Astronomy by quran and hadist and scientific evidence


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Astronomy by quran and hadist and scientific evidence

  1. 1. CHAPTER 1:THEOREM IN QUR’ANBismillahIn argument, Islam clearly testifies to the science of astronomy which is as follows:A. THE SUN MOVES (EVOLVED ON EARTH)theorem:1. "And the sun runs on the circulation ..." (Yasin: 38)2. Abu Dhar rodiyallohuan says:"Rasululloh shollallohualaihi wasalam said: do you know where does the sun go? Thecompanions said: Allah and Apostle know better. He said: the real sun so that it runs up to thecirculation beneath the Throne, then he prostrated , he remained always like that so it is said tohim: Arise! back as before you came! then he went back rises from the place of publication ... "(HR.Bukhori: 4802, Muslim: 159, Ahmad: 5 / 145)B. EARTH MOTIONLESS (non-rotating or revolution)Theorem:"Allah actually hold up the sky and earth so as not to shift (move) ... (QS.35: 41)Commentary:1.Ibn Jarir Imam rohimahulloh says:"Lest shifts (moves) from both places."2.Imam rohimahulloh Ibn Kathir says:"That is, so they do not move from his place."3. "... Allah created the mountains and drove it on the earth so that the earth was motionless."(Narrated by Ahmad: 11 844, Tirmidhi: 2369)Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 1
  2. 2. C. DISTANCE TO THE SKY IS NOT MILLON OF LIGHT OR MILLIONS PARSEKTheorem:1. "... The distance between the sky and the earth is 500-year journey (camel journey) ..." (HR.adDarimi, Thabrani and Bayhaqi)D. UNIVERSE HAVE A LIMITTheorem:1. "Seventh sky ... between the seats is 500-year journey (camel), between the seats with water is500 years of travel and the Throne is above the water and Allah is above the Throne ..."( Darimi, Thabrani and Bayhaqi)2. "Rohman almighty Allah rest upon the Throne." (Thoha: 5)3. "... And His Throne over the water ..." (Hud: 7)E. CREATED A NEW EARTH FIRST THEN THEN ALLOH CREATED SKY ANDEARTH THEN PUTTING THE SKY SEPARATESTheorem:1. "Indeed why have you disbelieve in Him Who created the earth in two days ... then he headedthe creation of the skies ... then He said to the heavens and the earth:" Come ye both according tomy commandments ... "(Fushshilat :9-12)2. "... The skies and the earth were fused then We parted them." (Al-Anbiya: 30).Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 2
  3. 3. CHAPTER 2 :THE OBSERVATION AND THE FACTLikewise scientifically prove the truth of these propositions, scientific evidence that is:About Scientific Evidence that the Earth MotionlessMore and more evidence of advanced technologies that prove that the earth is stationary (doesnot rotate and evolve)A.Satellite ObservationHere are the results of satellite observations of the interferometer in which one of them provesthe earth is actually silence:1.The observation of satellites prove that the earth is slightly oval to the right and left side, withfingers close to 6400 km in the region near the equator and 6300 km in the polar regions.2.There is not a conical shock wave emission on all sides. 3.The surface of earth is not flat.Lets look at number 2 above, the rules of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, if the earth actuallymoves with the rotation speed approaches 1 mach (nearly 333 m / s) and evolved with a speedclose to 300 mach, then it should be found jet shock wave interferometer arrested Satellite.Thus, our earth is stationary (does not rotate and evolve) so there were no such conical shockwave.B.Symptoms of Geodetic wrap: No Evidence of Earths rotationSymptoms of Geodetic wrap is symptomatic of the energy of the mass of air to arch dimensionsaround. was once described by scientists, but they had time to explain: "why such energiesappear simultaneously on our earth? Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 3
  4. 4. The answer of course because our earth is not rotating is motionless, because if the earth rotatesthe energy geodetc wrap will be erased by the motion of the Earth. geodetic wrap effect can beseen at the event: geodetic wrap formula that can change the next few years1.We ride bikes through a tree, then the frequency of air around the tree will sound higher.2. Between two fingers clamp we have air-dimensional curvature which could continue to lightsuch as a concave lens, therefore it can only be observed by people with myopia.C.Technology Trigger Effect: Earth is Centre of Universe is a FactStructure of the earth based on recent experimental studies by means of a trigger tool "triggereffect with the basic principle of the experiment:When we give a series of explosions that blast frequency exceeds a threshold frequency of thetotal particle layer of the earth, then each particle in the layer of earth will reflect the frequencyof excess, the excess frequency which is then received by the detector according to the type ofparticles of matter.This principle applies also to the technology now in atom.With absorption spectrometryexperiments on the obtained results:1.Surface the Earths core consists of iron and nickel high-temperature liquid.2.Surface middle there is a vacuum layer that serves as the style of levitation style ie towingabove it.Surface layer in this vacuum as applied to a nuclear bomb to stabilize the position of U-238.3.Surface outer consisting of several layers of rock and soil.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 4
