Absolutivity theory


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Absolutivity theory

  1. 1. absolutivity 2012 April 4, 2012Scientific paper school INMA
  2. 2. absolutivity 2012A.IntroductionTo correct the heliocentric theory of relativity and which have been studied in variouslevels of education, so we compiled a absolutivitas fact that the inspiration of our fellowbrothers.B.Absolutivity formula April 4, 2012Scientific paper school INMA
  3. 3. absolutivity 2012 April 4, 2012Scientific paper school INMA
  4. 4. absolutivity 2012C.Explanation of absolutivity formula1) The formula relating absolutivitas about the influence of the earth graviton(gravitational pull) to light. Abs1Description:Alif = the distance light travels during one yearc = 300.000km / s (speed of light on the light source voltage of about 900 trillionvolts).g = acceleration of gravity (10 N / Kg)Formulation of the above explains that the total distance the amount of light is affectedby gravity in the sense of the speed of light is slowed by gravity.The fact justifying thisformulation the red-shift experiment with a detector of gravitational Fe (iron atoms). April 4, 2012Gravitational red-shift experiments that showed any radiation / light emitted by the speedwill be slowed by gravity, so the greater the angle of the earths surface the stronger theinfluence of gravity to weaken its speed.Scientific paper school INMA
  5. 5. absolutivity 20122) The formulation of the theory of heliocentric absolutivitas Abs2Description:Alif = the distance light travels during one yearc = 300.000km / s (speed of light on the light source voltage of about 900 trillionvolts).g = acceleration of gravity (10 N / Kg)t = time (seconds)Proving that one year is 354 days. With this, the heliocentric theory is false, as in thecalculation of years of history in BC are experiencing the error "number of days on a few April 4, 2012centuries ago.Scientific paper school INMA
  6. 6. absolutivity 20123) Formulation absolutivitas speed of light Abs3Proof of this formula can be derived from scientific data processor AMD2 following:With the processor core voltage close to 1 volt (exactly 1.345 V) is obtained by the speedof light (radiation) is approximately 10 m / s, then to find a processor core with theformulation: f = c / lambda With lambda = r/15 = 3 nm then f = 3333 MHz 10/3EXP-9 = close April 4, 2012This is consistent with the processor code is a detector with a core frequency of 3000MHz and 3500 MHz when overclocking approach.Scientific paper school INMA
  7. 7. absolutivity 2012This proves that the speed of light is not constant (300,000 km / sec), but vary accordingto the voltage source, please compare the calculations with intel atom processor is theaverage voltage of 0.9880 volts.4) The absolutivity formula of black-hole Abs4This formulation illustrates that the black hole is a form of energy-puller is formed from aneutron decay of some parts of the nucleon-powered suction depends on the magnitude ofthe decay of the source material of each object in the universe and do not establish a timetunnel. April 4, 2012Scientific paper school INMA
  8. 8. absolutivity 20125) The absolutivity formula of magneton earth April 4, 2012 Abs5Scientific paper school INMA
  9. 9. absolutivity 2012This formulation describes the earth as a giant magnet source in terms of micro tomacro approach the round-shaped neighborhood, which is why atoms, earth and sky 7layers of circular shape in his description.D.The function of absolutivity formula1) The formula abs1 serves to prove that the speed of light is slowed by the gravitationalpull of the earth, according to the fact red-shift experiment with a detector ofgravitational Fe.2) The formula abs2 serves to prove that the earth does not rotate and evolve, because theformula is proved that the calculation of the AD is framed as a center of reference that thesun and the Earths solar system evolved, and rotates about it is wrong, the fact that BChas experienced an error calculating the number of days within 1 year in the past fewcenturies.3) The formula abs3 serves to prove that the speed of light varies according to the voltageof the light source.4) The formula abs4 serves to prove that the black hole is a form of energy towing and noproof of a time machine.5) The formula abs5 serves to prove that the form of atoms, earth and sky close tospherical. April 4, 2012Scientific paper school INMA
