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Process Journal 6
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Process Journal 6 Process Journal 6 Document Transcript

  • ~Cutting, Marking, Measuring, and Sanding dowels~ Monday 18/04/11<br />16002005080000-5715005080000-571500342900014859001651000-5715001651000-572135127635 Today I did measure, mark, cut, and sand the dowels. I needed 8 dowels more. So first, I got long stick wood, and measured 7.7cm each. I changed my plane. Before the dowels has to be 8cm, but I got small then 8cm dowels, so I changed to 7.7cm. After cut the dowels, I checked if the dowels are all same size. It was not same size still. So I have to sand it. I used flat file to sand dowels, but I thought it would take long time to sand whole dowels. So I asked Mr. Anderson to use disk sander for sand the dowels faster. He said ‘yes’. So I started to measure whole dowels to 7.5cm, and use pencil to marked. After marked whole dowels, I got goggle and hair band to use disk sander. Also after I got 20 dowels. I calculated how many dowels do I use. First, the bases are circle, so I calculated circumference of the base. <br />How to find circumference?<br />2πx x=radius of circle<br />My base of radius= 7.5cm<br />Formula: 2π7.5= approximate 47cm<br />So the circumference is 47cm. It not finish yet, then I calculated how many dowels can be put in the around the circle base. <br />The Formula is: circumference ÷ (2cm+1cm)<br />2cm is an opening between the dowel and the dowel. 1cm is dowel of width.<br />The answer is approximate 16 dowels. So my plane is the opening between dowel and dowel will be 2cm.<br />NEXT<br />I didn’t have time to check the dowels length size. So next class I have to check the dowels size, and if the sizes are all same, I want to mark in base to make hole for put these dowels. But if the sizes are not same, I will repeat measure, mark and sand dowels.<br />Emotion<br /> I thought math formula is REALLY useful!! Because today, I wanted to find how many cm do I have to open and mark for drill positions, and I used math formula to find that. <br />AOI-Human Ingenuity<br /> Today I used math formula to find circumference of base. Today I thought math is really important for DT. I did good invention to do this project. <br />