  5. 5. 4.Length waves emitted by each particle layer is simultaneous, it is at the evidence that theearth is motionless, as if the earth moves it will produce a discrete wavelengths, as the analysisis produced on a seismograph reading of the following:Arc of the small waves are generated simultaneously between body waves and surface waves,another case with a slight movement of the earth such as plates or seismic shift in the wavegenerated is discrete.Thus our earth does not rotate much less evolved with a speed of 30 km / s or about 1/6EXP-11parsek / sec, because if the earth moves in this way it will produce a graph that reallydescrete.Why U.S., Japan and Europe did not conclude Thus when those who have done thisexperiment?Answer:1.They not know yet.2.They hide knowledge.D.Earths Magnetic Field technology and secretTo study the magnetic properties of a substance needed a room that has a magnetic field ishomogeneous in the sense of liberated from the influence of the magnetic field requiredEarth.Thus a coil with the size, number of windings and the electrical current as well as the sizeof the room. proved with the coil Helmholtz in Oakland University.With the experimentalresults:"Emitted by Earths magnetic field to influence dispensed by the Helmholtz coils aresimultaneously and keep the size and shape are not discrete (discrete in the sense here is lost andnot fixed in number)."Lets study!The above proves the earth is motionless. if the earth moves, there will be major changes inEarths magnetic field which means a Helmholtz coil can not be determined whether the current,magnitude and number of these the coil. appropriate formula:dB = m / qr * dvPerum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 5
  6. 6. However, the reality in Kettering Magnet Laboratory (USA) proved that the measure of electricalcurrent, magnitude and number of the Helmholtz coil windings can be set to be able to negate theinfluence of Earths magnetic field and create a homogeneous magnetic field to be able to assessthe magnetic properties .With Thus, it is proving no major changes Earths magnetic field whichmeans that the earth does not move.Thus, the designer known secret is the earth as Helmholtz coils producing a magnetic field ismotionless, so the magnetic field of the earths surface with such a large amount of electriccurrent and the coil can be determined.E.Fact Motionless Earth Vs. Theory of the Earth rotatesRound 1:MODERN EXPERIMENTSActually in fact an experiment conducted Michelson-Morley experiment to prove the existenceof ether precisely the experimental results are evidence that the earth is!In this experiment, did not reveal any shift in the interference pattern in the sense of the speed oflight is emitted in an upright position or direction or opposite direction to the rotation of the earthmust have found a marked difference in speed with the lapse of time from the capture detector,but the result is not found the time difference means any position of the speed of lightemitted is the same speed.This happened not because of the absence of ether, as they say, but instead it is a fact that theearth is motionless.cause in physics, gravity influenced the speed of light (note thegravitational red-shift experiment) which means if true then the earth rotates should eachfiring position the light source will affect the speed in the presence of ether or not there(think about it), because that affects the speed of field rotation (if there is rotation) to light,instead of ether.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 6
  7. 7. Examples of reality:We ran on a moving escalator in oxygenated room.let us take heed!clearly that affect the speed of change we ran was a moving escalator instead of oxygen.Thus, this experiment proves the absence of "escalator that moves" in the sense that the earth ismotionless.ADVICE FOR SCIENTISTS:Ether is a chemical compound that is supposed to make it easier to detect its presence in the aircarried out chemical analysis rather qualitative analysis, rather than by interference of ligth. if so,this is difficult to looking for copper ions in solution with a light reflection system, of course thisis difficult, for it should be done with the addition of chemical that is form a precipitate.Thenprecipitate Cu(OH)2 are invisible to the eye.Round 2:Foucault pendulumFoucaults pendulum movement deviates each specified time and claimed as evidence of theearth rotates is not true.Proof:Lets make a simple pendulum of an object or see the original pendulum clock, then for 24 hourswe will not see the pendulum deviation, unless there is interference from the air or the end of therope pendulum.Hypothesis:Our suspicion as a team of researchers located at the end of the Foucault pendulum poleconnected to a pulley system and under a field of sand which marked deviations pendulum. Sofrom here Foucault attempted to engineer the earth rotates.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 7
