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Telenetwork is a marketing arm of BWI. It is authorized to offer the OOH advertising services of the latter.

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  • GMA 7 will provide BoardWorks, Inc. a master copy of all top-rated telenovelas (past and present) for dubbing and editing so advertisers and other PSA’s can be inserted. Use of original GMA 7 telenovelas and other family-oriented programs will set an example to other bus companies to support the anti-piracy law.
  • Updated BWI Deck 2012 rpalma

    1. 1. An OOH – Media Presentation For:14F, 88 Corporate Center, 141 Sedeno cor. Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.
    2. 2. A partnership to establish the first GMA 7 andJAC Liner Entertainment buses and bus terminals. We will bring top-rated GMA-7 programs (Entertainment and Documentaries e.g., I-Witness) closer to the general viewing public. Plus on-ground and on-board activation to further entertain the commuters.
    3. 3. Bus and Bus terminal advertising 1. LCD TV advertising a. Entertainment and public affairs program On-Board in all 320 premium buses and in all 8 high-traffic terminals 2. Exterior rear window panel 3. Key bus interior ad spaces 4. Guerilla marketing and merchandising opportunities
    4. 4. To capture and retain the attention of passengers,JAC Liner will play original GMA 7 entertainment and public affairs program as the main content for the LCD TVs inside all the 320 premium buses and 8 bus terminals.
    5. 5. JAC Liner is one of the biggest and prestigious buscompanies in the Philippines. 8 high-traffic JAC Liner bus terminals 320 premium buses
    6. 6. JAC LINER’s RoutesYOUR BRAND’s JOURNEY TO NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN REGIONS BEGINS HERE. Baguio Baguio Mauban Dagupan Dagupan Tarlac Tarlac Angeles Angeles Quezon City City Quezon Manila Manila Mauban Mauban Mauban Binan Binan Laguna Camarines Norte Camarines Norte Quezon Quezon Balibago Sta. RosaRosa Balibago Sta. Lucena Lucena Batangas Batangas Marinduque
    7. 7. 2,194,200
    8. 8. add 20% # of daily (passengers trips to #of daily boarding the Approx. JAC Liner est. no. of destinatio trips back to est. # of daily buses along #of hours/ Terminals buses Destination n terminal passengers the way tripKamias Terminal 25 Lucena City Dalahican Pier 50 50 5,000 6,000  5 2 Mauban 2 2 200 240  5 1 Marinduque 1 1 50 60  7Cubao 60 Lucena Calauag 75 75 7,500 9,000 5AliMall Terminal 20 Lucena City Dalahican Pier 20 20 4,000 2,400  5Buendia Terminal 35 Lucena City Dalahican Pier 70 70 7,000 8,400  4 1 Mauban 1 1 100 120  5 30 Binan 60 60 6,000 7,200 3 33 Balibago 65 65 6,500 7,800 3Lucena GrandCentral Terminal 25 Cubao/AliMall 50 50 5,000 6,000  4 25 LRT Buendia Terminal 50 50 5,000 6,000  4Binan Terminal 30 Buendia/Lawton 60 60 6,000 7,200  2Balibago Terminal 33 Buendia/Lawton 65 65 6,500 7,800  3Mauban Terminal 3 Cubao 3 3 300 360 4  3 Buendia 3 3 300 360 4  Cubao/Kamias Perez Blvd. DagupanDagupan 35 City 35 35 3,500 4,200 5Total 350 610 610Estimated no. ofdaily passengersfrom all terminals 62,950 73,140 Average of 50 Total  passengers/bus passengers = 2,194,200 / month
