How to evolve the sun to the earth


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How to evolve the sun to the earth

  1. 1. How to Evolve the Sun to the Earth<br />let us reflect on the words before the main creatures Rasululloh shollallohu'alahi wasallam namely:From Abu Dhar rodiyallohuan:"Rasululloh shollallohu'alaihi wasalam said: 'do you know where does the sun go?" The friends said:' Allah and rosulnya know better. 'He said:' it's running so that the sun actually get to where circulation is under the Throne, then he prostrated , he still always like that so it is said to him: 'Arise! back as before you come!' then he went back rises from the place of publication ... "(HR.Bukhori: 4802, Muslims: 159, Ahmad: 5 / 145)<br /> salaf scholars (that guided everything in words and deeds of the apostles) have agreed that the sun is moving and the earth silent.Then how the science of astronomy that had been express that the earth is rotating?he said we should be confident with the apostles and clerical opinion, why?replied:His words Shalalllahu 'alaihi wa sallam:عليكم بالجماعة فإن الله لا يجمع أمة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم على ضلالةKeep you together pilgrims ill Allah Muhammad's people gather on the error.With a little opening at the top now let us look into the real science of scientific evidence:A. Lorentz force THAT RESULTS FROM THE SUN TO THE EARTH MAGNETIC FIELDElectron currents of the earth and the line / earth's magnetic flux field that extends from the south pole with angle approaching 11 degrees, which consequently will affect the sun the sun will experience a "Lorentz force" resulting from interactions between electrons and magnetic field of the earth, so that the sun moves around the earth .notes:Lorentz force occurs due to Earth's magnetic field fluxes that fuse with the phonon (the distance between the interaction energy of electrons) whose energy is the energy max .Phonon experience because it is on the influence of the sun resulting in a high temperature range interactions between electrons widened or have a large wavelength , this is in accordance with the formula:so the big obstacles to the flow of electrons of the earth according to the formula:E = V ^ 2 / R * ttherefore the technological dynamo, to accelerate the speed rotary dynamo performed:1. the addition of coil windings.2. addition of temperature on the 'system' dynamo.both are made to increase the resistance dynamo system, so that the resulting Lorentz force is larger as a result the speed of rotation dynamo with a solar revolution Increase.the correlation with a high temperature of the sun it will increase the resistance system 'electric-magnetic' the earth so that the Lorentz force generated as a result of the revolution speed of the sun to the earth, according to:F = B * V / R * lB. DISTANCE FROM THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH TO THE SUNThe average peak wavelength spectrum emitted by the sun is 1.75 nanometer, so by entering it into the following equation:lambda = C / TE = mc (t2-t1) = mgh = mc ^ 2with a note:lumped energy equation above because in fact the light its movement is affected by gravity (gravitons) as symptoms of "gravitational red-shift", and a light touch with the movement of electrons through a medium heat (note the experimental scientists of the relationship between heat and electron), and the formulation is based on techniques to calculate the distance the heat source with heat radiation:"Radiation sources that emit heat and light that can be measured the distance with the concept that objects emit radiation with a certain temperature can be determined the distance from the detector (microwave diode detector) with the formula:s = mc (dt2-dt1) / Numdistance to the sun and the earth as radiation source (in this case the sun) emit forms of radiation 'light and heat' and the temperature of the sun is very high then the formulation is used:E = mc ^ 2 = mgh = mc (dt2-dt1) "in order to obtain an average temperature of the sun approaching 8 million degrees centigrade and an average distance of Earth to the sun's surface near 800 km.<br />C. MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SUNThere are two possibilities:1.Only plasma composed of hydrogen (actually a mixture of proton, deuteron and triton complex) as a fuel.2.consist of the two materials making up the hydrogen plasma and plasma of other flammable gases, eg methane, ethane, propane and ether.The second possibility is equally as strong because:a.can alone solar plasma is only composed of hydrogen, so that when the fire burned the original nodes * (transparent) because direct contact with air (air to burn) then becomes yellow earth because at an altitude of 800 km from the earth's surface there are still layers udara.Then what about the science of astronomy is now saying the sun is at a distance of 150 million km and is in a vacuum (without air)? means should be clear because of the appearance of sun light the flame of hydrogen will remain clear before contact (burn) other substances.* Flame hydrogen clear / translucent prior to contact with oxygen or other gases or materials based on experimental results.The second obvious b.probability sun blazing flame will be colored because hydrogen has been in contact with other gas plasma which is a constituent.D. THE SPEED OF THE EARTH THE SUN THE REVOLUTIONWith a wavelength range from 0.2 to 3.0 nanometers in the spectral peaks of the trajectory of the sun to the earth is circular but rather oval because it has a range distance of the sun to the earth's core than 6500 km - 7900 km, thus obtained:-Long orbit of the sun close to 45 000 km-Speed ​​revolution of the sun to the earth is 524 m / s or nearly 1900 km / hour.<br />E.Balance among centrifugal force STYLE PULL WITH INTEREST BETWEEN THE EARTH AND THE SUNEqual amount of centrifugal force of the sun and the upward force of air pressure due to the sun by the attractive forces between the Earth and sun, so the sun does not fall to the earth or out of orbit, according to the formula:F1 = mv ^ 2 / rF2 = rho * VgF3 = G * m1 * m2 / r ^ 2F1 + F2 = F3With the speed of revolution of the sun 524 m / s and an average distance of the sun to the earth's core 7200 km and mass of the sun close to 1 kg (because the plasma mass is very small), is obtained:F1 = 0.04 NF2 = 7.68 NF3 = 7.72 Nthen the mass of the sun which rose by 76.80% and atmospheric pressure at the point of 'qorib' (the sun's closest point to earth) the mass of the sun that rose 94.72%. This has resulted in change of seasons, because when the sun is at its' qorib 'then the surrounding air pressure is high and if the sun is at its furthest point to the earth that is 7900 miles from the center of the earth then it works in reverse, with the angle of the sun's orbit 11 degrees to the equator.<br />F. DISTANCE TO EARTH MONTHWith the moon's orbit to Earth's angle is greater than the angle of the sun to the Earth's orbit to the equator of the earth * and when the angle between the Earth's moon, sun and moon 26.67 degrees and the average distance from the surface of the earth-sun is 800 km, then the sine rule we can determine the distance of the earth-moon, according to the formula:sin 26.67 degrees = 0.448851sin 26.67 degrees = x/800the average distance from the surface of the earth to the moon is approaching 359 km.Tentu just the distance to the moon because the moon would be closer rather than a collection of gas that is heavier than the sun.* This is why we will never see the moon is right close to 90 degrees above us and the moon will not precede and collide with the sun.Compiled by:Tutoring alifniumInstituteNuclearModuleAssunnahBatam-Indonesia<br />