  8. 8. Round 3:We are certainly influenced by the driving forces of gravity and of course we feel the car ismoving, as are we up plane.Then if the earth rotates, why we do not feel it? (Of course there isthe influence of gravitational force)Answer:Because the earth is motionless.Fact:If the earth rotates with the Earths radius of about 6400 km in 24 hours, it means velocityapproaching 1600 km / hour.Note!whether the speed of 1,600 km/h did not feel to us of course there is gravity while riding a carwith a speed of 80 km/h of course we really feel it in the car also in the influence of gravity.With a sure course we do not feel the earth move, which means the earth is motionless.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 8
  9. 9. CHAPTER 3 :HOW THE SUN EVOLVE TO THE EARTHNow we have a question, if the earth is motionless then how the sun revolution to the earth?Answer:let us reflect on the previous word being the main creature; Rasululloh shollallohualahiwasallam says:From Abu Dhar rodiyallohuan:"Rasululloh shollallohualaihi wasalam said: do you know where does the sun go? Thecompanions said: Allah and Apostle know better. He said: the real sun so that it runs up to thecirculation beneath the Throne, then he prostrated , he remained always like that so it is said tohim: Arise! back as before you came! then he went back rises from the place of publication ... "(HR.Bukhori: 4802, Muslim: 159, Ahmad: 5 / 145)Salaf scholars (diviners everything based on the words and deeds of the apostles) did agree thatthe sun moves and the earth motionless.Then how the science of astronomy which has suggestedthat the earth is rotating?he said we must believe with the apostle and his clerical opinion, why?said:His words Salllahu alaihi wa sallam:‫ض الل ة ع لى و س لم ع ل يه ا هلل ص لى محمد أمة ي جمع ال ا هلل ف إن ب ال جماعة ع ل ي كم‬Keep you together then surely Allah do not let gather people of Muhammad on the error.With a little opening at the top now let us look into the real science of scientific evidence:Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 9
  10. 10. A. Lorentz force CAUSED THE EARTH MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE SUNElectron currents of the earth and the line/flux Earths magnetic field that extends from the southpole with a tilt angle approaching 11 degrees, the sun will affect the result of the sun willexperience a Lorentz force resulting from the interaction between electrons and magnetic fieldof the earth, so that the sun moves around the earth .note:Lorentz force occurs due to the Earths magnetic field flux which fuse with the phonon (thedistance between the electron interaction energy) whose energy is energy that maximum.Phononexperience because it is on the influence of high temperature solar distance of interactionbetween the electrons lead to dilated or have a large wavelength , this is in accordance with theformula:phonon length (ta) = lambda ^ 2/ba (the distance an electron to nucleon)so the major obstacles to the flow of electrons of the earth according to the formula:E=V^2/R*ttherefore the dynamo technology, to accelerate the speed of the armature rotary done:1. the addition of coil windings.2. addition of temperature on the system dynamo.both are made to increase the resistance system dynamo, so that the resulting Lorentz force isgreater effect rotation speed of the solar dynamo increase.the corelation with the revolution thatis with a high temperature of the sun it will increase the resistance system electric-magnetic theearth so that the Lorentz force generated as a result of the revolution speed of the sun to theearth, according to:F=B*V/R*lPerum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 10
  11. 11. B. DISTANCE FROM THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH TO THE SUNThe average peak wavelength spectrum emitted by the sun is 1.75 nanometers, so that byentering into the following equation:lambda = C / TE = mc (t2-t1) = mgh = mc ^ 2with a note:lumped energy equation above because in fact the light its movement is influenced by gravity(gravitons) as symptoms of "gravitational red-shift", and a light touch with the movement ofelectrons through a medium heat (note the relationship between experimental scientists andelectron heat), and the formulation is based on techniques to calculate the distance to theradiation heat source heat:"Radiation source that emits heat and light that can be measured the distance with the conceptthat objects emit radiation with a certain temperature can be determined the distance from thedetector (microwave diode detector) with the formula:s = mc (dt2-dt1) / Bilfor the distance of the sun and the earth as the source of radiation (in this case the sun) emitforms of radiation of light and heat and the temperature of the sun is very high then theformulation is used:E = mc ^ 2 = mgh = mc (dt2-dt1) "to obtain an average temperature of the sun approaching 8 million degrees Celsius and theaverage distance to the sun the earths surface near 800 km.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 11
