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For my students in the security services

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  1. 1. Securety systems and services 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  2. 2. QUESTION: How can surveillance specialists prevent stealing?
  3. 3. -Plain-clothes anti-theft surveillance -Uniformed anti-theft surveillance -Checks of people and goods ANSWER: To start
  4. 4. QUESTION: What‘s a THIEF? Answer
  5. 5. ANSWER: A person who takes something that does not belong to him or her.
  6. 6. QUESTION: What are the jobs of the Holiday surveillors? Answer
  7. 7. ANSWER: International and external checks for irregularities. To start
  8. 8. QUESTION: Which other jobs are included in HOLIDAY GUARDING? Answer
  9. 9. ANSWER: Switching on the heating in good time. To start
  10. 10. QUESTION: Do you know any other jobs of the Holiday Surveillance? Answer
  11. 11. ANSWER: Opening and closing windows and roller shutters or emptying letterboxes To start
  12. 12. QUESTION: Does the Holiday Guarding include care and feeding of small pets? Answer:
  13. 13. ANSWER: Yes To start
  14. 14. QUESTION: What do the traffic specialists have to do? Answer
  15. 15. Answer: Traffic direction at crossroads Traffic direction on construction sites Traffic direction and car-parking services To start
  16. 16. QUESTION: Which services are offered on construction sites? Answer
  17. 17. ANSWER: Planning and implementation of a user-orientated security concept Permanent or random surveillance during all construction phases Checking of access permits Enforcement of work safety regulations To Start
  18. 18. QUESTION: What‘s the duty of a specially trained Prisoner Transport employee? Answer:
  19. 19. ANSWER: He is responsible that prisoners travel safely from A to B. To Start
  20. 20. QUESTION: Who may be in need of a bodyguard? Answer
  21. 21. ANSWER: People in the public eye. To Start
  22. 22. QUESTION: To where may these people have to be escorted? Answer
  23. 23. ANSWER: To their work To /in the office At events Durings business trips (also abroad) To Start
  24. 24. QUESTION: Can executive protection also be provided for other people? Answer:
  25. 25. ANSWER: YES For private people such as families. Escorts on the way to/from school can be provided. Zum Start
  26. 26. QUESTION: What does an employee, who works in a hospital, have to ask the arriving patients‘? Answer
  27. 27. ANSWER: What‘s your name? Where do you llive? What‘s your address? What‘s your phone number? What‘s the name of your Health Insurance? What kind of pain do you have? To start
  28. 28. QUESTION: When is Parking control needed? Answer:
  29. 29. ANSWER: During a special event. To Start
  30. 30. QUESTION: Which services are included in Parking Control? Answer:
  31. 31. ANSWER: Directing people to their parking space collecting parking charges at major events Managing public car parks Checking parked vehicles, including the issue and administration of fines Surveillance of private car parks on behalf of enterprises and institution To Start
  32. 32. QUESTION: What are the duties of the scecurity guards on the railway network? Answer
  33. 33. ANSWER: To warn the construction team of approaching trains To Start
  34. 34. QUESTION: How is the security guard informed of approaching trains? Answer
  35. 35. ANSWER: By radio (Should the automatic warning system fail, the Security guard can use a bugle to get workers to leave th area immediately.) To Start
  36. 36. QUESTION: What do the specialists have to do in case of a fire ? Answer
  37. 37. ANSWER: - They have to act according learnt theory and practical training - Introduction of correct behaviour - Self-protection and correct handling of small fire extinguishers To Start
  38. 38. QUESTION: Which services do Control Centre offre? Answer
  39. 39. ANSWER: Stand-by Services: receipt of your calls 24 hours a day Order Service: execution of orders and passing on of messages Control calls: checks by telephone to ensure that employess working alone in a factory or private persons requiring supervision are OK Emergency calls: Remote video surveillance Personal emergency calls and location of persons or vehicles To Start
  40. 40. QUESTION: What do the Intervention Services do? Answer
  41. 41. ANSWER: Rapid intervention on the site after receipt of an incident report Immediate measures to prevent consequential losses Alarming of police, fire brigade or ambulance Initiation of provisional repairs in the case of property damage, organisation of a guard service Checking the operational readiness of alarm systems and technical equipment and organisation of urgent escort and courier tasks. To Start