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Chosen photograph

  1. 1. My initial idea for my music magazine photo-shoot was to have amedium shot image of a model, Penny Nakan, leaning against awhite wall, which makes the editing process easier and morerealistic. The denotation will be a model in front of a whitewall and her right hand will be on her face, using her thumband index finger to circle her eyes so she can see and her lefthand will be positioned on her chin. I got this idea from KatieWaissel from the X Factor. I decided to use this gesturebecause it attracted me instantly and my target audience likethis photo shoot of Katie Waissel, therefore this will appealto my audience. I decided to use a medium shot because thiswill make the eye contact more effective. The angle will be ateye line point of view. Therefore my audience do not feelintimidated or inferior from my music magazine. I wanted to useNatural lighting which I will edit in Photoshop to addhighlighting and shadows to the image and background.I intend to enhance the model gaze to match the colour formatof my music magazine. Ideally, the costume should be black andwhite to complement the name of my music magazine; however, Iwill edit this in Photoshop as I will convert the image intoblack and white. No props are needed, except for silverjewellery and make-up, specifically focusing on the eye make-up. My model wore dark clothing, which was acceptable for theediting process. The Connotation for this photograph will bethat celebrities are non-different from ordinary people. Theyhave the same features but everyone has their own identitywhich they contribute to the society. Therefore, this photoshoot will represent that celebrities only have an eye forgossip and the paparazzi, as this is their occupation.
  2. 2. My photo-shoot went according to the plan I initially made. I did notencounter any major problems. However, during the photo-shoot I startedoff using a digital camera, the quality of the photos were poor, whichdid not create the effect which I intended. However, I borrowed aprofessional camera from another peer, and with help with a peer, I wasable to capture some amazing photographs which would be suitable for themodel gaze on the front cover of my music magazine. Secondly, I hadtrouble receiving natural lightening in the photographs, as I did notwant to use artificial lighting because I wanted to set a neutral mood.However, this problem was solved as I changed the setting of myphotography near a window, where there was natural lighting. Secondly, Ichanced the denotation from my photo-shoot plan as I decided not to havethe left hand on the models chin. I made this decision as I would becopying another photograph fully, therefore this may not appeal to mytarget audience. therefore I will continue with my photo shoot as normal,without this extra hand gesture. This will also give me more space,therefore there will be a bigger use of white background to use for thekickers.
  3. 3. I took numerous shoot against a white background until the shadows were right for mymusic magazine. I requested my model to experience with different facial expressions sothat I had a wider selection of photographs to select from. By experimenting withfacial expressions, I was able to select the photo which best approached the audience.I asked another peer, Tibyaan Nassir, to help me by giving advice to produce a highquality photograph. She gave me advice and support, which made my photo-shootsuccessful.
  4. 4. This is a close-up shoot image of my model. Facial features are too dark, especially the eyes; therefore this affects the communication with the audience. Good shadow and use of white space Bad positioning of frame- photo is too aligned to the right Looks unprofessional Will not appeal to target audience, photo could be of better quality Model body language not structured, therefore, unsuitable for magazine
  5. 5. This is a medium shoot image of my model. Good shadow which makes the photo shoot realistic Lack of eye-contact which weakens communication between model gaze and audience Target audience may feel slightly intimidated by model gaze Bad body posture, unattractive for target audience High quality image- contrast and shadows visible Looks unprofessional
  6. 6. This is a medium shoot image of my model. Wrong camera shot, unsuitable for front cover as it will not be in proportion when cropped. High quality image- contrast and shadows visible Unattractive hairstyle? Instead, it will be criticised by female audience, bad reputation. Cheesy smile, unprofessional and not suitable for a music magazine Hand covering the eye which disrupts direct eye contact with audience which leads to poor communication which reflects incompetent eye-flow. Model angled therefore does not directly look at audience.
  7. 7. This is a long medium shoot image of my model. Wrong camera shot, unsuitable for front cover as it will not be in proportion when cropped. High quality image- toning on face Photograph reflects a combination of genres Appealing facial expressions, professional photography Looks professional Lack of shadows in background Effective eye-contact with reflects efficient eye-flow
  8. 8. This is an extreme close-up shoot image of my model. Head slightly chopped off Effective eye-contact with reflects efficient eye-flow, draws attention Very professional and attractive to a wider audience Excellent angle and camera shot Close up of details, especially with the decisive eyes Flawless, complements Pop genre, as shown in Photo-shoot plan Appealing facial expression, proficient photography- high quality photograph
  9. 9. Initially I wanted to position the imagein the centre of the page; however, due tothe frame of the shoot, the image will bepositioned on the right alignment to makethe photograph look realistic andattractive. I will convert the image intoblack and white, adding a tint of red tomatch the colour scheme. This will beedited in Photoshop, where I will enhancethe images by editing the highlights andshadows. I will also add shadow in thebackground to make the photograph lookprofessional and realistic. This willcontrast and make the editorial pillarsand explanatory text stand out. I willalso add red nails, lipstick and red eyecolour to highlight the my house colours.This will link effectively to the mast-head and attract a wider audience.