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Slide Sharing & PDF Sharing


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An educational slide for those who are new to slide sharing and pdf sharing

An educational slide for those who are new to slide sharing and pdf sharing

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Slide Sharing & PDF Sharing
  • 2. What is Slide Sharing
    • The process of sharing presentations in the form of slides online.
    • A form of social media that is considered to be one of the most power tool in attaining marketing success.
  • 3. Sample
  • 4. Why use Slide Sharing
    • Helps market products and services online
    • Gives viewers an idea what the business is all about
    • Helps make your business visible online
    • Not all content is found on one page only
    • All content on slide shares are of quality
  • 5. Slide Share and SEO All content found on slide share sites are unique and of quality because site owners review your posts more stringently than any article directory in existence thus making Slide Sharing a reliable source of quality information. Doing online marketing using slides is more efficient and appealing than submitting articles on article directories, it generates more traffic and gives assurance in content quality
  • 6. 10 Ways to Master SlideShare
    • Leverage Content You Already Have
    • Pay Attention to Presentation Design
    • Include Calls-To-Action
    • Keep SEO In Mind
    • The Longer, the Better
    • Understand Online Presentations Are Different Than In Person
    • Don't Forget to Tag
    • Include Links
    • Create a SlideShare Version
    • Add Audio or Video
  • 7. One Big Advantage It is social media friendly thus making it popular in search engines.
  • 8. Sample
  • 9. Slide Sharing Sites PDF Sharing Sites
  • 10. How to slide share on Step 1: Create a PowerPoint presentation composed 15 to 19 slides Step 2: Log on to and then register Step 3: After logging in, click the upload button located at the upper right portion of the screen. Step 4: After clicking the upload button, you will then be prompted to find the location of the file to be uploaded, select the powerpoint file to be uploaded and then click the upload button.
  • 11. Thank You & Good Day