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Pepsi Holiday Campaign Adv420
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Pepsi Holiday Campaign Adv420


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Holiday Pepsi Campaign to increase brand awareness.

Holiday Pepsi Campaign to increase brand awareness.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Digital Marketing StrategyChristina Rivette ADV 420 Fall 2012 Pepsi Co.
  • 2. Pepsi Holiday CampaignWHATUse a holiday campaign to compete with Coke and promote Pepsi andall the brands associated with the company to build brand loyalconsumers.HOWThrough digital marketing- commercial, social media, mobileapplications and website implementations, Pepsi will be able to marketall the products in a creative way.
  • 3. SWOT•Trusted brand name •Currently, don’t have the•Established biggest share of the market.•Consistent •Limited budgets•Brand-loyal •Heavily saturated industry•Successful history Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats•Many tangible product •Heavy competition with Coca- benefits Cola•Non-traditional media •Health smart trend available to reach •Negative media •New competition •Popularity of functional drinks
  • 4. Target Market• 18-40 year olds is the target market, those who purchase holiday goods.• Holiday campaign will target holiday shoppers and spenders.• Outcome desired- Build brand loyal consumers and make them aware of all brands associated with Pepsi Co.• Promotional grand prize is a trip to warmdestination. Budget• 1.5 million to cover all marketing and media strategies. – Social Media team and implementation – Google Analytics – Website and mobile reconstruction – Grand prize vacation destination – Promotional Team – Implementation Team (websites, commercials)
  • 5. Creative Brief• Client – Pepsi Co.• What we want the advertising to do – Have Pepsi implement holiday spirit, by also involving all of their lines (snacks, drinks).• Target Market – 18-40 year olds• Target Market Considerations – affordable product that is easily available and trendy.
  • 6. ...Creative Brief Continued• Advertising Tone – festive, relatable, dominant, simple, and trendy.• Main problems the Brand is currently facing – Pepsi is not marketed enough around Christmas, as opposed to Coca- Cola. Pepsi also needs to make aware all of their product family for people that are brand loyal.• How our advertising will address these problems – Around Christmas, everybody pays attention to the holiday commercials. By implementing all Pepsi products, consumers will be made aware.
  • 7. Mobile Marketing• Smart Phone Application – One that provides brand and product awareness. – Is interactive and ultimately leads to a sale. – Have QR codes on all products that directly link to the mobile application when scanned by smart phone. – Pepsi consumers have the chance to be entered in a holiday competition to a tropical destination, along with winning smaller promotions. • Entry form for contest available through mobile application. • Users have the option of entering or using the mobile/tablet version. The promotions will inform Pepsi consumers of all the brands that are under the same company.
  • 8. Social Media• Earned media is the most important kind of media to this promotion. Bytargeting trend-setters, Pepsi will be able to create a following and thus, sharingthe insight that Pepsi has many other brands connected to them.• By retweeting or sharing Pepsi content, contestants will be entered to winsmaller promotional items. This is an easy way for Pepsi to have more reach, for$0.
  • 9. Internet Marketing• Google AdWords: – A $150 budget to implement a campaign that increases impressions on the first page of Google searches when relatable keywords are entered (brands of the snacks, drinks of Pepsi).• Website Implementation and Adjustments: – Implement pictures on the entering site of website that shows pictures of all the brands associated with Pepsi.• Customer Representative: – Have a customer representative chat option that customers can take their questions and concerns to, making for a positive interaction with the company.
  • 10. Measurement of Success•Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all havemeasurements of success installed. •Facebook- “Likes”, “Shares” •Twitter- “Followers”, “Retweets” •YouTube- “Number of views”•Google Analytics •Internet tracking system, recording the number of impressions during the period of holiday campaign on Pepsi and social media sites.•Customer Satisfaction •Review section on Pepsi website. •Allows customers to direct any kind of critique or compliment to the company.End Goal: By building brand awarenessthrough all these digital media outlets, with aholiday theme, Pepsi consumers will becomeaware of all brands associated with Pepsi.