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Big Bazaar Kandevili Growel mall

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Retail management

  1. 1. Team Member: Ritwik Sharma Jithish Nambiar Pratik Patel Rajshekhar Ganti
  2. 2. • Big Bazaar is part of Future Group founded in 2001. • Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarket in India. • There are 214 stores across 90 cities and towns in India covering around 16 million sq.ft. Of retail space • Big Bazaar offers a wide range of merchandise including fashion and apparels, food products, general merchandise, furniture, electronics, books, fast food and leisure and entertainment sections.
  3. 3.  Area- Growels Mall kandivali  Situated near Flyover and station  Big Bazaar is present on the ground floor, facing the entrance, hence, attracting the visitors.  Contact person-  Mr Tushar (Store manager)  Miss Forum (HR Manager)  Market Audit- SPAR
  4. 4.  Usually 5 miles radius covers all customers from the nearby areas like college students of different colleges etc. all the nearby residential. Overall 70-75% of customers are covered within these areas.
  5. 5.  HR Department  Finance Department  Marketing Department  Logistic  Sales Department  Customer Service Desk(CSD)  Administration Department
  6. 6. WEDNESDAY BAZAAR Big Bazaar introduced the Wednesday Bazaar concept and promoted it as “Hafte Ka Sabse Sasta Din”. It was mainly to draw customers to the stores on Wednesdays, when least number of customers is observed. According to the chain, the aim of the concept is "to give homemakers the power to save the most and even the stores in the city don a fresh look to make customers feel that it is their day.”
  7. 7. SABSE SASTA DIN Big Bazaar introduced the concept of "Sabse Sasta Din". The idea was to simply create a day in a year that truly belonged to Big Bazaar. MAHA BACHAT Maha Bachat as a single day campaign with attractive promotional offers across all Big Bazaar stores. It has attractive offers in all its value formats such as Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar - catering to the entire needs of a consumer.
  8. 8. Big Bazaar launched "The Great Exchange Offer", through with the customers can exchange their old goods in for Big Bazaar coupons. Later, consumers can redeem these coupons for brand new goods across the nation.
  9. 9. Bill Amount (Rs) Free Talk Time (Rs) 251 – 500 10 501-1000 20 1001-1500 50 1501-2000 90 Above 2000 150
  10. 10.  Pay Back Card  Big Bazaar offer pay back card to attract the new and to retain its existing customers  Its India largest and one of the Europe most successful multi partner loyalty program  With Payback customer can shop, save and get rewards
  11. 11.  All employee of future froup are given a special discount card known as EDC  Through this card the employee can buy any product at a special discount of 4% to 20%  Limit is fixed over EDC which varies over salary structure of the employee
  12. 12. • The store layout and design is perfect in creating image in the minds of the customers. • Plano grams store design-providing lots of space for customers to walk and see varieties of products without any difficulty. • It is designed just like convenience stores to make people feel that they are shopping in their local streets.
  13. 13. • Different section of apparels having all types of apparels for men, women, kids etc. • Different section for electronic goods, toiletries products, etc.  Decorative colour doing festivals • Straight rack to hold lots of apparels • Gondolas are good for food and grocery
  14. 14.  Software use- SAP  Minimum 50 benchmark  If less then 50 then SAP orders  MDQ (Minimum Display Quantity)
  15. 15.  Well Trained Staff  Appearance  Empowered Individual  Encouraged To Think Out Of The Box  Permanent as well as temporary employee  Call additional employee during % days offers  Use Scenario Planning as a tool for Quick Decision Making  Security Gaurds At All Gates  Long working hours  Highly Visible employees
  16. 16.  Source of Recruitment ◦ Consultancy Service ◦ Walk ins ◦ Employee Referrals ◦ Campus Recruitment  Selection Procedure: ◦ Interview ◦ Psychometric Test ◦ Group Discussion
  17. 17. Miss Forum (HR Manager) Mr Kranti (Beverages) Mr Bala (Staple Food) Heathcare Others Staff Staff Staff Staff
  18. 18.  Big Bazaar follow product code to know ◦ What has been sold ◦ To reorder products ◦ To know the quantities, types, colors, sizes and other characteristics of the product
  19. 19.  Value Pricing  Promotional pricing  Differentiated pricing  Bundling
  20. 20. 20
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  23. 23. ADVERTISING 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26.  Challenges ◦ Truck Unloading ◦ Bar Code Missing ◦ Price Fluctuation ◦ Inventory Shrinkage  Opportunities ◦ Behavioral pattern, preferences and expenditure capacity of Indian consumers ◦ Growing consumer power in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India ◦ IT trends in Indian retail industry and technological expansion
  27. 27.  From January sales start escalating and peak in October. November sees dip while December sees a surge in sales.  November to 15 January sales hit a trough and 20 January may witness a moderate rise.  For demand forecasting- customer footfalls are carefully measured and customer entries are scoured on day to day basis and reviewed on weekly basis.
  28. 28.  Operates 5 major verticals: Warehousing, Transportation, International Logistics, Brand Distribution and Reverse Logistics  Current warehouse footprint of over 3.5 million square feet with 67 warehouses across 32 locations.  Dedicated fleet of over 400 vehicles and an outsourced fleet of 400 trucks that move goods across India in the most efficient and cost-effective manner  Li & Fung, the Hong Kong-based largest retail supply chain company, is an investor and partner of Future Supply Chains.
  29. 29.  Big Bazaar is planning to open more hypermarkets in the country  To increase its annual turnover.  The company would be looking at smaller cities for the expansion.  The company is aiming for an increase in the numbers footfall.  The company planning to launch more offers  Big Bazaar plans to offer 24 hours delivery in metro cities and 48 hours in smaller cities.
  30. 30.  Types of visitors : ◦ college going student ◦ Families ◦ House wife  Major customers : ◦ middle class & upper middle class segment  Major target : ◦ House Wife ◦ Working Women  Average Footfall per day : 350-450  5 Day offer foot fall- 25000  Conversion rate : average 75%
  31. 31.  Strength ◦ Big Bazaar is one of the largest retail hypermarket in India with 214 stores ◦ It is owned by Future group, which owns other retail brands like Central Hypermarket, Brand Factory, Pantaloons, eZONE, HomeTown, ◦ It offers a wide range of product category ◦ The customers enjoy better shopping experience and discount offers
  32. 32.  Weakness ◦ Customers face delays in billing services during offer seasons ◦ Big bazaar doesn’t have wide range of branded products ◦ There were recent controversies with Big Bazaar for holding expired and adulterated stocks ◦ Offers are given only for selected brands
  33. 33.  Opportunity ◦ There are lot of opportunities available for expansion ◦ The volume of organized retailing in India is only 5-7% and players like Big Bazaar have lot of scope to fill the gaps ◦ The increase in disposable income of Indian middle class families and the increase in earning youth population have increased the buying potential ◦ The consumers are looking for purchasing products in malls and supermarkets
  34. 34.  Threats ◦ Availability of space to set up large infrastructure is difficult ◦ The government policies keep changing and the foreign players entering into retail segment may cause threats ◦ Training staff members and retailing is big challenge for human resources department