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  • - With the certificate of completion the engineer wants to apply for a job in Finland that requires the competences of the course; employer in Finland verifies, using Virqual model, if the course attended assures the competences required (Task1, Task2 and Task3).
  • Virqual Learning Impact Award

    1. 1. VIRTUAL MOBILITY AND ASSESSMENT OF COMPETENCES Alfredo Soeiro :: Rita Falcão :: Ana Dias
    2. 2. General aimAllow a learner from a given country to validate competencesacquired in virtually from a second country in a third country. Learner goes to country C and recognizes of competences Learner in country A takes virtual course in country B.
    3. 3. Procedure Learning Outcomes Use the LOs of virtual course to guarantee competences Qualification Framework Relate competences acquired to a qualification framework (e.g. EQF) TRANSFER Transfer recognition of competences to national framework
    4. 4. Assessment and LOutcomes Adaptive ConceptEuropean Qualification Framework EQF LEARNING OUTCOMES Test Map E-Portfolio (…)(Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes – 8 levels) Level 7 Highly specialised knowledge, some of which is at the forefront of knowledge in a field of work or x study, as the basis forSKILLS (A, B, C, D, ….) LEVEL 6 ----> original thinking and/or research x x x (C) manage and transform work or study contexts that are complex, (C) take responsibility for managing professional unpredictable and require new development of individuals and groups strategic approaches x x (C) take responsibility for contributing to professional Types of Assessment: knowledge and practice and/or for reviewing the strategic performance of teams x x Collaborative assignments :: Concept Map :: Discussion Group :: Game-Based Learning :: Role-play :: Simulation :: ….. x
    5. 5. Example (VIRQUAL model) Engineer in Italy wants to • searches for options in other EU countries learn about project • uses VIRQUAL to verify compliance with ECTS/ECVET and management description of LOs • checks compatibility of learning systems (interactive grid)Chooses a virtual course in • verifies description of LOs (template) France that provides LOswith competences of level 7 • ensures that assessment of LOs guarantees competences (matrix)Engineer completes course and applies for a job in • employer in Finland uses VIRQUAL model to verify if the Finland that requires the course guarantees competences required new competences
    6. 6. Thank you! virqual@reit.up.ptWith the support of the Lifelong Learningprogramme of the European Union
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