title Tags Examples
    Page on Red Pandas from the Wellington Zoo:
    Page on Alexander Calder from the Calder Foundation:
    Page on Plasma TVs from Tiger Direct:
    Current Page Title: Red Panda
    Recommended: Red Panda - Habitat, Features, Behavior | Wellington Zoo
    Current Page Title: Alexander Calder
    Recommended: Alexander Calder - Biography of the Artist from the Calder Foundation
    Current Page Title: Plasma Televisions, Plasma TV, Plasma Screen TVs, SONY Plasma TV, LCD TV at
    Recommended: Plasma Screen & LCD Televisions at
  • 32. Test on Tile Tags
    What would your choose?
    The smell good plumber?
    Mike Diamond plumbing?
  • 33. Key Elements of SEO
    Your keywords tell the search engines what you do
    Your inbound links tell them how important you are.
    This combination is what determines your relevance. And relevance is what the search engines are after
  • 34. Word Usage
    Which one are you?
  • 35. Keywords Prosperity Equation
    Highly relevant/rarely searched
    Incredibly popular/no conversion
    Generic words/ Lots of views
    -few click throughs
    According to researchers a three word phrase is the most popular among searchers
  • 36. Words/Keywords
    The most important aspect of your site
    Based on what people search for
    Long tail keywords are more targeted and can result in higher conversions
    Each page of your website can be targeted for different keyword phrases
    Including title and description (in HTML)
    Search engines ignore what they do not understand
  • 37. The Long Tail
    If search were represented by a tiny lizard with a one-inch head, the tail of that lizard
    would stretch for 221 miles.”
  • 38. Long tail examples
  • 39. KeywordsSearch Results (competition)
    Long Tail Keywords
    Generic Keywords
    Credit Card For People
    with Bad Credit
    Credit Cards
    Potatoes without Pesticides
    Idaho Potatoes
    Affordable Custom
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Canon Camera
    Canon Power Shot
    Camera 2MP
    How to train a puppy
    Blue Infant Clothing
  • 40. The Big “long tail” Question
    Aren’t I leaving money on the table ? Or taking it out of my pocket?
  • 41. Keywords
    So, its about TEXT!!!
    Words visible to people reading the page are KEY
    The search engine can show that page to people who are searching for the words found on that page.
    Pretty simplistic, but it's amazing how many pages only contain a picture and a few words, or Flash animations, or other non-text items.
    Web site owners think that a picture says it all
    Web designers thinks it's cutting edge or cool
    But the site visitor wants to know more.
    The web is a research tool as well as a marketing medium and when viewing a commercial site people want to know all the ,
    Words that people search for…
    Then pages with those words are presented at the top of the
    results pages
  • 42. Keyword Mistakes
    Targeting Keywords that people never use
    Not understanding user intent
    Search “Car Reviews” (in research mode)
    Search “fast auto financing” (ready to buy)
    Selecting single word keywords
    Overly competitive unless you are a major brand. (Whirlpool might use “washer” )
    Keyword Confusion
    The term “Mobile marketing” might confuse mobile billboards and selling ads on mobile devices
    Not allocating enough time
  • 43. Keyword Case Study
    A business you are running have the following facts:
    1. Sales had been falling steadily over the past 10 years.
    2. Costs were out of control. Layoffs were inevitable.
    3. The bank is getting very edgy.
    You need a major boost in sales
    BUT… you just couldn’t see where it was going to come from.
    Monday – a record loss in the fourth quarter.
    Tuesday, you asked the management team for their ideas – blank facesall around.
    Wednesday, a stormy meeting with your advertising agency. You need something a lot different from the tired old clichés they’d been spewing out for the last 10 years.
    Pressure is on!
  • 44. Keyword Case
    You do some casual reading and you find
    an article about the growth of vegetarianism. Next you read and article about how dogs are the most pampered pets in the country
    You think to yourself
    that, “If the growth of vegetarianism continues, there’ll be a lot more meat for those dogs to be pampered with
    (not that vegetarians would be too keen on feeding their dogs meat.)
    • The answer? Could there be a market for vegetarian dog food?
    You do some searching and find out that there are over 20 million vegetarians and over 60 million dog owners.