  12. 12. C. MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT OF THE SUNThere are two possibilities:1. plasma composed of hydrogen (actually a mixture of proton, deuteron and triton complex) asfuel.2. the two materials making up the hydrogen plasma and plasma of other combustible gases, egmethane, ethane, propane and ether.The second possibility is equally as strong because:a.It can be alone solar hydrogen plasma composed only so that when the fire burned the originalnodes * (transparent) because the direct contact with air (air burning) of the earth then becomesyellow because at an altitude of 800 km from the Earths surface there is still a layer of air. whatabout the science of astronomy is now stating the sun is at a distance of 150 million km andis in a vacuum (without air)? means the appearance of sunlight should beclear(transparent) because the hydrogen flame will remain clear before contact (burn) othersubstances.* Hydrogen flame clear / translucent prior to contact with oxygen or gas or other materials basedon experimental results.The second obvious sun blazing flame will be colored because hydrogen has contacts with othergas plasma is a constituent.D. THE SPEED OF THE REVOLUTION OF THE SUN EARTHWith a peak spectral wavelength range from 0.2 to 3.0 nanometers in the form of the trajectoryof the sun to the earth is circular but rather oval because it has a range distance of the sun to theearths core than 6500 km - 7900 km, thus obtained:-Long orbit of the sun close to 45,000 km-Speed revolution of the sun to the earth is 524 m/s or close to 1900 km/hour.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 12
  13. 13. E. THE BALANCING OF SENTRIFUGAL FORCE IN STYLE ATTRACTIONSBETWEEN THE EARTH AND THE SUNcentrifugal, centripetal is essentially not exist in realityImbalance of the centrifugal force of the sun and the amount of upward force of air pressure dueto the sun with attractive forces between the earth and sun, so the sun does not fall to the earth orout of orbit, according to the formula:F1 = mv ^ 2 / rF2 = rho * VgF3 = G * m1 * m2 / r ^ 2F1 + F2 = F3With the solar revolution speed of 524 m / s and an average distance of the sun to the earths core7200 km and mass of the sun close to 1 kg (because the mass of plasma is very small), isobtained:F1 = 0.04 NF2 = 7.68 NF3 = 7.72 Nthen the mass of the sun which rose by 76.80% and atmospheric pressure at the point of qorib(the suns closest point to earth) the mass of the sun that rose 94.72%. This is what lead tochanges in season, because when the sun is at its qorib then the surrounding air pressure is highand if the sun is at its furthest point to the earth that is 7900 miles from the center of the earththen it works in reverse, with the angle of the suns orbit 11 degrees to the equator.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 13
  14. 14. F. DISTANCE TO EARTH MONTHNearest point and farthest moon from the earthWith the moon on the earths orbit angle is greater than the angle of the sun to the earths orbit tothe equator of the earth * and when the angle between the Earths moon, sun and moon distanceof 26.67 degrees and the average surface of the earth-sun is 800 km, then the sine rule we candetermine the distance of the earth-moon, with the formula:sin 26.67 degrees = 0.448851sin 26.67 degrees = x/800then the average distance from the surface of the earth to the moon is approaching 359 km, ofcourse just the distance to the moon because the moon would be closer rather than a collection ofgas that is heavier than the sun.* This is why we will never see the moon is right close to 90 degrees above us and the moon willnot precede and collide with the sun.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 14
  15. 15. CHAPTER 4 :THE CORRECTIONA.Correction Against Hubble ObservationsTo support the big bang theory, Hubble presented its findings that he’s theory that stars whichhe observed was always moving away emit radiation within the meaning of red, he further statesthat the universe including the we are expanding like a balloon.Whereas the right conclusion for the results of his observations is that the radiation or lightemitted by the detector telescope has been slowed by the force of gravity, so which emitradiation of light red when the first radiation who has been slowed by the gravity of the earth, sothat the beam of light through the long wavy captured detector (red radiation).This can be understood by the gravitational red shift experiment that shows every radiation /light emitted will be slowed by the speed of gravity, so the greater the angle of the earths surfacethe stronger the influence of gravity to weaken its speed.Thus Hubble theory which states that the universe continues to expand is wrong, because thelogic was where perhaps the entire universe including the we continue to expand everysecond with a speed so parsek while we do not realize that our body inflates like crackersskin?O prosecutors realized science! as well as a lecturer who said to us "the earth is rotating with aspeed of 800 km / h, we did not feel it because the speed is fixed so that no moment ofinertia", so we said "if you do not re-read your physics books that when changing theposition of the Earth perihelium point to point aphelium not been major changes both interms of the distance scale of the earth to the sun and the rotational speed? then where arethe moment of inertia and centrifugal force exceeds the magnitude of the force of gravityon the body of every human being? "Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 15
