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Fostering Innovation For Growth Slides


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Creative Leadership Forum 100 Mowbray Road, Willoughby. NSW Australia 2068 Why Creative Leadership?
  • 2. … business model change… is vital to innovation… Kerry Packer’s One Day Cricket Model Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand Frank Lowy’s Westfield Sopping Complexes
  • 3. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Creative Leadership Forum 100 Mowbray Road, Willoughby. NSW Australia 2068 … Innovation is impeded by the lack of collaboration…
  • 4. … Implementation of innovation needs to be systemic…
  • 5.
    • 2/3 CEO's have no training in
    • creative leadership
    • creativity
    • Innovation
    • … the development of those skills and capabilities …
    • vital
  • 6. Is The Australian workforce creative and innovative? A Major Nation Wide Research Project AUSTRALASIAN    FACILITATORS NETWORK CEN Creativity Exchange Network
  • 7. Survey Topics Profile of Creative Leader The Perception of Creativity and Innovation personally and organizationally Content, Types and Frequencies of creative leadership programmes creativity and innovation skills development programmes
  • 8. Attributes of Creative Leadership Empowerment Enlightenment Enjoyment Risk Courage
  • 9. What is Creative Leadership? … .leads people to confidently innovate while managing change…  … harnesses the strengths of individuals in a team to better work for the team as a whole… … helps people see issues, problems and processes creatively…   … leads themself and others through problem to solution in a useful and novel way…  … provides and contributes to an environment that allows people to try ideas… … seeks out insights to inspire others…
  • 10. What is Creative Leadership? … .leads others into a new innovative and unknown future…
  • 11. 47 out of 301 chose the same person
  • 12. How You Perceive Creativity and Innovation 62% … no difference between work creativity and personal creativity 75% …disagree creativity comes from artists or those trained in the fine arts. Evenly divided almost 50% creativity is mainly creative problem solving
  • 13. How You Perceive Creativity and Innovation 82% recognize when they are being creative _____________________________________________
  • 14. How You Perceive Creativity and Innovation Aesthetic Appreciation and Contemplation (Philosophy, Spiritualism, etc)  49.3%    Literary Arts (Writing)  44.3%      
  • 15. Creativity and Innovation in Organisations
    • 81% … creative leadership should be part of a leadership programme
    • Only 18% of organisations have a creative leadership programme in place
    • _____________________________________________
    • 49.4% have experienced creativity and innovation skills training
    • 53% see their organization as being creative or innovation
    • _____________________________________________
  • 16. Creativity and Innovation in Organisations What’s the difference between creativity and innovation 82% don’t know
  • 17. Creativity and Innovation in Organisations … .organisations in Australia have a large asset of creative skills and capabilities… … they have yet to access and unleash…
  • 18. “ The Business Model” NUMBERS = NO VALUE
  • 19. “ The Business Model” RELATIONSHIPS = OUTCOME + VALUE
  • 20. “ The Business Model” A successful creative leader … nurtures relationships to satisfy customer needs… … to produce immediate value and long term viability...
  • 21. The Hardness as opposed to the Softness of Aesthetic Skills What ?
  • 22. Technology democratised media
  • 23. No longer does the media control us We create the media
  • 25. The Death of Power Point is Nonsense PowerPoint is only the beginning … Death by PowerPoint is Nonsense…
  • 26.  
  • 27.  
  • 28.  
  • 29.  
  • 30.  
  • 31. How We Work!! The U Theory and The Black Hole of Uncertainty
  • 32. Visual Explorer Picturing Approaches to Complex Challenges
  • 33.
    • The Four Key Challenges of Creative Leadership
    • How can you create real change and great results in your organization through creativity and innovation?
    • How can you work creatively individually and collaboratively to do this?
    • How can you work with your customers creatively to add value and sustainability to the world?
    • How can you create a working environment in which you and your associates can have something meaningful and purposeful and become continual learners in the process?
  • 34. “… If a person can become more productive in making commodities through better education…it is not unnatural …to expect her through these means to directly achieve more - and have freedom to achieve more ... “ Development as Freedom Amartya Sen Nobel Prize Winner for Economic Science 1999
  • 35. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Creative Leadership Forum 100 Mowbray Road, Willoughby. NSW Australia 2068