  10. 10. absolutivity 2012E.The fact that support absolutivity formula1) Experiment gravitational red-shitThe total distance the amount of light is affected by gravity in the sense of the speed oflight is slowed by gravity.The fact justifying this formulation the red-shift experimentwith a detector of gravitational Fe (iron atoms). Gravitational red-shift experiments thatshowed any radiation / light emitted by the speed will be slowed by gravity, so the greaterthe angle of the earths surface the stronger the influence of gravity to weaken its speed.2) Evidence of silent earthi.delineation of satelliteMore and more evidence of the advanced technologies that prove that the earth isstationary (not rotating and evolving)Here are the results of satellite observations of the interferometer in which one of them toprove the earth is actually silent: a) imaging satellite melelui prove that the earth is shaped somewhat oval to the right and left side, with fingers close to 6400 km in the region near the equator and 6300 km in the polar regions. b). The absence of a conical shock wave emission on all sides. c) The surface of the earth is not flat.Lets look, the rules of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, if the earth really move with April 4, 2012the rotation speed approaches 1 mach (nearly 333 m / s) and evolved with close to 300mach speed, then it should be found that the shock wave beam interferometer arrestedsatellite.Thus, our earth is stationary (does not rotate and evolve) so there were no such conicalshock wave.Scientific paper school INMA
  11. 11. absolutivity 2012ii.symptom of Geodetic wrap : No Evidence of Earths rotationSymptoms Geodtic wrap is symptomatic of the energy of the body mass to archdimensions around.this is was once described by scientists, but they had to explain:"why such energies appear simultaneously on our earth?The answer of course because our earth is not rotating is silent, because if the earthrotates, the energy geodetc wrap will be erased by the motion of the Earth.The effect of geodetic wrap can be seen at the event: a). As we drove through a tree by motorcycle.When drove, then the frequency of air around the tree will sound higher. b). Among us there are two fingers clamp the arch dimensions of air that can pass the light like a concave lens, therefore it can only be observed by people with myopia.iii.Technology of Trigger Effect : Earth Center of the Universe is the factEarth stucture based on recent experimental studies by means of a trigger tool "triggereffect with the basic principle of the experiment:When we give a series of explosions that blast frequency exceeds a threshold frequencyof total particle layer of the earth, then each particle in the layer of the Earth will reflectthe frequency of excess, the excess frequency which is then received by the detectoraccording to the type of particles of matter.This principle applied also to the technology now in AAS (Atomic Absorption April 4, 2012Spectrometry).With this experiments on the obtained results: a).Layer of the Earths core consists of molten iron and nickel at high temperature.Scientific paper school INMA
  12. 12. absolutivity 2012 b). The middle layer there is a vacuum layer that serves as the style of levitation of the towing force in atasnya.Lapisan vacuum coating as applied to a nuclear bomb to stabilize the position of U-238. c). The outer layer is composed of several layers of rock and soil. d). Wavelength particles emitted by each layer are simultaneous, it is at the evidence that the earth is silent, as if the earth moves it will produce a discrete wavelength, as the analysis of seismographic readings resulting in the following: Arc of the small waves that are generated simultaneously between body waves andsurface waves, another case with a slight movement of the earth such as plates or seismic shift in the wave generated is discrete.Thus our earth does not rotate much less evolved with a speed of 30 km / s or about1/6EXP-11 parsek / sec, as if the earth moves in this way it will produce graphics thatreally discrete.iv. Technology of Earths magnetic field and the secretTo assess the magnetic properties of a substance needed a room that has a magnetic fieldis homogeneous in the sense of liberated from the influence of the earth magnetic fieldrequired.Then a coil with the size, number of windings and the electrical current as wellas in a certain room size has been evidenced by the coil Helmholtz in OaklandUniversity.With experimental results:"Earths magnetic field emitted to the effect abolished by the Helmholtz coils are April 4, 2012simultaneously and keep the size and shape are not discrete (discrete in the sense of losthere and not fixed in number)."Lets review!Scientific paper school INMA
