Meth and women


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Meth and women

  1. 1.  METH AND WOMEN <br /><br />
  2. 2. How Addictive is Meth?<br /><ul><li>No evidence for single dose addiction with any drug.
  3. 3. Tipping points unknown
  4. 4. Short half life drugs are more dependence producing
  5. 5. Also a product of set and setting
  6. 6. Bottom-line:No definitive statement yet
  7. 7. A typical high can last 8-12 hours
  8. 8. It’s possible to maintain meth use for days, sometimes even weeks (bingeing, runs)
  9. 9. Meth can impair attention span, memory, impulse control, ability to process, decision making, and prioritization
  10. 10. Meth can cause exhaustion and acute depression, negative health impact
  11. 11. Paranoia/Psychosis can result from chronic use or sleep deprivation</li></li></ul><li>Potential Challenges<br /><ul><li>Difficult to pin down
  12. 12. Easily distracted
  13. 13. Forget agreements, miss appointments
  14. 14. Paranoia and lack of trust
  15. 15. Diminished ability to handle frustration and stress
  16. 16. Multiple health impact
  17. 17. Treatment Myths/Drug Treatment
  18. 18. Specific Interventions
  19. 19. Counseling & Case Management Settings
  20. 20. Sex Workers
  21. 21. Program Environment & Educational materials</li></li></ul><li>Treatment Myths<br /><ul><li>Meth addicts can’t be treated.
  22. 22. Meth addicts don’t complete treatment.
  23. 23. Meth addicts have the highest rate of relapse.
  24. 24. Outcomes look much like outcomes for treatment of other drugs (Brecht,M, Women & Methamphetamine)
  25. 25. Better MA-use outcomes strongly related to more time in treatment (Brecht,M, Women & Methamphetamine)
  26. 26. Many women cited concern for their children as motivator to enter treatment, (Brecht,M, Women & Methamphetamine) </li></li></ul><li>Specific Interventions<br /><ul><li>Syringe access
  27. 27. ladies night
  28. 28. satellite syringe programs
  29. 29. delivery programs
  30. 30. safer injection techniques
  31. 31. drug use information
  32. 32. Safer sex
  33. 33. providing condoms, (female & male), lube, lube and more lube
  34. 34. women’s health information
  35. 35. discussion
  36. 36. Have flexible no show policies
  37. 37. Drop in hours, brief intakes, short waiting times
  38. 38. Telephone reminders
  39. 39. Multiple services available at one site/one time
  40. 40. Compatible scheduling/appointments, drop in hours, testing times
  41. 41. Make food, water available/ Make it to go
  42. 42. Don’t assume that you can’t talk with someone who’s high
  43. 43. Make a plan/Write it down</li></li></ul><li>Sex Workers<br /><ul><li>Multiple plans
  44. 44. Holistic services
  45. 45. Harm reduction with both sex work and meth use
  46. 46. Programming that does not require abstinence for either sex work/meth use
  47. 47. Have activities for the restless
  48. 48. Use the most basic harm reduction messages
  49. 49. Materials should have “selling points”
  50. 50. Avoid having posters or distributing negative/shaming educational materials,
  51. 51. All materials should have fact based information that is specific to methamphetamine use/ers</li></li></ul><li>Meeting Meth Using Women Where They’re At<br /><ul><li>Low-threshold programming
  52. 52. Treatment and services that are women specific
  53. 53. Get creative
  54. 54. Provider training
  55. 55. Break through shame and stigma</li></li></ul><li>Our Fields<br />Risk Evaluation is composed by a diverse team of consultants who are experts in their respective fields, offering consultancy, advice and assistance to a wide range of corporations in Latin America, United States and Europe. Risk Assessment: risk management systems are designed to address what went wrong yesterday, not what might go wrong tomorrow. We help our clients to identify the risks they face and design a strategy to establish a tolerance level that can be incorporated into the organization. Crisis Management: we take control of the crisis by following four steps:1. Assess the situation from inside and outside the organization.2. Reduce and contain the damage spread, to restore operational capacity.3. Reduce the impact of public opinion on legal and regulatory investigations.4. Prevent future events. Regulatory Compliance: we assist organizations in designing and implementing governance and compliance programs to ensure that the corporation, governments and NGO's operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation both at the national and international level.  We help build the values inside the organization to assure compliance at all levels. Policy Research: we research client-specific reports regarding country and industry assessments to identify the political and security risks associated with their venture  and recommend ways of mitigating those risks.<br />
  56. 56. About us<br />Alberto Islas Torres, is founding partner of Risk Evaluation a specialized firm in crisis management, operational and financial risk assessment. His experience, in the Office of President Zedillo, as well as his formation in political economy, have allowed him to take part in relevant projects such as; the development of public awareness campaigns in Latin America and the development of a methodological framework to apply decision making models to implement public policy initiatives to reduce transnational threats and national security issues such as drug consumption and traffic, arms trafficking, and organized crime threats across regions. He has also worked as an Advisor to various Cabinet members in Mexico, United Kingdom and Brazil. Currently he is coproducing a documentary on the impact of drug consumption in the Mexican society. In the field of strategic planning he has lead efforts to solve adverse situation before public opinion and creditors. In the financial sector he was part of a telecommunications conglomerate that issued the first 30 year global bond; he helped a shipping company to obtained the highest tax claim from the federal government; introduced a group of 5 Mexican banks to develop the remittances market to lower the cost of the service; as well as securing funds and developing the business strategy of different financial entities. At present he serves as a board member and President of the Audit Committee in Crediamigo, a retail financial group; Comercializadora del Sureste a retail consumption outlet in Mexico and Guatemala, Grupo RHM a Hotel chain in Spain and Latin America, and various Non Governmental Organizations.<br />Master of Science in Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBA in Economics, ITAM, Mexico City<br />