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  • 1. Front cover of music magazine
  • 3. I will use the font Century FB for the skyline. The language of my magazine is informal, but with this font, the appearance will look professional and attractive for a wider audience. TheI will create the mast-head in Photoshop colour of the font will be black as this is my main colour foras suggested by my audience who my magazine. The size of the font will be 14pt as this isanswered my music questionnaire. The clear to read. I will type 3 different artists from each genre,main font will be coalition, as this will which will be separated by a star. The background of thekeep the consistency of my music skyline will be white to blend with the model gaze. I got thismagazine. It will be size 72 so it stand idea from the Rolling Stone magazine.out and the colour of the font will be The selling line willred, as this will attract my target include the date, issueaudience. number and price of the magazine. I have positioned the selling line here as it will create effective eye- flow and will be useful for the consumers to refer to. It also attractsThis kicker will be associated with the audience to thegossip as illustrated in my mast-head, which willquestionnaire analysis. I have encourage them topositioned it here as this will be the purchase my musicfirst kicker the audience will see. magazine. I will useTherefore, it will attract them and the font Arial, size 1.encourage efficient eye-flow. The I will use a sans-serifkicker will be black as this will font as it is easiercontrast with the white background. I and clear to read. Thewill use the font Century FB, size 18 colour of the font willto attract the audience’s attention. be black as this will standout and be legible by everyone. This kicker will be associated with new releases. I have positioned it I will edit the model here as it will encourage and appeal photo on Photoshop. I to the target audience. The kicker will remove the colour will be black as this will contrast and replace it with a with the white background. I will use tint of red. I will also the font Century FB, size 18 to add red on the nails, attract the audience’s attention. I will EXPLANATORY TEXT eye colour and lips to keep the font and colours consistent highlight the colour to attract my target audience. scheme and mast-head on my magazine.I have positioned the barcode here, The main cover-line will be the exclusive feature for this addition.in the bottom left hand corner as The colour of the font will be yellow as I was inspired by thethis is the standard formatting for a Rolling Stone magazine. This will add a vibrant feel to the magazinebarcode on a music magazine. I and will attract the audience instantly. This will also make the ye-was inspired by this from the flow more powerful. I will keep the font consistent and use CenturyRolling Stone and NME magazine. FB. The colour of the explanatory text for my main cover-line will be white to contrast and stand out from the dark background.