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Tips from Rishad Ahmed

Tips from Rishad Ahmed

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  • 1. Brand your Presentation Style RISHAD AHMED
  • 2. HOW SURE YOU are that they are listening to you? Hope you are not wasting your words?
  • 3.
    • Keep it Clean limit use of colors
    • Keep it Simple avoid sounds / animation/colours & fonts
    • Keep it Readable sans serif over 24 pt, I prefer 28
    Design Power Point “ I suggest to create you own Signature Style
  • 4. Hey! Remember My friend
    • 6 words per line
    • 6 lines per page
    • 4 fonts in total
    • Use keynotes…not sentences
    • Never read the slides
    “ You are the attraction not your slides! ”
  • 5. Don’t get them bored! Use high resolution photo! People hardly like text! If you can, Don’t use internet photos.
  • 6.
    • Average attention span 8 minutes
    • Examples are better than definition
    • don’t say everything
    • engage the audience
    • Surprise them
    • re-enforce key facts
    Keep their Attention
  • 7.
    • Make a connection
    • Ask open questions
    • Take a poll
    Engage the Audience
  • 8.
    • A story
    • A question
    • Shocking News
    • I was reading an article that night and I was shocked……
    You can Start By Create a WOW fact You get only 12 seconds to grab attention and to
  • 9. My group logo talks End Start Thank you for your patience It’s a pleasure to welcome you all in our presentation!
  • 10. I tell you again So that you make no Mistake
    • Use your hands as your tools
    • Don’t just tell, Make them listen
    • Tell them what did you told them
    • Check your body language
    • Never be a Robot
  • 11. Simple BABY So Could do it . a
  • 12. Produced By Rishad Ahmed Dept. of Marketing University of Dhaka I design Business, Competition, Academic presentations
  • 13. Let’s Continue the Conversation
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