  • 45. Keyword Case
    If there is a market wouldn’t vegetarian dog food be a brilliant product to sell online?
    Can it connect?
  • 46. Let’s Examine This Further
    No fair!
    First, gauging the size of the market
    We use a popular keyword research tool like WORDTRACKER and find out that there were 17 searches per day for “vegetarian dog food”. What does this mean?
    Explain please
    If you converted 100% of ALL the searches your total market would be $310,250
  • 47. Keywords/Marketing
    It isn’t realistic
    Most marketing professionals would agree that a more realistic conversion would be between 1% (perhaps achievable) and 10%(still too high) of the existing keyword search basket of inquiries.
    In other words
    annual revenues for “vegetarian dog food” would come in somewhere between $3,102 and $31,025 a year.
    Revenues not profit
    The 1/10 principle
  • 48. Additional Problems
    Enter the Bean counter
    Who tells you about additional Expenses to be accounted for prior to determining profits on this pitifully small revenue stream. Ouch! ...not good.
    It Just Doesn’t Work
    The numbers for vegetarian dog food
    simply don't work! ...not even in a
    best-case scenario.
    There would have to be a better plan than to build a sales concept around the keyword phrase “vegetarian dog food.”
  • 49. Look for other “keyword markets”
    So, let's see what markets might exist based on dog-food-related keywords that are kindred to the term “vegetarian.”
    711 searches
  • 50. Keyword Example
    A 10% sales conversion would produce $1,295,750.
    • What about the 1/10 rule?
    • 51. A conversion rate of 1% would convert into $127,750 in revenue. (Not profit).
    • 52. For this Company, this idea will not generate enough cash flow to save the company
    The good news is………You had tools to make a decision
    • Did not waste time on a bad idea
    • 53. Allocate time on good ideas
  • Other Methods-Long Tail
    Competitiveness of keywords using “AllinTitle:”
    Cat Food
    3 million
    Diet Cat Food
    What does this tell us??
    Senior Cat Food
    Senior Diet Cat Food
  • 54. Google Adwords Tool
    Search Results
    Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool the following is generated about cat food keywords
    3 million
    The term “cat food diet” generates 720 searches per month or 8600 per year and there are 45,000 websites with the term contained within them
  • 55. Your Website-Keywords
    Google Trends-Comparing Words
    Indexed to zero-not absolute searches
    Vintage cars versus classic cars
    Cheap Fare search versus low fares search
  • 56. Fun with Google Trends- Searches
    War vs. Peace
    MySpace vs. Facebook
    Death vs. Life
    MySpace vs. Facebook
  • 57. Keyword Research Tools
    Keyword Tools
    Google Tools
  • 58. SEO Self Help
    Google Chrome also has its own SEO tool
    Good Google advice about SEO
    Firefox SEO add on
  • 59. Writing Copy
  • 60. SEO CopyWriting
    "If one is good, two is better”?
    This has been applied to SEO copy in the worst way.
    It doesn't take a boatload of keyphrases shoved here, there and everywhere to make good search engine copy. In fact, that's the recipe for disaster when writing optimized text. Why?
    Because you have a dual audience: the search engines and, most importantly, your site visitors.
    Not recognizing this fact is one of the biggest mistakes made with SEO copywriting.
    User Experience Rules
  • 61. Read This
    Discount Office Supplies can save you tons of money. From pens and pencils to desktop organizational tools and other discount office supplies, you'll find a large selection to choose from. No other discount office supplies company has the excellent customer service we do. Tired of shopping at discount office supplies chain stores? Then buy from a company who provides discount office supplies along with excellent customer service. Order your discount office supplies today.
    Anything Stand Out?
  • 62. How about this?
    Whether you're stocking up on Post-it notes or redecorating your lobby, you'll find everything you need at a deep discount. Office supplies, furniture, accessories and more are available at wholesale prices direct to the public. Because we buy in bulk, we pass the savings on to you through a members-only discount.
    Office supplies have never been so affordable! Contact us today for complete details on joining the XYZ Office Supplies member program.