  16. 16. B.THE FACT IN LHC (Large Hadron Collider)With nuclear sub-art research tools to prove that the expanding energy of the universe is not amatter of the universeLet us consider the stages of the events of the compilers of the motion of atomic nuclei can beobserved by the most sophisticated tools of this century the LHC (Large Hadron Collider):LHC⊙ With the events of cosmic rays hit atoms of atmospheric gases who then explored themechanism of strange quarks are always interchangeable decays into bosons and charm quarks⊙ while the charm quark will always decays into bosons and anti-down quark.Then ⊙ anti-down quark decays will continue to produce with bosons or energy⊙ From this it is concluded that who’s expands in every direction is not matter (closed string)but the energy (open string)Thus the ever-expanding universe of matter is not widespread but is the energy emitted by eachparticle nature of the discovery of Hubble universe.While that the star is moving away or movingin a sense extends the sky (because it emits a red wave), know exactly is causing this happens isbecause sources to detect the emitted light wavelength is what weakened by the influence ofgravity so as to produce a red emission (red-shift).Proof:In the gravitational red-shift experiments demonstrated that each photon must have its movementslowed by gravity so that the wavelength continues to weaken.Of course this will straighten out the facts about the discovery of the radiation spreads in alldirections are found by scientists in support of the big bang theory.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 16
  17. 17. CHAPTER 5 :FINAL CORRECTION FOR WORLD ASTRONOMY SCIENCESo where lies the fault of astronomy as we learned?It turns out that the location of faults missed by the scientific method as follows:Core CorrectionAstronomy is the core assumption Mistakes That Keep Light Speed Its value is 300,000 km / s,although facts prove that the speed of light changes according to the amount of power sources,such as the following explanation:The progress of science there was a disagreement among scientists about the determination of thespeed of light that should be explored further, as it can be a parameter the actual size of theuniverse because the universe is based on the measurement tool on the basis of the calculationspeed of light.There are several procedures to prove the speed of light, which in essence looking for the "lagtime" to slow the speed of light so it can be measured.In simple fact has been clear that any light that forms must be influenced by the presence ofelectron and positron energy "per package" 511 keV photons, and the formulation also explainsthat the speed of light are formed depending on the voltage source, this means the speed of lightis NOT CONSTANT.1. Simple experiment:Stage 1:Put the two fans in parallel with the views, front and rear behind.Fan rotated with a frequencylower than the fan who was in front, observe round rear propeller fan through the fan blades infront.observe and try with frequency variation between the front fan and rear.Stage 2:Put the red light behind the fan who played with some frequency variation rounds, observe andobserve all the lights in some variations of voltage.Perum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 17
  18. 18. Conclusion:From the observation can be concluded that the frequency of light in each of a differentvoltage is not constant, which means the speed of light varies according to the voltagesource.2. Modern Technology FactThat the Speed of Light Not Constant (300,000 km/sec), but changing accordance VoltageSourcesA. ForewordAfter completing that Einsteins theory which states that the speed of light remains at 300,000km / s is the phonon system judging from the findings of this recent technology, theres a reallyscientific evidence shows clearly that the speed of light depends on the voltage source that is inan AMD Phenom II processor.B. DiscussionScientific data are shown in the following processors:AMD Phenom II processor frequencyWith the processor core voltage close to 1 volt (exactly 1.345 V) is a formulation based on thefactors determining the speed of light phonon:(Formula)then obtained the speed of light (radiation) near 10 m/s, then to know the processor core withthe formulation:f = c / lambdaWith lambda = r/15 = 3 nmthen10/3EXP-9 = f = 3333 MHz nearPerum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 18
  19. 19. This is consistent with the detector data processor with a frequency of 3000 MHz core and closeto 3500 MHz when overclocking.AMD Phenom II overclocking frequencyC. ConclusionWith the above indicate that the speed of light is not fixed 300,000 km / s but still according tothe voltage of source. Therefore, measurement of the universe with constancy of the speed oflight-based telescopes should be corrected and the theory of the formation time path of thereaction triggered hadrons CERN scientists are lie, because his theory comes from the"Schwarzschild metric" which assumes that the speed of light remains.Wallohua’lamBatam,30 October 2011Abu Muhammad AlfatihPerum BRB blok A No.12 RT/RW 08/13-Sei Langkai-Batam Page 19