Seminar & Workshop on iPhone Apps Development


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We provide seminars, workshops and training sessions for academics and corporates on iPhone programming and application development.

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Seminar & Workshop on iPhone Apps Development

  1. 1. Understanding iPhone Programming and Application Development Event Proposal This document proposes “iPhone Programming & Applications Development” Seminar/workshop content description and methodology used for knowledge impartment by iWillStudy.comU G F - 9 , M e g h d e e p S h o p p i n g C o m p l e x , S a n d e s h P r e s s R o a d , V a s t r a p u rA h m e d a b a d – 3 8 0 0 1 5 , G u j a r a t , T e l e . N o . : 0 7 9 - 4 0 0 3 6 0 4 M b . N o . : + 9 1 - 8 9 8 0 4 7 2 6 2 5i n f o @ i w i l l s t u d y . c o m iPhone Programming & Application Development - Proposal Document from 1
  2. 2. About organizes multiple managerial and technical seminars,workshops, conferences and training programs in different engineering collegesacross India. We strive to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Weconnect students with industry professionals and provide exposure and newopportunities by creating an interactive environment in colleges.IntroductionNeed of iPhone Applications, and new innovative apps are popping out in themarket every second day. The services and outsourcing market is indeed in theneed of numbers of iPhone developers.The participants of this seminar will learn the practical knowledge of how iPhoneapps are developed. They will also Learn technology behind the iPhone appsdevelopment, understand iPhone programming interface and objective C, learntools for iPhone application development and learn how to make an excitingcareer as iPhone developer.Speaker IntroductionMr. Gargi Das, (Champion, Forum Nokia)Gargi Das is a Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate, He is veryenthusiastic about handheld gadgets whatever it be. His expertise is indeveloping mobile solutions for Symbian and Apple iPhone devices. He keepsspecial interest in Location Based Solutions and making process automationusing mobile devices.He is a core believer of learning by sharing knowledge, and due to his helpingactivities towards the Nokia Mobile Community, Forum Nokia awarded himForum Nokia Champion Title for its mobile eco-system. He is a core contributorfor Qt and Symbian application development on Forum Nokia. He now leadsmultiple development efforts for Nokia and Apple based apps.Reference check: Technologies & Current Market Trends - Proposal Document from Page 2
  3. 3. ContentAgenda:A one day beginner-level seminar and live demonstrationevent at your college. The content and topics that will becovered is described below.Topics that we cover: SESSION ONE: SESSION TWO:  Study of iPhone features  Objective C  Mobile Domain: Ecosystem  Objective C Terms  Mobile Operating Systems  Message Passing  Role of iPhone Developer  Interfaces  iPhone Application Industry  Implementation  iPhone App-Store  Instantiation  What is iOS  Protocol  iOS History & Evolution  Managing Memory  iOS Technology Overview  Memory Management Rules  iOS Apps Communication  Passing Objects between  iOS Layers Methods  iOS SDK  Working with properties  iOS Development Environment  Deallocating Objects  iOS Reference Library  Installing App in iPhone  Types of iOS Applications  UI Controls - UIButton,  Development Tools UITextField, UIImage,  xCode IDE UIImageView, UITableView,  Interface Builder UIView, LLUIViewController,  iOS Simulator UINavigationController  InstrumentsMobile Technologies & Current Market Trends - Proposal Document from Page 3
  4. 4. Scope of Work will be responsible for reaching out industry speakers and get them on board for delivering knowledge to the students. College will be responsible for ensuring substantial student crowd and infrastructure required  The entire session will be covered in two parts for the span of 4 Hours: o Knowledge Sharing session o Live Demo Session  All the session will be interactive  The speaker will motivate students to think wide and deep  Speaker will use generic and real life examples for students to relate with the topic  Slide notes on the knowledge sharing sessions will be provided  Life-time free email support for solving any doubts related to Mobile world  Free email & SMS newsletter subscription for all the participants.  Participation Certificates will be provided to allCommercialsCost & Payment: Participation Fees: Rs 250/- per studentMobile Technologies & Current Market Trends - Proposal Document from Page 4