  13. 13. absolutivity 2012The above proves the earth is not earth moving.Cause if there will be major changes inEarths magnetic field which means a Helmholtz coil current is not well defined, and themagnitude of this number, as defined the coil.That is match with this formula : dB = m / qr * dvHowever, the reality in Kettering Magnet Laboratory (USA) proved that the measure ofelectrical current, the magnitude and number of the Helmholtz coil windings can be set toeliminate the influence of Earths magnetic field and create a homogeneous magneticfield to be able to study the magnetic properties. Thus, it is proving no major changes inEarths magnetic field which means that the earth does not move.Thus the designer is known secret is the earth as the Helmholtz coils producing amagnetic field is stationary, so that the magnetic field of the earths surface with such alarge amount of electric current and the coil can be determined.v.The Fact of Silent Earth Vs. Theory of the Earth rotatesRound 1:MODERN EXPERIMENTSIn fact the actual experiment performed Michelson-Morley experiment to prove theexistence of ether is precisely the experimental results evidence that the earth isstationary.watch!In this experiment, did not reveal any shift in the interference pattern in the sense of thespeed of light is emitted in an upright position or direction or opposite direction to the April 4, 2012rotation of the earth must have found a marked difference in speed with the timedifference from the results of the capture detector, but the result is not found the timedifference means any position of the speed of light emitted is the same speed.Scientific paper school INMA
  14. 14. absolutivity 2012This happened not because of the absence of ether, as they say, but instead it is a fact thatthe rotation of the earth is not clear exist.Cause in physics, gravity influenced the speedof light (note the gravitational red-shift experiment) which means that if true the earthrotates should each firing position the light source will affect the speed with or withoutthe ether and there is no (think about it), because that affects the speed of field rotation(if there is rotation) to the light, instead of ether.Examples of reality:We ran on a moving escalator in oxygenated room.Lets look!clear that affect the speed of change we are running a moving escalator instead ofoxygen.Thus this experiment proves the absence of "a moving escalator" in the sense that theearth is stationary.ADVICE FOR SCIENTISTS:Ether is a chemical compound that is supposed to make it easier to detect its presence inthe air made precise chemical analysis of qualitative analysis, rather than by interferencelight. if so, this is like to looking for copper ions in solution with a light reflection system,of course this is difficult, for it should be done with the addition of chemicals that areformed precipitate.Then precipitate Cu (OH) 2 are visible to the eye.Round 2:Foucault pendulumFoucault pendulum that moves every time distorted and claimed as evidence of the earthrotates is not true.Proof: April 4, 2012Lets make a simple pendulum of an object or see the original pendulum clock, then for24 hours we will not see the pendulum deviation, unless there is interference from air orend of a string pendulum.Hypothesis:Scientific paper school INMA
  15. 15. absolutivity 2012Our suspicion as a team of researchers located at the end of the Foucault pendulum poleconnected to a pulley system and under the sand terrain irregularities which marked thependulum. So from here Foucault tried to manipulate the earth rotates.Round 3:We are certainly influenced by the driving force of gravity and of course we feel the caris moving, as are we up plane.then if the earth rotates, why we do not feel it? (Of coursethere is the influence of gravity)Answer:Because it is the earth silent.Fact:If the earth rotates with the Earths radius of approximately 6,400 km in 24 hour.It meanvelocity approaching 1600 km / h.Note!whether the speed of 1,600 km / h is not felt by us, of course there is gravity while ridinga car with a speed of 80 km / h of course we really feel it in the car also in the influenceof gravity.With confidence we certainly do not feel the earth move, which means the earth isstationary.3.The existence of neutrinoNeutrino is a closed string particle of the lepton class