Marilyn Zombie Barbie

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Protector of glamor dolls everywhere!

Protector of glamor dolls everywhere!

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  • 1. In a world where time has been inverted and zombies roam hunting screen stars from every cinematic era, Marilyn Monroe Barbie innocently walks her cute but useless dog, Poopsie, in a dark, zombie- infested alleyway!
  • 2. A strange, unearthly noise disturbs their reverie! What was Whimper! that strange, unearthly noise? I’ll protect you, Poopsie!
  • 3. Brain very Yum! Tasty small Dinner! between though… -meal snack then!
  • 4. Oh no! ZOMBIES! What did she expect? Sheesh! Unknown to our harried heroine, she is standing on a grate, causing her skirt to billow, just like in “The seven year itch”…
  • 5. Dramatically backlit by the city’s only remaining streetlight, Barbie Marilyn, her skirt billowing, is the very picture of fragile, innocent beauty.
  • 6. Wait a minute! What th’…?
  • 7. Eat hot lead, you bad zombies!
  • 8. I bet my heels are just Ng! killing you! Crunch !
  • 9. Pulling a shotgun from…someplace, she confronts the second zombie! Ka-Pow!
  • 10. Cool! Zombie Gore everywhere!
  • 11. Barbie Marilyn now deals with the last attacker, pulling an axe from …some- where… Look, I don’t know, maybe it was lying in the alley!! I’m just telling a story, ok?
  • 12. The things a girl’s gotta do to get a head in a zombie’s world!
  • 13. Oops-y! I think I broke a nail. ARF!
  • 14. Just in time for the end of the world…MARILYN MONROE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BARBIE!
  • 15. Because what’s an apocalypse —without my lips? Zombie Apocalypse Marilyn Monroe Barbie ™ comes with M-60 Machine Gun with 400 rounds, five fragmentation grenades, four gas grenades, sig sauer handgun with silencer and drop-down holster, sawed-off shotgun and back-carrier, axe, Poopsie the Dog, and comb, brush, and mirror set. Zombie Ken™, Krazy Katy™ and Little Mer- Piranha™ sold separately.