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Sharepoint Capabilities Document - Rishabh Software

  1. 1. Rishabh Software SharePoint Services Rishabh Software SharePoint Services: Rishabh Software with its proven experience in Microsoft Technologies offers its suite of services in SharePoint and delivers the optimized solutions to its client on SharePoint Platform. SharePoint, as a technology, helps organizations in building solutions related to Content Management, Portals and Collaboration, Workflows, Business Intelligence and many more custom applications. Rishabhs team consists of professionals and consultants with experience in deploying SharePoint for organizations with its maximum utilization and developing custom solutions to extend its reach further. Increased Productivity Information Reduced Cost Collaboration Enterprise Custom Solutions Rishabh Software Microsoft SharePoint Rishabh Software your reliable solution partner CMMIRishabh Software 3 LEVELwww.rishabhsoft.comUS: +1 877-747-4224, +1 201-484-7302UK: +44 (0) 207 993 8162India: +91 (265) 2326267 / 2326268Email:
  2. 2. Rishabh SoftwareSharePoint ServicesRishabh Software has helped organizations by developing custom solutions overSharePoint Platform. Few of the applications developed by Rishabh Software:§Helpdesk Systems§Recruitment Management System§Sales Force Automation§Project Management AutomationHelpdesk System:Helpdesk System is for organizations who have multiple departments and need to manage functionslike HR, Administration and IT infrastructure, effectively.The Helpdesk system provides common interface for users to submit issue tickets. The system followsintegrated workflow for approvals, delegations, notifications, email alerts and escalations ofrequests. It allocates tickets to respective person for resolution and tracks the ticket till it is resolved.Benefits:§Reduction of Turnaround Time. (One of our client’s reported 300%)§Reduction in manpower cost. (Another client realized by approximate 200%)§Online tracking and delegation of tickets§Better Performance measurement§Easy implementation of changes to process workflow§Improved productivity§Reduced operational costs like document storages, management, etc.§Increased employee satisfaction
  3. 3. Rishabh SoftwareSharePoint ServicesRecruitment Management System:The Recruitment Management system is an integrated solution to improve efficiency, reduce andeliminate manual processing of the recruitment department and reduce recruitment cycle time withseamless flow of information.Recruitment Management System developed by Rishabh Software covers entire recruitment processfrom generation of resource requirement to a resource joining the organization. It managesrequirements, interview process, approvals, appointment letter, referral and reference and reports tomeasure performance.Benefits:§Seamless end-to-end recruitment process workflow§Streamlined recruitment process and enhanced Recruiters and Management collaboration and communication§Centralized Recruitment Document Repository which prevents unnecessary circulation of hard copies and manual sharing of credentials in case of role transfer, etc.§Increase in employees productivity§Reduce recruitment cycle time
  4. 4. Rishabh SoftwareSharePoint ServicesSales Force Portal:Sales Force Portal developed by Rishabh Software on SharePoint Platform is for companies withpresence across multiple geographies. Our clients consists of companies which has wide spreadgeography presence across the globe with wide spread dealer and distributor network.The Sales Force Portal helps in monitoring the sales performance and maintaining integrity ofinformation available to the management and decision makers for decision making.Sales force portal covers Sales Performance, Sales Development Program, Professional services,Training for Sales team, Best practices for Sales. It manages document libraries, collaterals, trainingmaterials for sales team in form of videos, presentations, documents, case studies and more.Benefits:§ eye view to management on its sales and marketing information Bird§Accessibility and visibility of information among regional sales and marketing team§Integrity of information for better decision making§Improved Sales and forecasting for delivery§Reduced training cost for sales team§Reduced operational cost§Increased team productivity
  5. 5. Rishabh SoftwareSharePoint ServicesRishabh Value addition by developing Custom Solutions on SharePoint Platform : Improved Communication Improved Efficiencey and Productivity Better Representation of Information to ManagementRishabhs SharePoint Services:§SharePoint Consulting§SharePoint Support§Staffing SharePoint Developers§SharePoint Custom Solutions Development§Upgrading SharePoint to latest version