    9. 9. Specific Routes To To To To Dalahican Dalahican Mauban Marinduque 20 trips 50 trips 2 trips 1trip AliMall TerminalKamias Terminal Alabang Alabang Balanacan Alabang Turbina Turbina Mogpog Turbina Sto. Tomas Sto. Tomas Boac Sto. Tomas Alaminos Alaminos Gasan Alaminos San Pablo San Pablo Buenavista San Pablo Tiaong Tiaong Torrijos Tiaong Candelaria Candelaria Sta. Cruz Candelaria Sariaya Sariaya Sariaya Arias Arias Arias Lucena Lucena Lucena Sm Lucena Tayabas Sm Lucena Dalahican DalahicanBuses will pass thru EDSA
    10. 10. Specific Routes To Dalahican 70 trips To Mauban 1 trip To Binan 60 trips To Balibago 65 tripsBuendiaTerminal Alabang Alabang Buendia Buendia Turbina Turbina Pasay Pasay Sto. Tomas Sto. Tomas Makati Makati Alaminos Alaminos Magallanes Magallanes San Pablo San Pablo Enchanted Kingdom Enchanted Kingdom Tiaong Tiaong Binan Balibago Candelaria Candelaria Sariaya Sariaya Arias Arias Lucena Lucena Sm Lucena Mauban DalahicanBuses will pass thru EDSA
    11. 11. Specific Routes To Buendia 50 trips To Cubao 50 trips Lucena Grand Central Terminal Dalahican Dalahican SM Lucena SM Lucena Arias Arias Sariaya Sariaya Candelaria Candelaria Tiaong (Villa Escudero) Tiaong (Villa Escudero) San Pablo San Pablo Alaminos Alaminos Sto. Tomas Sto. Tomas Turbina Turbina Alabang Alabang Buendia Cubao Buses will pass thru EDSA
    12. 12. Specific Routes To Cubao/Kamias Mauban Terminal To Buendia TayabasBinan Terminal Lucena Carmona Arias Magallanes Sariaya Makati Candelaria Pasay Tiaong (Villa Escudero) Buendia San Pablo To Buendia AlaminosBalibago Terminal Sto. Tomas Enchanted Kingdom Turbina Magallanes Alabang Makati Cubao Pasay To Cubao/Kamias Buendia Dagupan Terminal CubaoBuses will pass thru EDSA Perez Blvd, Dagupan
    13. 13. Bus Terminal StreamersPhp50,000 per Bus Terminal/Month
    14. 14. Interior Ad Spaces cost - 2012 Ad Spaces Per month/bus Window curtains (P10,000/ side - left & right) P20,000 size: 66” x 44”/ window Stairsteps (3 panels) - sticker size/ panel: 23” x 8.5” P6,000 Door (inside panel) – 16 buses going to Balibago. Poster size – 16” x 22” P7,000 Floor sticker - sticker size/ pc.: 13”x 19” P5,000 Floor sticker (entire floor) P8,000 Backseat sticker size: 10” x 6.5” P10,000 Headrests - insert size: 11” x 6.5” P15,000 Sunvisor (8 windows) – can be back to back printing sticker size/ window: 66” x 13” 30,000 Luggage storage sticker (2 strips @P5,000/strip) - sticker size: 1’ x 22’ P10,000 Bus dashboard 5,000 LCD TV dress up (19” – 20” screen size) 7,000 Bus tickets 5,000 Baggage ID (2” x 3”) 7,000a. Minimum of 10 buses. All costs are very much negotiable and will depend on the client’s preferred package.b. Cost of headrests ad space is inclusive of production of actual headrest covers (inserts not included).c. Production costs for posters, stickers, inserts/ flyers and curtains are not included.d. Material sizes above are average sizes only. Actual sizes will be determined during pre-production phase since the sizes of each bus ad space vary from one bus type to another.e. Costs are exclusive of VATf. The list above shows the ad spaces allowable for advertising.
    15. 15. Other possible brand merchandising ACTIVATION:Using JAC Liner buses and terminals, we can design andimplement on-ground and on-board activation plansuited for your products and services to effectivelycapture and influence the minds of the commutingpublic.
    16. 16. Thank you. Marketing Arm of BWI: Ma. Rita Palma Tel No.: 925-8688 Mobile: 0922.475.0.998