is smaller than the electron, thegravitational force is not affected because these particles have no charge, so that theseparticles remain in the position number.Neutrino hemisphere can be generated by naturalor artificial, with one of the mechanisms :"In an atom of a substance occurs a recycling the withdrawal of free neutrons by protonrelease from the nucleon and nucleon resulting from the decay of neutrons with energy April 4, 2012without mediation (intermediate energy) in the form of W-bosons that are produced (inthis decay) a neutrino. "The number of neutrinos in the hemisphere position in Asia (eastern) and western regionsare different based on the data super Kamiokande detector located in Japan and theSudbury Neutrino Detector Observatory (SNO) in Canada.Scientific paper school INMA
  16. 16. absolutivity 2012Proof:143exp6-detection event in sno (Wikipedia)-36exp6 event or 3.6 hits in 100 ns in detection superkamiokande (u-tokyo.ac.jp)(Detection without recurrence please visit their website)The second detector in the basement is designed to be unaffected ambient conditions.The relation between the presence of neutrinos in the earth with the silence of the earthwhich lies in the difference in the number of neutrinos detected by the difference betweenthe position of the earth that one hemisphere to different hemisphere.Lets pay attention!sentence on the block, this indicates that there are detectable differences in the number ofneutrinos due to differences hemisphere position where sk-detector with a sno-detector.This is strong evidence that the Earth does not rotate because if the earth rotates theexchange should occur between the detection value sk-detector with a sno-detectorbecause of the position of the western hemisphere has been changed to the position ofeastern hemisphere, while the number of neutrinos will always remain in position.F.Absolutivity Vs RelativityAbsolutivitas theory based on the formula c2 alif   c t gIn terms of formulas ended with:s = s (authentic)s = distance formulation April 4, 2012While the calculations of general relativity theory formulated by Karl Schwarzschild:where:Scientific paper school INMA
  17. 17. absolutivity 2012is the Schwarzschild radius;is the gravitational constant;is the mass of the object;is the speed of light in vacuumIn terms of formulas ended with:s = 2s (not authentic)Pay attention!That the basic formulation of the theory of relativity Karl is one of the terms of theformulation because it is not possible if one goes as far as 2 meters and then said that hehad to walk 4 meters?!This is similar to the error that occurred in the formulation of Boolean algebra, asfollows:In the formulationxvx = x (the theory of idempotent) (the "v" is "+")with translationxvx = (x v x) 1 (identity theory) = (X v x) (x v x ) (the theory of negation) = Xv (x x ) (distributive theory) >>> this point that we need to consider = X v 0 (the theory of negation) =Xwith the explanation of the above then if x = 1 will be obtained 1 v 1 = 1 or 1 +1 = 1,,,STRANGE isn’t it ?apparently this happens because the distributive theory explanation of the above stages.but if we look at the formulation : April 4, 2012x v (y z) = (x v y) (x v z)then at any time until we will not get the value of this formula,exactly we do not find thetruth, although y = 0.0000000000001 and z = oScientific paper school INMA
  18. 18. absolutivity 2012EVIDENCEEg.x = 1, y = 0.0000000000001, z = 01 + (0.0000000000001 (0)) = (1 +0.0000000000001) (1 +0)1 = 1,0000000000001course of the above is false, although the difference is very small.Then it continues with misconceptions about the black hole, with the formula:This formulation illustrates that the black hole is a real form of physical matter isinfinitely powerful suction and can lead to another dimension in the sense of forming atime machine, of course this is contrary to reason that people can return to the past with aexplosion.To correct this the fact absolutivitas about the black hole can be formulated as follows: ev 3 c2 ev 3 2 alif  2  c lim 40 v lim 41 ta  ta This formulation illustrates that the black hole is a form of energy-puller is formed from a April 4, 2012neutron decay of some parts of the nucleon-powered suction depends on the magnitude ofthe decay of the source material of each object in the universe and do not establish a timetunnel.Scientific paper school INMA
  19. 19. absolutivity 2012G.ClosingClosing prayerBatam, 12 Jumada early 1433 April 4, 2012Rizal PahleviScientific paper school INMA