Communication skill (2.1)


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Communication skill (2.1)

  1. 1. Department Of Management Studies North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Report Submitted For Communication Skill To Miss. Shradha Lathi. By Mr. Sanket Sanjay Jadhav. Roll No.11
  2. 2. Group Discussion (Observed) Topic: Indian villages our strength or weakness Name of ParticipantsNumber 01:- Ankita Jagtap.Number 02:-Malika Hundiwale.Number 03:-Pranita Waykole.Number 04:- Harchand Patil.Number 05:- Sagar Raut.Number 06:- Sachin Chaudhari.Number 07:- Ashish Ingale.Number 08:-Nitin Kumbhar.Number 09:-Rahul Mahajan.Number 10:- Rahul Patil. Answer:Number 01:- Initiated, It is very good topic to discuss here, definitely is ourstrength, because 70% people lives in village. The economicgrowth depends upon the village.Number 02:- Basically India is a agriculture country, they provides all countriesthe necessary goods.Number 08:- I agree with you, the census says nearly 50000 villages are producemilk to in all country.
  3. 3. Number 09:- I disagree with you, because there is no standardization in villagesand also no facilities for transporting.Number 04:-I would like to appreciate this point there is no facilities provided bygovernment.Number 01:-Yes I agree with you, because government do not provides educationfacility.Number 03:- I think villages are backbone of our country. In villages people helpsto each other.Number 06:- Yes I agree with you my dear friend; here the culture is old andgood.Number 10:- In my opinion the climate is fresh and good.Number 07:-I disagree with my dear friends, because there is no development inthe villages just like road, hospitals, educational institution also there is lack ofelectricity so I think government should provide them to all facilities.Number 05:- I agree with my friend, because the facilities provided bygovernment not reach to the village due to lot of corruption.Number 01:- Burden of loans from savkar, because of this the farmer get mentallydisturb and that farmer going to suicide.Number 02:-Conclusion:- Friends, we have been given a topic that has becomevery important today, so here it can be conclude that “Every coin have two side,here it has strength as well as weakness also. The country’s economic growthdepends upon villages. There is also weakness i.e. on development in villages.”Finally I would like to say “JAI JAWAN, JAI KISAN.” THANK YOU.
  4. 4. Group Discussion (Observed) Western culture adopted by India fair or not? Name of ParticipantsNumber 01:-Chetan Patil.Number 02:-Kiran More.Number 03:-Amol Patil.Number 04:-Kalpana Pawar.Number 05:-Neha Kotkar.Number 06:-Tejaswini Patil.Number 07:-Tushar Patil.Number 08:-Ganesh Kulkarni.Number 09:-Pramod Suralkar.Number 10:-Dnyaneshwar Mohane. AnswerNumber 05:- Culture is not any hard and fast rule, changes are law of nature, so ifIndian want to adopt some good things of Western, so it’s totally acceptable.Number 07:-Western culture has various practices and knowledge which are veryimportant to update our knowledge with this fast changing world.Number 02:- Adopting the good practice of any culture is always fruitful.
  5. 5. Number 05:-Sending parents to old age home is a western thing it’s by nature I fitis a moral to send parents to old age homes then you are they set up there shouldnot be no old age home in our country.Number 03:-India was a country where there was sati and such avail practicessubsided because of western ideas and people, your value should not be changedthat is the most important things.Number 09:-Why western culture having a more value than India because thereare living for their society. So it’s good thing to live for the society not live forthem whom Indian people doing proudly.Number10:-There is a big difference between modernization and westernization.People wear Jeans, T-shirt, girls wear short skirts, tops, jeans etc. and feel that theyare modernization, what they are doing is westernization copying what people aredoing this is not. Modernization takes place in mind rather than in cloths.Number06:-Adopting western culture is bad, I say that it’s good if we adopt thegood things of that, copy their way of living, their way of conducting themselves.Number 08:-Adopt the culture but do not forget our own culture like the peoplerarely for the old ones there, albeit we do, but now days people are getting busyand they are adopting the means of keeping their old parents in old age home,which is not our culture.Number 01:-I am totally against of this topic, it is not acceptable for us to adoptother culture. In western culture, most of things are showing bad activities like notrespecting their parents and elders and many more and very less things are good sowhat to except from that culture and why India’s culture and tradition are best andunique then why should we adopt others culture. While the western countries arenot ready to accept our culture then why we are copying them.Number 02:-Now a days people are just forgetting the civic sense in the way ofadopting western style for which India is losing its own culture and own dignity forwhich it is famous for in the world wide. Rather we should and Borden thoughtsnot or western style and way of living.
  6. 6. Number 05:-Conclusion: Adopting the western culture is not a problem but oneshould be very careful whatever they are adopting is good or bad as per the currentsocial standard.Number 03:-Just copying western won’t work. We should find out the pitfalls ofour culture and try to remove them like dowry etc. THANK YOU.
  7. 7. Application Letter for the Post of an Accountant Namrata s. bankar Laxmi niwas, Holi chowk Jalgaon-425001. 8th march 2012. To, The Administrative Officer, Garwar Plastic Ltd. Pvt. Sector-2, MIDC Area, Waluj, Aurangabad. Sub.: An application for the port of Accountant. Ref.: Your advertisement in “The Times of India” dated 5th April 2012. Respected Sir, With reference to above mentioned subject, I wish to to apply for the post of an Accountant, in response to your advertisement appeared in “The Times of India” I have passed my M.B.A. from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Where Ihave passed secured 83% marks and stood first in college. Since, the last two years I, have beenserving at Dixit Textiles Ltd., MIDC Jalgaon as an Accountant on the scale of 3000-125-6000. But due to my family problems, I want to shift at Aurangabad so seeking job at Aurangabad. I have also a typing speed of 60 wpm and knowledge of DTP and MSCIT in computer. I assure that if I am given an opportunity to serve your reputed organization, I will try my best to satisfy my seniors. I have attaches all essential xerox documents herewith Hoping for kind consideration, Thanking You, Yours’ faithfully, Namrata s. bankar
  8. 8. Encl.: 1. Resume 2. Degree Mark Sheet 3. Experience Certificate 4. DTP Certificate 5. MSCIT Certificate
  9. 9. Personal Interview 1. Introduce yourself? Answer: Myself Namrata Sudhakar Bankar. I am from Jalgaon. I did my MBA from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon with Finance Specialization. 2. Tell me about your family background? Answer: In my family there are 4 members i.e. Me , My father, mother & my younger brother. My father name is Sudhakar Trambak Bankar. He is a labour. My Mother is a housewife. 3. What is your strength and weakness? Answer: My strength is positive thinking and my weakness is social networking sites. 4. What is your hobby?Answer: My hobby is reading news papers. 5. What is your ambition?Answer: My ambition is to become a Finance Manager in MNC. 6. Who is your ideal person? Answer: My ideal person is M.S.Dhoni, because he is cool minded, he takes a good decision against the problem is creates. 7. Which Subject you like most?Answer: My favorite subject is Account. 8. What will be your first decision, if you become Prime Minister of country like India?Answer: I will give the strict action against corruption happen in the country and Iwill collect the all black money and use it for the poor people and countriesgrowth.
  10. 10. 9. Why U.S.A. better than India?Answer: U.S.A. is a developed country. U.S.A. has great defensive power incomparison to India.10.What is your ability to work as part of a team?Answer: Yes, I would like to work intensively with others as a team. This willhelp me to share my ideas and also to know about other ideas.