Silicon valley The place to be! By Likitha Nikita Nishanth Oyvind


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Silicon Valley: Why the place is the place to be for entrepreneurs and thinkers and dreamers.
Why countries want to create silicon valleys of their own.

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  • Senetorlelandstanford. 8000 acrres of stock farm paloalto.practical approach. Jus 3 years into business country’s first eleenggdept.academia and industry 2 way flow. FTC. Interwar years 1920-1940 became silicon valley. H&K. Eimac (military). David P n william H founded hp.varian brothers.Terman 1922 gradecouraged u-i-u and teaching back in the stanford share techniques, financial encouragement,sharing physical space,pppl getting fired from MIT.
  • Stanford highly involved in practice, not only theoryProfessors have equity, access to funding, networkProfessors at MIT got fired for doing the same thingStanfor alumni´s companies combined equal 10th largest economy in the world 3 trillion in rrevenue and 5.4million jobs GE,Eastman Kodak,Lockheed and Xerox.
  • More open, less established, hierarchical corporate each other. C litton gave his glass lathe blueprints to eimac.Funding from non bank sources much like vc these days. Stanford also funded lot of start ups
  • Silicon valley The place to be! By Likitha Nikita Nishanth Oyvind

    1. 1. SILICON VALLEY • Likitha • Nikita • Nishanth • Oyvind
    2. 2. History & Background • Stanford University (Oct 1891) • Vaccum tube technology 1921 • William Hewlett & David Packard founded HP 1939 • Frederick Terman 1922 (”Father”) becomes Dean(1945) • GE, Kodak, Xerox open in Palo Alto (1960´s)
    3. 3. Route to the Silicon Valley Unique geographic environment Management culture & Innovation Finance Military Venture Capital
    4. 4. Cloning Silicon Valley? • 7077IA3I#t=2m05s • MGV4- zk&list=PL87A9486320FDE836#t=0m15s
    5. 5. Silicon valley in other countries: Silicon valley vs NewYork Silicon valley vs London Ecosystem 22% more companies 54% more companies Job creation 11% more 38 % more Start ups NY 27% more money 30% more money products 2.5x more financial 50% more ecom. No of startups Twice more in S.V Twice more in S.V
    6. 6. Imitating silicon valley? • Germany • Israel • China • Taiwan • Hong Kong Silicon valley • Brazil • Australia • India • Singapore
    7. 7. The intangibles
    8. 8. The University Entrepreneurship Report VC and Angel Financing Data to University Alumni, 2007 to 2011
    9. 9. ”Boston just doesn't have the startup culture that the Valley does. It has more startup culture than anywhere else, but the gap between number 1 and number 2 is huge; nothing makes that clearer than alternating between them” – Paul Graham, Y Combinator
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Execution and focus on the walk, rather than the talk
    12. 12. Why did Facebook move to Silicon Valley? ”That was one of the reasons that we accepted from Peter Thiel, because he could relate to us on a founder level” – M. Zuckerberg Passing on Facebook "May Turn Out To Have Been A Mistake” – S.Tobin - t=7m34s
    13. 13. Why Silicon valley works? Perception of being synonymous with innovation. Existing Infrastructure and community. Ecosystem approach of University-Industry and Industry- University collaboration. Less talking, more doing Encouraging platforms such as Y combinator, Launch pad and TED talk. Disruptive technology – high innovative power.
    14. 14. Silicon Valley – Is everything as glamorous as it seems? • Stereotypical Innovations – Too pre-occupied with fad creation. zw#t4m • Bizarre Valuations and quick exits.
    15. 15. • Gold rush mentality • More software than hardware technology. #t13m32s • Need of own financial services, media and communication services, Healthcare and manufacturing services.
    16. 16. Future of Silicon Valley Is the Valley going to be sustainable the way it is? OR Are we dancing on it’s grave?