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Using the Promethean Board in the classroom.

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  1. 1. Promethean Board! Learning how to write together doing a shared writing on “How to…”
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • My purpose in this writing lesson is found in standard 8, objective 2, indicator a: Draft ideas on paper in an organized manner (e.g., beginning, middle, end) utilizing words and sentences. • My objective was that students would be able to write and describe how to do something to someone else.
  3. 3. How to make an airplane! • We started out by having individual students show the class how they make paper airplanes. After the made the airplanes the student would tell us how they made the airplane. • Then we put our words into writing on the promethean board. Students love to use the board because they can write in any color and they really enjoy using the technology! It is also nice because everyone can see the board.
  4. 4. Use of Technology This is just one of the steps they wrote. They wrote a couple more together as a class. Then they used the example on the board to go back to their desks and write how they’d make something on their own.
  5. 5. Reflection • The students really enjoyed using the board and they loved the idea of writing about how to make a paper airplane because it is something that they all enjoy doing. • They loved writing on the board so much that they took a long time to write and the rest of the class grew bored at times. Next time I would need to choose who wrote on the board more carefully and do some more of the writing myself.
  6. 6. 1. Student Use of Technology • The students were definitely the ones using the technology in this assignment. I was overseeing it, making sure that it was used correctly and picking the people that got to use it, but they were the ones actually using it. The promethean board was used to promote ACTIVE learning because the children were writing and doing the thinking. I was asking them questions to help them along or summarizing statements that they said, then they would write them on the board.
  7. 7. 2. Technology Use is Essential • The technology was an add-on to the real learning activity. We definitely could’ve done the activity on the whiteboard or on writing paper. There were many ways that we could’ve done the activity. However; using technology enhanced the children’s learning through excitement, participation, and active learning.
  8. 8. 3. Focus on learning Task • Technology was used as an enhancer in this activity and was not the primary purpose of the lesson. The learning of writing was enhanced because of the exciting writing tool and active participation. Everyone could see the board, which enhanced interest, participation, and learning. The students learned to use the promethean board early in the year and so they did not have to learn how to do it again. They are learning to write better using the technology and thus building on their writing skills in physical writing and organizing their thought.
  9. 9. 4. Added Value • This activity would be possible without the promethean board, but it would be difficult to get the same excitement for writing, access to seeing classmates work, and ease in using many different colors in any other way. By using the board learning is enhanced by getting the children more interested in writing. As a teacher it was much easier to help all of the children have access to what their classmates were writing. I could also save what they wrote if I wanted to keep what they did and then continue the activity on another day!
  10. 10. This video demonstrates how the Promethean Board works! Click video to start!