Location-independent SharePoint


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User adoption. Geo-replication. Slow performance. Custom-code troubleshooting. Office 365 migration. These are some of the challenges you face with your SharePoint environment, but did you know that they all have something in common? Application performance infrastructure is essential to delivering the best SharePoint user experience, regardless of where and how SharePoint is deployed.

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Location-independent SharePoint

  1. 1. The case for location-independent SharePoint © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 1
  2. 2. Customer service and employee productivity require SharePoint performance “We wanted to streamline that process for our employees so they could focus less on tracking down documents and more on their actual work. At the same time, we wanted to create a better experience for the clients.” © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 2
  3. 3. Adopting Office 365 is transformational “The planned transformation was enormous and included infrastructure upgrades, data center consolidation, adoption of new applications, and site expansion – all at the same time.” © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 3
  4. 4. SharePoint performance issues slow user adoption and ROI “Users in Johannesburg, South Africa, had to wait almost a minute for a certain SharePoint page to load. © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 4
  5. 5. SharePoint performance issues can delay time-to-market “If we could save our researchers just 10 or 15 minutes per day through faster application performance, this type of solution would pay for itself in months.” © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 5
  6. 6. Latency • TCP windowing SF to NY = 70ms Result: Uploads / downloads up to 30x slower • Bandwidth congestion Complex Sites • Multiple stylesheets, multiple javascripts 150 elements per page is not uncommon Result: SharePoint site access up to 4x slower • More images, bigger images Geo-replication Extra hardware, complex administration • Cost and complexity Result: $90K for additional farm • Global search architecture Custom Code Inherited code, developer turnover • Troubleshooting in production Result: hours reviewing log files to fix • QA in development © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 6
  7. 7. Location-independent computing Turns distance and location into a competitive advantage by allowing IT to have the flexibility to host apps and data in optimal locations while ensuring flawless delivery and best user experiences • higher people productivity • better leverage of global skills/resources • radically reduced TCO © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 7
  8. 8. Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform Riverbed Performance Management™ Riverbed® Application Performance Platform™ Combines user experience, application, and network visibility to detect SharePoint issues before • SharePoint performs as expected end users notice • Data is always available when needed Try now! • Performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 8
  9. 9. Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform Steelhead Riverbed® Application Performance Platform™ The #1 WAN optimization for up to 30x faster SharePoint and Office 365, with 90% less traffic over • SharePoint performs as expected hybrid networks • Data is always available when needed Try now! • Performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 9
  10. 10. Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform Granite Riverbed® Application Performance Platform™ The only branch converged infrastructure that delivers local performance while enabling data centralization, • SharePoint performs as expected instant recovery, and lower • Data is always available when needed TCO. • Performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 10
  11. 11. Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform Stingray Riverbed® Application Performance Platform™ The #1 virtual application delivery controller (ADC) for scalable, secure, and elastic delivery of • SharePoint performs as expected SharePoint • Data is always available when needed Try now! • Performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 11
  12. 12. Branch Offices AppInternals Primary Data Center Steelhead Cloud Accelerator Steelhead Stingray App Delivery (w/Aptimizer) Steelhead Skipware Custom IT Portal Cascade Profiler SharePoint AppResponse Mobile Workers WAN or Internet Public Clouds Steelhead Mobile Cloud Steelhead Stingray Traffic Manager External Users Steelhead Cloud Accelerator BrowserMetrix © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 12
  13. 13. Customer service “[Clients] get a consistent experience whenever they visit the portal […] With Riverbed, we have a solid, robust platform that we don’t have to babysit.” – IT manager, professional services consulting firm © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 13
  14. 14. Adopting Office 365 “It was just amazing how much better Office 365 was with Steelhead: 300% performance improvement in some cases, sub-second response times now for anything – you wouldn’t know it was in Singapore.” – Branko Ceran, CIO, MTC Australia © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 14
  15. 15. User adoption “Although the primary benefit of Aptimizer is performance improvement, another is that it has improved the adoption of the intranet in those areas where performance originally lagged.” – Greg Stimson, financial and program manager, Golder Associates © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 15
  16. 16. Global collaboration “By accelerating previously slow and frustrating tasks like accessing data at other research centers, we are actually accelerating our product development cycle.” – Bernd Schwenk, Vice President of Information Management, ADVA © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 16
  17. 17. More Slideshare © RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 17