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  • Hello readers, thanks for all the views and thank you for the comment. The story could be better but thanks for taking the time to see it, all of you. Cheers!
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  • I think you should become a professional writer Riya....interesting plot and overall a good story. .......
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  • 1. One dark night Anahita glanced at her watch impatiently and sighed in exasperation. Nina wasn’t showing any signs of leaving the party and it was already two am in the morning. Anahita did not want to drive to her college dorm alone at the dark of night, especially with the sinister rumors of werewolf on the mountain roads doing the rounds. Pushing through the crowd of dancing bodies, Anahita made her way to where Nina was dancing with a gorgeous and tall boy. But right now all Anahita wanted to do was go to bed and get some zzzz! Angrily, she caught hold of her roommate and friend’s slender shoulder with an annoyed glance at the startled boy as she pulled Nina aside. “ What, buddy? You are such a party pooper!” exclaimed Nina in annoyance, trying to free herself from her exasperated friend’s firm grip. “ Come on, tomorrow is Sunday. We don’t have classes. If you wish, you take the car and leave. I will catch a ride with someone else or stay at Pinkie’s place here.” Pinkie was having her usual weekend blast at her place and she was still raring to go. Anahita looked to where their beautiful hostess in a stunning red dress was holding court among a crowd of eager boys and shook her head. No wonder, her wonderful nocturnal parties were the secret to her popularity, not to mention her drop dead gorgeous looks. But right now Anahita had some points to make. She shook Nina a little to stress her point and her friend shrieked in pain. “ Do you realize that its going to be three in about an hour, in the morning?” she had to shout in Nina’s ear literally to make her hear over the cacophonous music.’ Nina groaned and rolled her eyes in disgust, shaking herself free from her friend’s hold. I have told you why I don’t wanna drive to the college campus alone, the roads are really scary and there is rumor of werewolf running loose. Nina snorted at her last words. “ Come on, Anu. This is the modern day and age. Don’t be stupid, you go on home. I will come soon” Nina hated it when her superstitious friend got all scared. She could never understand how her normally sensible friend believed in these things. Anahita went pale as Nina’s handsome dance partner approached them. “ Excuse me, madam.” He said with a curt glance at Anahita before taking Nina’s arm again. ‘ I think that we need to finish our dance.”
  • 2. Anahita was about to snap angrily that it was late when she suddenly noticed something. Nina was wearing her silver bracelet on her right wrist and as the guy’s hand touched it, he cowered back instantly with a look of horror and dislike. Nina had not noticed but Anu knew that werewolves were wary of silver things. Fear flooded her heart and she took her first good look at the man her friend had been dancing with. He was good looking, had dark hair, black eyes , a smiling face and a rugged physique. Movie star good looks but his eyes were cold, so cold and piercing that you had to wonder if he was human when you made eye contact. “ Yes, let’s go” said her friend and prepared to depart. But Anahita’s mind was racing. So he was the werewolf and he was at the party and her friend’s dance partner! Had he made Nina his target? What would he to do to her? How could Anu prevent her friend from going with him? “ Nina, don’t leave with him.” croaked Anahita in desperation. Both her annoyed roommate and the even exasperated dance partner gave her angry glares. Nina was livid because she wanted to have a good time and her partner because his prey was being held back. The silver bracelet would not protect her long if it slipped off or came off. Anahita was thinking furiously but now she had no choice. Pulling her friend away she glanced directly at her dance partner, speaking fearlessly though her heart pounded in terror. I know who you are. She said, bravely. Don’t try to come near my friend. Nina looked at her, startled while the guy initially looked surprised and then his eyes took on a warning look. WHAT CRAP ARE YOU SAYING, Anu? Said Nina. The guy laughed and said: It seems your friend is a bit crazy, Nina. Maybe I should leave if she doesn’t like me talking to you. Anahita pulled of Nina’s silver bracelet causing her to gasp in astonishment and held it out to the man who shrank back. If you are a human being, touch silver and prove it. She said and held it out. Nina was looking extremely confused by the scene going on and she yelled at Anahita:
