Green Lake


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Photos with some commentary about Green Lake in Seattle, Washington. Green Lake is located about 6 or 7 miles north of downtown Seattle. It is a year-round regional recreation center for people of all ages in Seattle.

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Green Lake

  1. 1. Green Lake in Seattle North South Phinney Ridge West East Fishing Dock Aqua Theater Recreation Center East Swimming West Swimming Duck Island Ball Fields To Zoo Par 3 Golf
  2. 2. Green Lake is located about 6 miles north of downtown in Seattle, Washington. The perimeter is approximately 3 miles. It is a major recreation center for the city of Seattle and is part of the Seattle City Parks and Recreation Department. There is a fairly large recreation center located on the northeast corner of the lake. It has a swimming pool, an indoor all-purpose court, an outdoor basketball court, an outdoor children’s play area, outdoor baseball and softball diamonds, soccer fields, and tennis fields. Just south of Green Lake is the Woodland Park Zoo, Lower Woodland Park, and more tennis courts. On the north end of Green Lake is a wading pool that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. There is an old bathhouse on the west side of the lake that has been converted to a small performance theater. On the southeast corner of the lake is a Par 3 golf course that gets a lot of use in the summer. There are designated swimming areas on the east and west sides of the lake. These designated areas have lifeguards during the summer months. Other kinds of recreation at and around Green Lake include running, bicycling, boating (not motor), sailing, windsailing, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, wading, soccer, rugby, fishing, rowing, playing, Frisbee, volleyball, hiking, walking, etc. There is a paved path around the perimeter for walking, bicycling, running, and rollerblading.
  3. 3. Green Lake in Seattle
  4. 4. V. In a paddle boat in the middle of Green Lake
  5. 5. Looking at the north side of Green Lake
  6. 6. The Aqua Theater on the south side of Green Lake. This was the site of many aqua performances in the 1950s and 1960s. Today it is home to the Green Lake Rowing Crew. It was mostly demolished in the mid 1970s. This part was left standing for the sake of history.
  7. 7. A poster promoting a performance by the Grateful Dead at the Aqua Theater on August 20, 1969. This was one of the last performances at the Aqua Theater if not the last.
  8. 8. One of the Aqua Theater bathrooms exposed during the demolition process in the mid 1970s.
  9. 9. The Green Lake Aqua Theater during the demolition in the mid 1970s. This is the refreshment serving area. On the left you can see the wrecking ball that was used.
  10. 10. The Green Lake Aqua Theater during demolition. The demolition was done by R.W. Rhine Company of Tacoma, Washington.
  11. 11. A wider view of the demolition progress shows how the theater stands edge right up against the water of Green Lake.
  12. 12. Another wider view of the demolition of the Green Lake Aqua Theater.
  13. 13. Green Lake Aqua Theater Demolition in progress in the mid 1970s.
  14. 14. T and L fishing at the Green Lake Fishing Dock in the mid 1970s.
  15. 15. T and K checking out the Ravenna Drainage Pipe at Green Lake in 1973. This pipe feeds from Ravenna Creek. Ravenna Creek runs through Ravenna Park and is buried under Ravenna Boulevard. It is being day-lighted in the park.
  16. 16. A picture of D running around Green Lake sometime around the year 2000.
  17. 17. Someone sitting in deep contemplation at nightfall in the lifeguard tower on the east side of Green Lake. The moon is rising over Phinney Ridge to the west of Green Lake.
  18. 18. V contemplating a ‘NO SWIMMING NO DIVING’ sign on the fishing dock at east Green Lake.
  19. 19. V swinging at the children’s playground at East Green Lake.
  20. 20. Silas with a tree at Green Lake.
  21. 21. S and Green Lake Tree – 2005
  22. 22. Flowers growing on the northern shore of Green Lake.
  23. 23. Two mallard ducks contemplating the water at Green Lake.
  24. 24. Duck Island on the west side of Green Lake
  25. 25. A bloom at Green Lake
  26. 26. Ducks diligently looking for lunch in the Green Lake grass.
  27. 27. Sky, sun, and cloud reflection in Green Lake
  28. 28. Green Lake Rocks
  29. 29. The End