Abraham lincoln 16th president of the usa


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Some questions/answers concerning Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham lincoln 16th president of the usa

  1. 1. Answer
  2. 2. AnswerHe was the 16th President of the UnitedStates and was born in a log cabin inKentucky on February 12, 1809 and killedon April 15, 1865.Question
  3. 3. QUESTION:Was his father rich and educated or poorand uneducated?Answer
  4. 4. AnswerHis father was a poor farmer and carpenter and isconsidered to have been almost illiterate. He lostfarms three times after boundary disputes. Question
  5. 5. QUESTIONFor how many years did Abraham Lincoln go toschool and what kind of book did the family haveat home?Answer
  6. 6. AnswerLincoln had less than a year of schooling.I‘ve, however, read that his stepmotherurged him to read and that she was very close to himThe family owned a Bible and spent many hoursreading it.. Question
  7. 7. Despite the fact that he didn‘tgo to school he became a........Lincoln said that he had beenhelped by many people.Answer
  8. 8. AnswerHe became a lawyer.He would walk 17 miles to the countycourthouse in order watch the lawyerswork.He sat in the back of the courtroomand watched them as they shook theirfists and became red in the face! Question
  9. 9. Question When he was 21 he moved to Illionois. Do you know what he worked as then?Answer
  10. 10. AnswerHe spent a year laboring on a farm. It is said that heand his fellow laborer split 3‘000 rails in that year1830. Question
  11. 11. Question He worked in many jobs and he would always try to work on a skill which would help him when he became a lawyer. Can you think of some impotant moral attitudes he wanted to stick to? Answer
  12. 12. Answer I‘ve read that he tried to be honest and fair when he worked as a shopkeeper. When he worked as a postmaster he tried to get along with people. When he was a surveyor, a person who measured land, he tried to be accurate with the measurements.Question
  13. 13. QuestionHis wish to become a lawyer remained and he studiedwithout getting any sleep. He borrowed books froma .................. in the evening, read them during thenight, by the light of the fireplace, and brought themback in the ...................He passed the test in ........... and became a lawyer.Answer
  14. 14. Answer- Neighbour- Morning- 1836 Question
  15. 15. Question During this period he was elected to the Illionois legislature by the WHIG party. This name was chosen to echo the American Whigs of 1776, who fought for independence, and because"Whig" was then a widely recognized label of choice for people who identified as opposing tyranny. [2]What‘s the Wig party called today?Answer
  16. 16. AnswerTHE REPUBLICAN PARTYQuestion
  17. 17. QuestionDo you know who the educated Mary Todd, amember of a well off Kentucky family was? Answer
  18. 18. AnswerShe was Abraham Lincoln‘s wife. Despite the fact that shesuffered from terrible headaches and that she was alsomentally unstable, she supported her husband throughouthis presidency and was also with him when he was shot atthe Ford‘s theater in 1865. She never ricovered from thatshock.Before she married Abraham Lincoln, Mary was courted byLincoln‘s his long-time political opponent StephenDouglas.Question
  19. 19. Question 1 6 8 1 o u f rAnswer
  20. 20. AnswerIt started in 1861And it lasted 4 years Question
  21. 21. QuestionWhat was for Lincoln the most important thingin this war?Answer
  22. 22. AnswerThe President wanted the United States to remain one nation. It was in danger of beingdivided into two nations; the North and the South. Question
  23. 23. QUESTION?What did he say in his inaugural address in 1860 as faras slavery was concerned?Answer
  24. 24. Answer„I have no purpose, directy or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.“ Question
  25. 25. QuestionWhat was the most important success ofhis Emancipation Proclamation from 1863and the 13th Amendment ?Answer
  26. 26. AnswerHe was able to achieve two goals.1. Freeing the slaves and abolishing slavery in the Southern states for good.2. The country was able to remain a united nation. Question
  27. 27. QuestionBy whom was AbrahamLincoln assassinatedon April 14, 1865?Answer
  28. 28. Answer He was killed by John Wilkes Booth, an actor with extrimist views concerning politics and slavery.