Connotations denotations


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Connotations denotations

  1. 1. The Meanings of WordsThe Meanings of Words Denotation and ConnotationDenotation and Connotation
  2. 2. DenotationDenotation The strictThe strict dictionarydictionary meaning of ameaning of a wordword
  3. 3. ConnotationConnotation The emotionalThe emotional and imaginativeand imaginative associationassociation surrounding asurrounding a wordword
  4. 4. Purpose of WordsPurpose of Words To label thingsTo label things I live in aI live in a househouse..
  5. 5. Purpose of WordsPurpose of Words To express aTo express a point of viewpoint of view You may live in aYou may live in a househouse, but we live, but we live in ain a homehome..
  6. 6. Point of ViewPoint of View PositivePositive We boughtWe bought inexpensiveinexpensive souvenirs at thesouvenirs at the amusement park.amusement park. NegativeNegative We boughtWe bought cheapcheap souvenirssouvenirs at the amusementat the amusement park.park.
  7. 7. Point of View: PositivePoint of View: Positive Everyone had aEveryone had a ((smilesmile,, smirksmirk) on) on his/her face on thehis/her face on the ride home.ride home. Everyone had aEveryone had a smilesmile on his/heron his/her face on the wayface on the way home.home.
  8. 8. Point of View: NegativePoint of View: Negative I ate aI ate a ((soggysoggy,,moistmoist)) sandwich.sandwich. I ate aI ate a soggysoggy sandwichsandwich
  9. 9. Positive? You Decide!Positive? You Decide! averageaverage mediocremediocre spit saliva childish childlike antique old-fashioned
  10. 10. Context CluesContext Clues Words orWords or phrases thatphrases that help thehelp the readerreader understand aunderstand a difficult worddifficult word
  11. 11. Using Context CluesUsing Context Clues The parrot wasThe parrot was able to (able to (mimicmimic,, mockmock) human) human voices.voices. The parrot wasThe parrot was able toable to mimicmimic human voices.human voices.
  12. 12. Context Clues: You Decide!Context Clues: You Decide! 1. The (1. The (odorodor,, fragrancefragrance) of apple) of apple blossoms filled the entire valley.blossoms filled the entire valley. 2. A (swarm, bunch) of bees filled the air near the hive. 3. Tammy (delayed, hesitated) for a moment, then went on speaking.
  13. 13. Let’s Play...Let’s Play... Word JeopardyWord Jeopardy
  14. 14. Word JeopardyWord Jeopardy Positive Viewpoin t Negative Viewpoint Context Clues 100 200 300 100 200 300 100 200 300
  15. 15. Positive ViewpointPositive Viewpoint immatureimmature youthfulyouthful Back to GameBack to Game
  16. 16. Positive ViewpointPositive Viewpoint limitlimit restrictrestrict Back to GameBack to Game
  17. 17. Positive ViewpointPositive Viewpoint filthyfilthy dirtydirty Back to GameBack to Game
  18. 18. Negative ViewpointNegative Viewpoint stingystingy thriftythrifty Back to GameBack to Game
  19. 19. Negative ViewpointNegative Viewpoint clutteredcluttered messymessy Back to GameBack to Game
  20. 20. Negative ViewpointNegative Viewpoint unusualunusual weirdweird Back to GameBack to Game
  21. 21. Context CluesContext Clues After the big test, Rich felt relaxed andAfter the big test, Rich felt relaxed and ( carefree, irresponsible ).( carefree, irresponsible ). Back to GameBack to Game
  22. 22. Context CluesContext Clues The empty streets looked lonely andThe empty streets looked lonely and ( deserted, barren ).( deserted, barren ). Back to GameBack to Game
  23. 23. Context CluesContext Clues The employees tried to ( haggle,The employees tried to ( haggle, bargain ) with their employer over paybargain ) with their employer over pay raises.raises. Back to GameBack to Game