Proud Moments


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Proud Moments

  1. 1. This photo is my diploma that I received aftergraduating from Mary Ward Catholic SecondarySchool. A centre for self directed learning. Ittook me four years of learning how to prioritizeand how to handle time management. It was aschool where most of my friends had to leavedue to the independent study curriculum and Ifelt very accomplished knowing that I was ableto graduate from this school.
  2. 2. This photo is proof of being a licensed driver forofficially a year now. It has taught me to becomemore independent towards the responsibilitiesthat I have for myself and my family. It hastaught me to stand on my own and to stopdepending on my parents to be there every stepof the way. Gaining a license helped me tobecome a more self-reliant woman.
  3. 3. This picture shows my first ever job as a cashierat metro. It helped me become more socialtowards new people. It taught me to think onmy feet and how to handle the varioussituations that occur during my shifts. It hasgiven me experience in the work life and mademe become less reliant on my parents. It taughtme the lessons about money on how to spendwisely because money does not grow fromtrees.
  4. 4. The medals in this photo show my achievementsthat I accomplished in high school. The medalsrepresent the dance competitions that mydance team participated in. It is a hugeaccomplishment during my days in high schoolbecause it taught me how to work well in ateam, contribute my own ideas and become abetter person in general. Dancing with my highschool team has taught me to become a betterperson, to be a team player, and to stay humblein everything that I do.
  5. 5. This ribbon is an accomplishment I achieved inelementary school. As an active student, I hadmanaged to win first place in my schools crosscountry running club. Being a small girl, no onehad expected me to win first place. This was thefirst time that I believed in the saying that bigthings come in small packages. I was able toachieve something greater than I ever thought Iwould which made me extremely proud of whatI accomplished. This ribbon exemplifies a proudmilestone in my life that I will never forget.
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