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Rural Marketing
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Rural Marketing


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Transforming India.

Transforming India.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. o Vishalo Varun Goyalo Yugmala Singho Neer Prajapatio Rishi Mehtao Hardik Roy
  • 2. Jugaad• Also known as:• DIY in the US• Gambiarra in Brazil• Zizhu Chuangxin in China• Frugal Innovation – Improvised solution born from ingenuity and resourcefulness
  • 3. Low CostInnovative Jugaad Competitive New Markets
  • 4. Pros Cons• Sensitive • Jugaad in Different• People Oriented regions• Empowerment • No• Who we are planning/Systems• Functioning without a manual• Human Freedom
  • 5. Jugaadu Companies
  • 6. NASA vs. Jugaad
  • 7. Ramcharan Sharma
  • 8. Jaipur Foot Case• World Class Prosthesis at $30 o Compared to $2500 treatment in the US o Invented by Pandit Ram Charan Sharma o Vulcanized rubber hinged to a wooden limb o Easy to fabricate, light, durable and low cost• Process Innovation spreads the benefits o 50 Limbs attached between 1968 and 1975 o 300,000 Limbs in the next 30 years o 600,000 people benefitted till date o Gift to Afghanistan
  • 9. People who work there• Average skilled labourers• Given training to be high level producers• Given human dignity and character• Opposite to Industrial Revolution – Machines can’t replace humans• Meals provided to workers and patients• Limbs provided within 4 hours
  • 10. • Literally means creativity.• In the Indian context it was a cost-effective way of doing things particularly when you are hampered by the absence of resources.• In rural India the greatest problem had always been transportation. Poor roads and the absence of suitable vehicles were perennial problems to the rural Indian. JUGAAD was first applied to address this problem.
  • 11. • Farmers in Punjab built a JUGAAD vehicle which was fitted with an agricultural water pump engine.• Owing to the absence of basic safety features it is not registered with the Regional Transport Office. Despite its serious shortcomings it serves a common purpose: Cheap transportation, and hence finds favor with rural Indians.
  • 12. RURAL INDIAo Engines are started by cranking a handle. - Though diesel is the preferred fuel, these engines will continue to run comparatively happily even on kerosene, vegetable oils and spent engine oil, or a deadly cocktail of all these.
  • 13. • JUGAAD is the use of common sense to uncommon problems using common resources. It is not intended to displace technology but adapt it to unpredictable scenarios.
  • 14. • Jugaad - A quadricycle, means of transportation in north India, made of wooden planks and old jeep parts, variously known as kuddukka and pietereda.• It ain’t the Tata Nano but it’s India’s cheapest personalized four-wheeler in more ways than one.• Villagers use the jugaad to ferry goods such as fertilizers, and cane from nearby fields to local sugar factories• Per passenger it cost Re1 a trip on bumpy roads..
  • 15. Rural India is a source of inspiration – Even inabsence of resources they create innovativesolutions for satisfying their need.
  • 16. IMAGES SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS Rural India - Scooter Ek Faayde Anek
  • 17. Mera Jugaad Mahaan
  • 18. Desi Jhumar – Made up of used bottlesand few bulbs. Electricity – Don’t ask.
  • 19. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
  • 20. What Next?• Profit-making Motive – Innovations to Businesses to Nations• IP, not just IT• Focus on building our own brand rather than work in R&D for a foreign company• Creation on Internal Markets for our innovation• Jugaad 2.0• Jaipur Rugs, FabIndia, etc. working for artisans from rural backgrounds• Future lies in the rural!
  • 21. THANK YOU