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Target the oil & gas industry by using this media information!

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Media Pack Eur 2010

  1. 1. Media Pack 2010 0 r 37, 50 Ove aders re week every UpstreamOnline – 123,000+ unique readers per month and growing
  2. 2. Upstream – deliver CoNTeNTs QUality is paid for • Leading paid-for publication with annual subscription rate of Us$9501) Quality is paid for • over 37,500 readers every week2) Page 2 • 7,078 subscribers all paying full subscription rate3) Upstream gives you more • Read by the best – see research on page five2) Page 2 • loyal, hard-to-reach readers2) – many exclusive to Upstream Recruit the best from Upstream’s readers • Worldwide coverage through subscribers in over 100 countries3) Page 3 • low advertising-to-editorial ratio helps your advertisement UpstreamOnline stand out – leading online news 1) 2009 subscription rate. Page 3 2) independent readership survey conducted by ipsos Mori in april/May 2008. 3) aBC international Certificate of Circulation, January through december 2008. editorial policy Page 4 Circulation Page 4 UPstReaM gives yoU More independent readership survey Gain bonus circulation every week – Upstream’s grueling programme Pages 4–5 of shows, conferences and targeted subscriber campaigns gains you extra exposure every week. Recruitment advertising – only the best with Upstream special focus issues – offers in-depth and insightful reports on hot topics Page 6 and regions critical to the oil and gas industry. every week’s a bonus week! show dailies – stand out from the crowd in Upstream’s show dailies. Page 7 Quality international and event news served up for shows such as Cippe, events programme 2010 LNg16, oTC, oNs, rio oil & gas and osea makes Upstream’s show Pages 8–9 dailies a valued part of each event. Outstanding growth powers UpstreamOnline Pages 10–12 Rates and mechanical data Page 13 Target specific themes in Maximise your show presence Upstream’s Special Focus issues with show dailies Rates and advertisement sizes Pages 14–15 Tuesday, 26 August 2008 S FO P C TODAY E U C S IA L We’re listening Contact details Hall J / Stand 1018 yesterday’s prices: WTI spot $113.84 -0.56% brent spot Official show daily produced by Upstream $111.01 -3.04% henry hub $7.63 -4.59% Page 16 IN THIS ISSUE: Brazil Inside... • Energy debate goes global p14 Pushing the boundaries • Leader p14 Fresh finds in the Santos basin swell Brazil’s proven reserves. • Exhibition hits a new peak p15 Pages 22&23 • Festival fun awaits p16 Tupi passes the test • Nordic Tenors set tone at concert p17 reaches Block BM-S-11 yields drilling and production know-how as new discoveries made. TUESDAY • Media flock to ONS p18 Offshore Northern Seas Pages 24&25 conference and exhibition, • Norway and Russia forging bonds p19 The great gamble Stavanger, Norway • Renewables in the ONS mix p13 • Producer parade at INTSOK event p20 Financial plan that helped Double Brazil’s oil sector weather the Photo: IDA VON HANNO BAST LIVE global financial crisis. Page 26 for Deep-water hunt Need to appraise pre-salt finds NEWS has led to feverish search for rigs. Page 27 Changing the ground rules serving Words of caution as politicians seek to reform oil sector Mexico on the pre-salt path to reform Page 3 legislation. Pages 28&29 Precision tactics Taking a new approach trap Grey Wolf Page 6 R&D rising to meet technological challenges. Corrib pipe protest Pages 31 to 35 ‘gets dangerous’ Page 7 Gas on the menu Chevron to quit as riches Issues of producing gas from Hebron operator Page 8 pre-salt balanced by potential to meet domestic and foreign Liwan subsea NorwegiaN major demand. Pages 36&37 option gets nod Page 9 StatoilHydro has made a pair of promising new discoveries The future is bright Demand from pre-salt play is Oil & Gas off Norway, adding to the laying foundations of a robust Survey & GeoEngineering potential in both a mature and and competitive services sector. Pages 38&39 Alternative Energy in a frontier