  • 3. “ Anu, stop it! You are spoiling my enjoyment with your stupid beliefs!” The guy was nowhere to be seen by now and Anahita heaved a sigh of relief and gave the silver bracelet back to her furious friend. Part 2 Nina was at class the next day and Anahita had just come back to the dorm. Nina wasn’t speaking to her. After the man left last night, Anahita had literally dragged them back to the dorm. Nina had driven their rented car in sullen silence while Anahita sat beside her petrified of the murderous glance those inhuman eyes had given her as the humanly guised lycanthrope had left them alone for the time being. The campus newspaper was at the door and Anahita bent to pick it up as she glanced at headlines, while searching for the keys in her bag. Suddenly something made her bolt upright, unlocking the dorm door forgotten. TEENAGE COUPLE KILLED read one of the main pages which she quickly read through in absolute horror. A couple while getting a ride back to the dorm through the woods and mountain roads had been found dead in the morning by the policemen. It seemed that some clawed animal had attacked them and the place had been filled with blood. Another line read Werewolf Strikes Again. The bodies of the unfortunate victims had been sent for post mortem to determine the causes of death and their anguished parents were due to arrive soon after being notified. It seemed that the beast had attacked them savagely and ripped flesh from limbs and chest. Almost sick with terror and nausea at the graphic description and the faces of the people she had seen only last night lying dead beyond recognition in the newspaper, Anahita looked up and gasped. The boy of last night was grinning evilly at her. Her heart racing, Anahita saw that no one was in sight. It was almost evening and the campus was deserted. “ You recognized me right, pretty lady.” hissed the devil, bringing his mouth close to the terrified woman. I am the evil one and your hot little friend was my target last night had you not barged in. Pointing to the newspaper clipping in her shaking hand, he said, “ I was so hungry last night that’s why had to have two.” “ You monster , “ exclaimed Anahita, praying Nina did not return. “ What do you gain from claiming innocent human lives?” Suddenly she realized with terror that it was going to be full moon night soon and she was alone on campus with the werewolf. As if he had read her mind, the boy smiled devilishly. Yes , Anahita, yes. Now its you will die and then your body will be disposed of as if you are missing. Don’t worry, Nina will join you soon.
  • 4. Suddenly the full moon burst out from beyond the clouds and a strange guttural howl filled the place. Anahita stumbled away as the human ears started getting pointed and the face started growing into a snout like thing. His sharp fangs were coming closer and closer. Mustering her remaining strength Anahita unzipped her bag and her fingers closed over the silver crucifix she had kept with her ever since the murders began. Taking it out, she held it out in a blind direction in front of her before collapsing in a swoon on the ground. Part 3 “ Anu, Anu.” Nina’s anxious voice was like music her ears. As her vision cleared, Anahita found herself in their dorm bed with her roommate sitting next to her, looking worried. “ What happened? I came home and you were out cold on the doorstep, with your crucifix lying several feet away from you. Are you okay?” Still shaking from her near encounter with the devilish creature, Anahita looked at Nina and handed her the newspaper, relieved that they were at least on talking terms again. Nina scanned the newspaper articles and her face grew annoyed.” Anu, come on. Don’t tell me an educated girl like you is falling for these crazy tales. This couple probably had an accident. Yes its unfortunate and sad but whats there to be scared of I fail to understand. Why was your crucifix out? Did our werewolf visit you too?” she said the last sentence laughing a little. Anahita blanched at the nightmarish memory and snatched the newspaper away. “ Had not the crucifix been there, you would have come to find me like them.” She gestured wildly at the mangled bodies in the newspaper photos lying in a pool of blood as Nina looked sobered and then annoyed. Her friend obviously had werewolves on the brain. “ what kind of a crack was that, Anu? I was alarmed seeing you, I was going to call the others soon.” Anahita took Nina’s hand in her own and spoke calmly,” Nina please listen to me.” Swallowing, she chose her words carefully, “ Your dance partner showed up here and admitted that he was the werewolf. He was targeting you last night and got them instead. He almost killed me, Nina. I am lucky to be sane and alive. I know you are annoyed but I am trying to prevent you from going through the same horrors yourself. It wont be good for you.” Nina’s face was unreadable but at least she appeared to be listening for once. She took the articles from Anahita and began to read them in detail, somewhat to her friend’s relief.