    Seo and user
  • 63. Strategic vs. Haphazard
    Photo captions
    Body copy
    Link text (anchor text)
    Navigation links
    Calls to action
    Resist the urge to stuff
    White space is your friend
    Use active tense
    Write informally
    Be direct
    Tell a story
    User Experience IS THE TIEBREAKER
  • 64. LINKING
  • 65. Linking
    Link building
    is an ever-changing landscape.
    Because search engines make changes to their algorithms to thwart artificial link building
    because link building as a practice continues to morph there are many places to engage in link building
    It’s about relevance
  • 66. Linking
    Page Rank-Google uses a proprietary algorithm called PageRank
    It weighs links from pages that it considers important. (authority sites)
    Every web page, not site, is assigned a PageRank score.
    There are several sources where you can check your page rank.
    Larry Page and Sergey Brin
    Heh,I know these guys from last night
    Page Rank=Linking
  • 67. Linking
    Submit to Directories
    Yahoo!, Open Directory (, GoGuides, Gigablast, JoeAnt, Gimpsy, BlueFind and Zeal.
    But don’t overly rely on directory listings. Just like with investing, with link building it’s important to diversify.
    Additional link opportunities might include
    Suppliers, Customers, industry guides.
    Sponsor Stuff and get a link from their site.
    Target relevant sites.
  • 68. Linking Opportunities
    No matter what your industry, conventions are a part of it. Conventions are often filled with people who control relevant websites.
    Professional gatherings.
    These gatherings could be planned events or more casual affairs, but people representing relevant websites are likely to be in attendance.
    Even at the most general gatherings, you’ll encounter people with websites. Often, people who have little or no knowledge of the search-engine implications are happy to offer a link.
    If the guy next to you is a windbag, you might as well nudge the conversation towards websites and links.
  • 69. Linking and Social Networks
    In order to get more links to your website from other trusted websites, consider LinkedIn.
    Many of your employees and friends might already be using LinkedIn as a networking tool. But they may not have links from their profiles to your website.
    Facebook Account
    Facebook Fan Page
    Twitter Account
    Use Badges
  • 70. Directories
  • 71. Linking-Competition
    Yahoo also has a special command that will show you all the links to an entire web site.
    Now you can see all the links to the home page and sub-pages in a web site.
    Remember sub pages also.
    Link Checking Tools
    Yahoo Site Explorer
    Linkcheck(net concepts)
    Check backlinks to other sites
    Via Google, MSN, Yahoo
    Yahoo requires the http://
  • 72. National University Links
  • 73. Link Bait Blogs
    “Stinking linking” versus “Creative Thinking”
    “Link Bait is more or less anything you create anywhere on the Web that inspires other people to link to it”. ‘Link baiting’, as the rather unattractive term implies does have negative connotations 
  • 74. This is Where Blogs Come In
    2-Ways to be a successful blogger
    Blogs are about text
    Blogs are ever changing content
    Blogs are participatory
    Blogs cross link
    Become a Blogger
    Become successful
    Become a Blogger
    Become Successful
    Become a Successful
    Become a Successful
    Some say that WORDPRESS (blog software) is the most perfectly SEO’d software in the market
    It’s Easy!!
  • 75. On Page Optimization-What to do
    Use Google’s Webmaster Tools
    DIY or purchase the service
    Maximize effort without going overboard
    You can obsess about on page SEO
    SEO must result in good user experience
    You are serving two masters
    Having a SiteMap(example)
    Determine keywords for each page
    Get your title and description right for each page
    Write good copy
    Links, links and more links (you gotta be important!)
  • 76. Purchasing SEO Services
    Most good firms won’t guarantee top position results and shouldn’t.
    Should be about increasing your traffic and rankings
    Ethics / Spam
    Paramount Importance
    Unethical practices
    Reporting and success measurement
    How long will it take to see results?
    What type of reports will the SEO firm furnish and how often?
    How will success be measured?
    Will a maintenance plot be included?
    Educate yourself
    • Fee structures and budget
    Most offer a range of packages
    Cost IS NOT the primary factor.
    Pay more does not necessarily mean better SEO.
    Pay less may not necessarily be providing you the proper services.
    The location of the firm largely depends on your comfort level.
    Client testimonials and references