area. Technology Chief executive Helge Admiring glances Brazil’s rig-building plans draw Success: Petrobras chief executive Training Lund (pictured) called the interest of domestic and Jose Sergio Gabrielli Dagny find “one of our most foreign yards. Pages 40&41 Photo: BLOOMBERG results - driven by Brainergy® interesting oil discoveries in Banking on pre-salt push Hall J / Stand 1018 the North Sea for many, many National development bank In just four years, Brazil’s Petrobras triggered feverish debate in Brazil about well with the country’s tough local years”. backing projects. Pages 42&43 has turned an obscure theory about the deeper origins of its Campos basin how to administer the promised new wealth, and to what extent foreigners content requirements. However, Brazilians are confident that TECHTALK Meanwhile, the 4 Bcm Pages 26&27 heavy oil fields into a blockbuster new should be allowed to sit at the table. a wave of new shipyard investments will Snefrid South gas hit could Building momentum offshore play. Industry experts agree there is no flow as the country’s offshore sector tip the scales in favour of a Fringe regions attempt to gain a slice of construction action. since an epic 18-month first wildcat single technological barrier to tapping overtakes others in scale. UPSTREAM major new export line from was concluded in 2006, Petrobras has the pre-salt riches, but warn that In this special feature, we look at the Get up to speed with Pages 44&45 enjoyed a remarkable run of exploration managing the challenges will require pre-salt story, from exploration success the latest news from the the Norwegian Sea, opening success and early estimates point to adroit planning and intelligent use of the to production challenges, offering an world of oil and gas. Thirst for knowledge between 50 billion and 70 billion barrels best technologies. insight into the political debate in Brazil the door to the co-ordinated State underlines need to invest Visit us at ONS stand in skilled workforce. of recoverable hydrocarbons in the main Critics say that fast-tracking the and the country’s ambitious expansion F 605 or log on to development of several Pages 46&47 santos basin area. the news has pre-salt developments does not combine plans for its offshore industries. marginal fields. Pages 4&5 Find out what Chemtech can do for your business Conceptual Engineering Basic Engineering FEED Detailed Engineering Implementation Check out the Tuesday August 26th Technical and Economic Process Simulation, 3D Computer Modeling, and Construction 3D Panorama Feasibility Studies CFD Simulation, Electronic Mockups and Automation and Risk Analysis 2D Automation Projects Instrumentation Engineering sea show at FMC´s stand Enhancement Maintenance Operation Commissioning F 601 every hour. Advanced Process Energy Efficiency Operational Intelligence, Control System Audit and Control and Optimization PIMS, LIMS, MES Loop Tuning Founded in 1989, Chemtech is Brazil’s leading provider of engineering and design services, process automation and IT solutions to the process industry. Learn more about Chemtech solutions on our website. 2 | U P S T R E A M ME DIA PACK 2 0 1 0
  3. 3. ing highest calibre readers reCrUiT The BesT froM sUbsCRibeRs’ UPstReaM’s readers OPiniOns OF With the publication’s premium positioning you won’t reach just anyone UPstReaM with a recruitment advertisement in Upstream. our subscribers are highly qualified, experienced and successful. and many of them only read “Very honest and if i could Upstream. so if you want to reach the best people, advertise in Upstream subscribe to one publication it and follow the example of leading oil and gas industry companies, such would be Upstream” as Chevron, Marathon, fugro, pgs, Maersk, eNi, saudi aramco, Wood John devault, american international exploration, Usa MacKenzie and statoilhydro. increase your reach “Provides excellent coverage of with free listings on the industry in good detail” Mike Lynch, MiT, Usa UpstreamOnline all advertisers in the paper “it is very important for