  • 5. Part 4 It was the next day. Anahita had rented the car and driven into town to get some groceries. Nina was still at the library as she read and researched about all the books on werewolves. She could not believe her eyes. Anahita had been telling her the truth all along. He did have joint eyebrows, middle and index finger of the same length and once now she remembered with a horrified shudder when they had held hands and danced, she had felt his hairy palms. While they had been served chicken preparations at the party she recalled as she closed her eyes in sheer horror how he had almost torn it apart primitively. “ My god.” Nina whispered, petrified at having been dancing with a werewolf even unknowingly. She closed her eyes at the ghastly party scene flashed before her eyes and thought with gratitude of her faithful friend Anahita. Suddenly terror struck her heart. It was full moon again today because the last day when she had come to find Anahita senseless upon the doorstep of the dorm had been one too. “ Anu!” she whispered in absolute terror. Her loyal friend was driving back alone in the mountain roads. She must have forgotten today was full moon and the werewolf was after her! No no no! As fast as her legs would carry her, Nina started running back to the dorm, Nothing is gonna happen to Anu as long as I am alive, she vowed to herself. As she sprinted back to the dorm uttering prayers for her friend’s safety, a dark silhoutte of a hairy beast slipped away into the shadows. Part Five The moon was shining brightly in the dark night sky as Anahita humming to herself as she steered the car expertly along the winding mountain road stopped in mid tune as an announcement was made on the car radio “ Students are warned not to leave campus today as its full moon and the supposed werewolf may strike again. Please lock your dorm doors and be safe. How much truth is in the werewolf stuff isn’t sure but till the police have any leads about the murderer, please don’t take any chances.” The car came to a screeching halt as the terrified screams of a frightened woman filled the air. A couple of gleaming animal eyes were visible in the rear view mirror as a lofty furry wolf lifted itself from the back seat. Shards of broken glass were shattered round the dark road as Anahita
  • 6. struggled visibly to find her crucifix. A hairy arm with claws at the end flung her bag out the window as she screamed again. “ Nina!” screamed Anahita in blind panic, forgetting everything except the friend she had left behind at the dorm. The infernal wolf face moved closer.” “ She will be with you soon enough” his breath was coming on her face, “ Let go of her, you bastard!” said a familiar voice as the car door was wrenched open and comforting hands dragged the almost senseless Anahita outside. Not just Nina but a whole group of campus students with sticks, pre loaded guns and the town priest stood there. The werewolf growled menacingly and bared his fangs at the mob, causing some of them to back off and the others to stand in horrified fascination. He was hungry! But it was Nina who moved forward and looked the lycanthrope straight in the eye.” Be gone for good .” was all she said before a gun shot rang out behind her. The bullet was made of silver. Epilogue “ Thanks a lot, Anahita.” Nina hugged her friend in gratitude.” I am sorry I was such a beast to you. Without you I would have been dead by now.” Anahita smiled faintly at her friend sitting at the edge of her hospital bed. It would take her a little time to recuperate and she was under counseling too.” You dint but you were the real heroine of the piece!” Both of them laughed and hugged again. “ Hey Nina, do me a favor, would you?” “ Sure, Anu. “ “ Please don’t use the term beast again.” begged Anu as both of them exchanged glances and burst out laughing. The campus town terror was gone for good.
  • 7. ‘ ‘