Sample 3yr Vision Roadmap


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Sample 3yr Vision Roadmap

  1. 1. Recovered Stabilised Growing Sustainable 2008 2009 2010 2011 Group Insolvency Averted Org Structure = Widen Community Reach Org Structure = Separation National Brand Org Structure = Vertical National Outcomes Verticalisation within via Website into Group structure expansion Improved Funding BANG Ed Global Web Audience Global Brand Relationships Multimedia Content on Size = Expansion to deliver Size = Expansion to Size = Current + Marketing community platforms larger Training Contracts & Referral and progression accommodate new Corporate Sponsors Improved Board Team Growth Manage Trading Arm partnerships for defined services Relationships Press Engagement end-to-end outcomes Youth consultancy services Focus = Change Focus = Scaling Social Focus = Stabilisation & Process Change Management, Collaborative Partnerships Outcomes Regional Franchises New Services / Revenue Long-Term Contracts Up-skilling, Audience for larger bids Streams Budgeting Change Building & Relationship Revenue = Profitability Consortiums Established collaborations Management Complementary Revenue = Long Term Partnerships Active Trading Arm Sustainability National Franchises Revenue = Cover (Dedicated CEO & Staff) Increased Operational Youth Forums Shared services for Costs Corporate Engagement operational costs Blog on NEET issues Fundraising campaigns Stable organisation size Reviewed Restructured Transferable Sustainable 2008 2009 2010 2011 Training Delivering Collaborative Training with 3rd Project Budgets Lead Partner on Training Contracts Training staff expanded to include to “Train The Trainer” specialists Implemented Parties Training content repackaged into Youth Consultations Begun Training consultations complete distributable material BANG established as a national NEET training organisation Performance Indicators Partners included in review Social Platforms used and Associative Review Sponsors Engaged Established metrics and reporting Training updated to reflect current needs of social outcomes Creation of discrete training packages for Pilot Privately Funded Training franchising Established Private Training “Train The Trainer” Services developed BANG Delivery Model Developed Showcasing Project Achievements Targeted Restructured Synchronised Sustainable 2008 2009 2010 2011 Radio Award winning Radio content addressing Social Recognised as the first example of social Established in delivery of social Exclusion radio outcomes Refocused on youth Incorporate training IP Providing work experience to help Streaming through global online Realigned to group mission improve social outcomes radio aggregators Regional streaming audience Developed as USP Podcasted content for digital distribution Credibly recognised as the No.1 Audience engagement through web youth radio station in the UK Global streaming audience Showcase for unsigned youth talent First stop for unsigned urban youth Group brand recognition driven by Radio Driving audience and sponsorship to Monetise Volunteer Engagement BANG Edutainment