Personality Developement


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Personality Developement

  1. 1. RisingHeights The best kanav@risingheights.c software company om in punjab -Bathinda Contact us- is well known for its 7837638048,783700 software 4571,01645008080 development and Visit us at industrial training services in Bathinda m
  2. 2. Risingheights world class seo service provider has something to say you work hard & then our company is here to help you.Industrial training at Risingheights is only limited to students who want to work on live projects .We give training strictly on SEO ,sem,SMO & PHP (cakephp,Drupal,Wordpress,ZEND FRAMEWORKInd
  3. 3. The need is giving job to candidates who can work hard during their industrial training period as well .As we have the criteria to place all the candidates provided their communication skills are good.
  4. 4. The growth of this company has proved that they are the worlds best seo and php experts..Whatever your percentage is during your college time we dont care our work is to make y ou technically sound in the field of engineering.
  5. 5. Lokking for scholarship in 6 Months industrial training alrite we are here fore you .Those who cannot pay the fees but are brilliant students risingheights gives them free 6 months industrial training on t he basis of their interview.
  6. 6. Engineers major is that if during your industrial training period you can do something about your job the only way out is to be the masters of all in1 field can be php ,seo,java ,For this RisingHeights will be giving Industrial training for 6 months
  7. 7. • Time has come when you are suppose to work really hard not for my company but for your future .• How many of you have an aim in life?• Are you a book worm?• Suggestion : plz come out of your comfort circle & then you may see a lot happening in your life
  8. 8. • You will get all in life just start working on your goal.• If you are already a professional you must have seen a lot coming your way and some goes as well• Never give up on your life because if you give up life will also give up on you• Time to work & WORK & WORK
  9. 9. • Many students ask me sir how cani concentrate on my studies.• The truth is you can only concentrate if you forget the outside world.• Be yourself-If you are bounded plz stop doing it, this is the right time for you• Believe that you can do anything in the world-
  10. 10. • Risingheights gives industrial training to only those students who can devote maximum time to their work (4 Hours Industrial training for 6 months students).• ___________________________________
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