Rsc Cap Statement 2007


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Capability Statement

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Rsc Cap Statement 2007

  1. 1. Capability Statement Rivera, Sierra & Company, Inc. 2007
  2. 2. RSC in a Nutshell RSC is a management consulting firm specializing in training, technical assistance, policy research and evaluation in the areas of health, human services and human resource and workforce development. RSC is an 8(a) and HUBZone certified. RSC has NAICS code certification in all of the 54161 areas, 541690 and 541990. RSC’s clients include: ACF/OFA, SAMHSA, HRSA, HUD and DOLETA and nonprofit grantees thereof. RSC provides logistical support for federal agency meetings and conferences.
  3. 3. The RSC Motto: Expertise, not just facts RSC does not just gather facts that the government has already collated. RSC moves the mission of the agency forward by taking facts and, using expertise, providing the agency with new options and possibilities. RSC uses its expertise to enhance outsourcing through value-added service and opportunity. RSC creates partnerships and real relationships with agencies by always giving more that was required or expected.
  4. 4. The RSC Philosophy First, RSC believes in the strength of character of all people regardless of economic or social condition. Second, RSC believes in empowering the individual so that they can overcome barriers that prevent their success. Third, RSC believes in empowering organizations and agencies that work in health and human services field.
  5. 5. RSC and Education RSC has a strong commitment to the provision of quality education, a term which RSC considers synonymous with culturally competent education. RSC understands that the provision of culturally competent, quality education is critical to the effort to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities. RSC works with healthcare professional and academic institutions and community based organizations to assist them in developing infrastructure which allows them to effectively provide culturally competent services.
  6. 6. The RSC Service Array Technical Assistance Training Systems Analysis and Policy Analysis Conference and Meetings Capacity Building and Organizational Development
  7. 7. Technical Assistance Subject Matter Conferences and Meetings On Site Solution Development Grantee Training and TA On-site Grantee Monitoring & Auditing Organizational Retreats/Planning Sessions Cultural Competence and Diversity TA
  8. 8. Training Organizational and Individual Training Roundtables Experts Panels Focus Groups Customer Satisfaction Surveys Agency/Organization Staff Development Management Development Business Improvement Services
  9. 9. Systems Research/Policy Analysis Research and Development On-site Systems Analysis Policy Analysis for Agencies Evaluation of Programs Focus Groups & Qualitative Research
  10. 10. Conference/Meetings Support Design of Programs Research and Production of Materials Evaluation of Program Logistical Support Conference Follow-up
  11. 11. Capacity Building and Organizational Development Program Development Strategic Planning and Advocacy Sustainability Training for Grantees Grant/Proposal Writing Assistance Assisting Organizational Growth CBO Marketing Developing Cultural Competence Understanding Diversity Managing Organizational Growth Understanding Federal Requirements
  12. 12. Why RSC? As an 8(a) company with 7 more years in the program, we represent an easy procurement vehicle for fast action in support of agency objectives. RSC consistently provides over 100% of effort regardless of contract size or amount. RSC becomes a working partner with the government client to brainstorm and create new solutions that go far beyond the existing contract. RSC has a track record of performance.
  13. 13. Evaluations of RSC Performance Based Contracting Evaluations on file with National Institute of Health On November 16, 2000, CSAT evaluated RSC’s performance to date and found RSC’s performance to be “superior” in all seven evaluation categories: 1) customer satisfaction; 2) overall contract management; 3) meeting management tasks; 4) TA follow-up; 5) written materials; 6) speaking engagements; and 7) reports. On September 24, 2001, RSC’s evaluations for the period October 4 through April 3, 2001were superior in categories 1, 4 and 5 and excellent in categories 2, 3, 6 and 7. On February 8, 2002, RSC’s evaluations for the period April 4, 2001 through October 3, 2001 were outstanding in every category. On February 28, 2002, RSC received a formal Contractor Performance Evaluation for two years of the contract and received an overall score 4/4 and 3/4 for a total of 22 and an overall narrative rating of outstanding.
  14. 14. Offices at 1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 110 Rockville, MD 20852 301-881-4700 32 Court Street, Suite 1200 Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-858-0066