me to get automatically receive free, the information, and Upstream comprehensive job listings on gives me that information in a Upstreamonline. This not only simple way” significantly increases coverage hans Matti, aalborg industries, sweden by reaching users of this premium news site, but also makes your “Upstream is important medium vacancies accessible through for us in the oil and gas industry. the web’s search engines. We really do need it” You’ll reach the best job candidates with Upstream stanley onyemaonwu, stanob energy services, Nigeria UPstReaMOnline “it’s topical, thorough and well – LeadiNg oNLiNe NeWs connected. i don’t know how With over 123,000 unique users every month viewing an average of one they do it” L a Walter, million plus pages, Upstreamonline delivers daily 24-hour news and other oyo geospace Corp, Usa services to a rapidly growing audience. The figures support this. as the only oil and gas website independently audited, the annual increases of 65% “Upstream keeps me very informed” greg smith, impress energy, in unique users and 56% in page impressions are verified1). a redesign at the australia end of 2009 aims to increase numbers still further and keep Upstreamonline at the forefront of online news delivery. “this is a very good source of information to me as a manager 1) aBC electronic audit, June 2009. in the oil industry” ahmed al Qadhi, al Khorayef petroleum,yemen “it is a very important news source that gives good information” herman Bots, Theodoor gilissen, The Netherlands “i find it is a quick read that gives me an overall view of current issues and it is a one-stop shop for what is going on in the oil world” robert Taylor, ihrdC, Usa s iG n ! UpstreamOnline users increase neW de significantly year-on-year U P STREA M MED IA PA C K 2010 | 3
  4. 4. VOL 14 • WEE K 22 • 29 MAY Into th 2009 www. editorial policy US Presid e light upstr eamo nline ent Bar Kurds .com to visit ack Ob Ghana as cou ama Iraq’s Ku t pum ge plans for oil arriva ntry rdistan ping US$19 • £12 l. started region has Brazil • €17 • Nkr 135 This Pages 24& oil stand-of exports, ending Petrobras eyes FLNG • S$3 4 week. f with Ba .. 25 long progress KBR Oranto Nigerian rancour ghdad. floating on Page 6 liq reallocat independent ion of Sierr contests facilities uefaction block to to tap gas Upstream relentlessly pursues accurate, exclusive and independent news Anadark a Leone pre-salt o. Pag play. from Pars key e2 CNOOC sign ing Page 10 on Iran signs upstream ’s North Pars proj deal ect. leads Page 9 coverage of the entire upstream oil and gas industry in every corner of the Ready to Eurogas roll on Cas Castor close to key awa tor gas stora Spain. ge proj rd on ect off VOL 14 • WEE Page 13 K 29 • 17 JUL Y 200 Tarim 9 gas pu www. globe. The focus is on business, policy and the key players. The daring news race PetroC hina is sh upstr eamo nline natural developin .com gas ga Tarim bas prospect at the new UK sa content is supported each week by features and profiles offering an inside hift in mperial the sands in in no remote fe US$19 lifts Xinjian g region rth-west China UK Healt ty in ba • £12 • €17 • Nkr nds sect Canadian oil or by push This w . ’s h & Saf lance 135 • S$3 4 th Kear l. Pag ing ahead eek... Page 3 Judith ety Exe es 4 and 22 Hacki cutive cha in Oz u Dhabi Abuja frees improvem tt says mome ir ocoPhillipteamwork Henry Oka ent mu ntum for view of the issues and the people that make a difference in the industry. s nalise tie-u and Adnoc Mend lead h st contin sour gas p to tap gian set released er as ue. field. t Delta milit Niger Page 21 commit ants Pages 10 m stress ceasefireto &11 The . Page 5 f jack-ups Ghana Upstream has 25 reporters located around the world. all are experienced ness test Kosmos drive he Jubilee wins finance e role as deal for project land gets nod mark ts. US SE from Accr 26&27 RV position ICES gia a. Page 8 K'S OIL for the nt KB Green PRICE engin R is in giant journalists, all know the oil and gas industry and all are solely employed by MOVE upstr on ExxonMo ee po