Cyber crime


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Cyber Crime Awarenes

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Cyber crime

  1. 1. CYBER CRIMES • Prepared By : P.RISHITH 13BCE0297 M.Sai Siddharth 13BCE0681
  2. 2. Introduction • The usage of internet is growing rapidly. • It has given new oppurtunities in every field we can think of- be it entertainment,business,sports or education. • Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages • One of the major disadvantage is Cyber Crime
  3. 3. What is Cyber Crime? • Use of Computer/Internet to something that would be a crime in any case.
  4. 4. • It is an unlawful act where the computer is either a tool or a target or both • Acts that are punishable by Information Technology Act.
  5. 5. History • In the early decades of modern information technology (IT), computer crimes were largely committed by individual disgruntled and dishonest employees. • Physical damage to computer systems was a prominent threat until the 1980s. • Programmers in the 1980s began writing malicious software, including self- replicating programs, to interfere with personal computers. • As the Internet increased access to increasing numbers of systems worldwide, criminals used unauthorized access to poorly protected systems for vandalism, political action and financial gain.
  6. 6. Categories of Cyber crime: • Three categories- • 1.Cyber crime against persons • 2.Cyber crime against property • 3.Cyber crime against government
  7. 7. First categorie: • Includes various harassements such as Sexual Racial Religious Nationality etc Any content that may be found derogatory or offensive is considered harassment.
  8. 8. Second category • These crimes include : -Computer vandalism(destruction of others property) -Transmission of harmful programs -Unauthorised trespassing -Unauthorised possession of computer information
  9. 9. Third Category • Cyber terrorism is one distinct kind of crime in this category. • Cyber space is being used by individuals and groups to threaten the organizations and international governments. -Also to terrorize the citizens of a country.
  10. 10. Various Cyber Crimes : • Unauthorised access to computer system or networks • Theft of information contained in electronic form • Data didling(manipulation of data) • Hacking through various programmes • Virus/worm attacks • Trojan attacks • Key loggers
  11. 11. • Malware(malicious code) • Internet time thefts(gaining access to other internet without his knowledge. • Web jacking(forcefully taking control of the website) • Theft of computer system • Physically damaging a computer system
  12. 12. Hacking • It has been noted that hackers have hacked millions of computers across the globe and the number is increasing with every passing day. • Some hackings are done just for fun others are done for stealing information yet others are done for personal reasons such as taking revenge from someone and so on. • Stealing someone's personal data for own use, breaking through into a company's account and making changes in their database
  13. 13. Cyber Criminals • Australian nationwide survey conducted in 2006 found that two in three convicted cyber-criminals were between the ages of 15 and 26 • Organised hackers • Professional Hackers • Discontended Employees
  14. 14. Questionnaire • 1. Have you ever been the recipient of an e-mail you recognized as a scam? • Yes: 81% • No: 19% • 2. Have you ever received a threatening or harassing e-mail? If yes, what did you do about it? • Yes: 10% • No: 90% • 3. Have you ever been asked to meet in person with someone you only knew over the Internet? • Yes: 31% • No: 69%
  15. 15. • 4. Have you ever been the victim of identity theft? • Yes: 6% • No: 94% • 5. Do you know anyone who has been the victim of identity theft? • Yes: 32% • No: 68% • 6. Have you ever had a computer virus that caused significant damage to your computer or significant personal inconvenience? • Yes: 78% • No: 22%
  16. 16. • 7. Have you ever had personal information such as your social insurance number or bank account numbers stolen through: • Yes: 4% • No: 96% • 8. Have you ever received an e-mail soliciting child pornography? • Yes: 7% • No: 93% • 9. Do you feel you know enough about how cybercrime is committed to do a reasonable job protecting yourself? • Yes: 45% • No: 55%
  17. 17. Prevention • Set a good firewall • Disable and log off a specific user account to prevent access • Disable specific applications for example , an e-mail system subjected to a Spam attack • Install intrusion prevention system • Using various Anti virus , internet security , anti malware software’s
  18. 18. Thank you Source: • • • • wikipedia