Chevronring and de eam front- le biofuels bil eyes alga . e-based ’s Wh sig en eatston n contract d game ly natur Page 16 al gas e lique for Oman ope project fied PDO to n in Au process start pre-qual stralia. for contracts long-term ification Upstream. With such a focused approach, Upstream is able to uphold the 27 May Eyes on . Wheatst one: KBR Page 17 chief exec Page gulars : comme utive Will 3 nt 4, pol iam Utt itic s 5 and Photo: AP/SCAN 6, future PIX in energy 30, cut high standard of global news demanded by readers of the newspaper and ting Protect s 35, clas sifi ed 36 to 41, ive Co financi al 42 Thai twis to 47, Jotun pro atings PTTEP ter headto head 48 tects the world’ grap North star- ples with Arth town users of Upstreamonline. up chal it s major stru lenges. 6 ctures com e 19 Pag argest bining inn Nothing venture ovation,Centrica swoops d... g Kashagan expertise for UK independ – Cas and in host takeover ent Venturereli the world’s pian Sea bid. abiile lity larg Pag offshore oilfi est THIS WEEK'S e 66 61 WTI OIL PRIC eld Afsin-Elbista E MOVE Part y time Presiden : Brazil’s Jotun A/S, the world’s n 60 Lula da t Luiz Inacio AS TH maj E power plan or P.O.Box 2021 , N-3248 the cele Silva leads battles world’s oil Sandefjord t Petrobrabrations as an , Norway 59 first pre- s celebrates Brazil the global eco d gas ind independent tel:+47 8 Jul 33 45 is buck ustry the Juba salt oil from ing the nomic down 70 00 fax:+ 47 33 45 15 Jul rte field to rea p success the benefit 79 00 trend tur as it loo n, For more Photo: information AP/SCAN : www.jotu Regula s Upstr story. In a of its pre-sa PIX rs: com ks ment ea sp lt play in m takes a loo ecial featur 4, pol itic s 5 to 7, future the bu k at the e, energy siness hottest Baker Hugh 16, cut ting today. es s 59, clas Incorporat sifi ed ed 60 Starts to 65, Page Monitor Advancing Reservoir financi 21 your suc Performan al 66 to cess…whi ce 71, hea dtohea le we mo d 72 The Hydr aulic Fract nitor you the expe ure Mon r fracture rtise, equip itoring team of Baker operations to maximize ment and know-how Atlas, VSFu sion and . your produ to help ef ction. Magnitud readership survey When it’s ciently evalu e has time to plan ate your experienc your next reservoir ed team well, make of experts The Best www.bake help plan Choice and your succe let our m/fracmon ss. itoring ©2009 Baker Hughes Incorporated. All Rights Reserve Upstream’s global d. 25126 team of reporters focus on research is vital. it helps us ensure Upstream is meeting the demands of its subscribers business news, policy and key industry players and it helps you ensure that your advertising is reaching the right people. That’s why regular readership research is commissioned. The last survey in april/May 2008 was run through ipsos Mori, one of the leading research agencies in europe and the first in the world to be accredited with the new iso 20252 international quality standard for market research. it’s based on a geographically representative sample of 201 Upstream subscribers. CirCULaTioN Key fiNdiNgs • largest proportion of subscribers come from oil and gas companies USA – 26% • 93% of subscribers are management. 38% are at the top of their companies UK/Ireland – 16% • 67% – the number of subscribers who have read all of the last eight issues Asia – 16% • 5.3 people read each issue Scandinavia – 13% • 41 minutes average reading time per issue Rest Europe – 12% • 53% of pass-on readers authorise or influence purchase of oilfield products Rest Americas – 7% Middle East – 4% • 81% of readers state that Upstream has helped them or their company identify leads Oceania – 3% Africa – 2% or business opportunities independent audit figures from the • 42 is the average number of flights taken annually by our subscribers UK’s audit Bureau of Circulation gives Upstream an average circulation of 7,078 through 2008. With a strong pass-on readership – as proven by independent research – this means Upstream delivers over 37,500 influential readers every single week. 4 | U P S T R E A M ME DIA PACK 2 0 1 0